Critical Analysis of Music Production Techniques | Berklee Online | Course Overview | Dan Thompson

[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Dan Thompson. I’m the Assistant Chair of music production and engineering at Berklee College of Music. This 12-week course is what I might call Film School for records, that is to say we’re looking at music production and records, and deconstructing what goes into making a great record. In film school, you’re learning about lenses and shots, and lighting, and all kinds of technique. But more importantly, you’re really learning about narrative. So in music production it’s very much the same thing, how do we tell a story, an artist’s story in a manner that is emotional and that moves the listener. We will be sharing some of our favorite records and deconstructing figuring out why they work, why they’re great. This is an opportunity for each of us to share some of our background, where we’re coming from, the types of records that we respond to, and broaden our exposure to different genres and great art. Ideally, you are interested in being involved in music production, in working with artists, in creating effective art. So perhaps you’ve already done a good bit of recording, mixing, writing. This course really is for you. This is bringing everything together and zooming out in order to zoom in. That is to say figuring out what it is that goes into your favorite records, and how do we do the same thing with our own work. [MUSIC]

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