Create This Book 2 | Episode #4

Hey it’s me Hello, Hello again Wow the background is glowing! It has been far to long since the last Create this Book 2 video. We do not have a moment to lose. So let me not take to long on this intro. Let’s do this. Create a merge. That’s a lion and elephant by the way. I just coughed in my mike. I”MBACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK


  1. 7:44 – 7:54 I couldn't stop laughing. Moriah, you are so funny i can never stop laughing in at least one of your videos🤣🤣when I'm in a bad mood you make me feel better. Ily

  2. Wait did moriah just use a left hand ….wow very suprise i didn't expect that think…hahahavery unic…i knew it but don't get mad at me…

  3. Moriah you said in ep 3 that you will take a break from rainbows but you can't stop with rainbows🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

  4. I hate onions
    I don’t have a crush
    I’m 7 (not that cool)
    I don’t really like cake 🎂
    I’m a girl 👧🏽
    I’m using my brothers account
    ThOsE aRe ThInGs AbOuT mE!!

  5. Ok ok so
    First is a Dow (dog cow)
    Second is a sheg (sheep pig)
    Third is a racken (rat chicken)
    Forth Is a catterfly (cat butterfly)
    This is how many people liked this comment
    That’s right
    Nobody ever will

  6. Hi my Maria or Mia I’m death but I thought when you did the onions they where cakes because I couldn’t hear what you where saying but there onions are a really good idea and they are so funny 🧡

  7. One time my sister took a bite out of a whole raw onion. Like picked it up and just took a huge bite out of it. She started gagging only after she spit it out.

  8. She should've done the camleien with potkipine by drawing a camleien with spikes on the back ( don't know how to spell

  9. Am I the only one that got bothered when she said cow but cows don’t have horns only longhorns do 😑🙌🏼🤣❤️

  10. Thanks for the Unicat…..unicaa….Uni…Kitty? idea? i cant wait till i buy this book and fill it in and Do Dat Page with a Unicorn+Cat= <3 Unikitty!!! i MIGHT magpie ur front cover but TweAk it a bit- <3 ur videos!

  11. me: drinks water
    Moriah: Yeah I this is my new hobby……..breeding..animals
    Me: * Spit's water all over screen*
    Moriah: Girl why you get me and my book wet?
    Me: Hehe sorry

  12. "Create an alteration" What I would have done: Abandoned babies and poverty. I'd make it more appealing by giving them all ice cream.

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