Cops Educate Illegal Parking Violator's, Round #2

that's legal you're in public okay I appreciate your time and then you got this hey bud what are you doing you can't park like that what are you doing not even in the filing blocking traffic but that's the lane to go that way Wow how did you park like that yeah but there's parking spots not the fire lane you're not even in the fire lane you're in traffic you don't care this guy right here just no care in the world for that just doesn't care that's the same guy that's done it before just better than everybody everyday that guy he's better than all of us he's still entitled I know that guy i J a benign three you can't park there but I know it's no parking not 30-second parking ticket do you think you deserve one no you don't yeah yeah and big everyday do you park there because you're better deep do you park there because you're better than everybody or just lazy or entitled go home now he's gonna be a star C star how you doing you know you can't park that right well you're parked in the no-parking fire lane emergency well I'm videoing but yeah because you're illegally parked concerned citizen want to take my plan well a lot of people take their laptops in there and desktops from right there I understand the sign says no parking not over 66 parking I see a lot of elderly people take their computers from the parking spots I'd I'm here every day no I run a million dollar company for a living you see that car right there that cars $200,000 that's mine a real car I don't think you could afford to put gas in that car okay so you want to go visit my billion dollar house I mean that's fine well you're the one calling me out for being poor you're the one calling me out for being poor yet well you're the one that's parked like a jackass so is it because you're entitled or better or lazy which one is it you're not gonna do anything shut up you're not gonna do anything if you want to go to jail you can so he's back just two seconds so this time he couldn't do it now look he just pulled around there and parked after I turned the camera off because I thought he was leaving he went out it actually parked his car and then went inside it I turned the camera off by the time I got it in he walked just fine when he walked across didn't look like you had any problem walking it's always an excuse I'm 66 I have to haul my computer I'm do Baba they just can't admit and can't handle when they're wrong this guy just parked right and then we have the handicapped and the crosswalk and in the no fire lane why are you parked everybody yeah but you can't there's no parking plus you block the handicap ramp he was trying to walk it's a crosswalk and I no fire lane yeah concerns Edison that's what you can comment I just wonder why you think you could park there because we're in public and we can RHD 9a9 a are hz9 a he just blocked that guy so he's got a kid with him which I kind of made it a point that I wasn't gonna video kids on this channel I can but I just choosing not to and he had a young kid probably eight nine years old with him so not gonna bother with it please not pay attention to anybody walking yeah you're in public I can film you let him know he's telling me he's telling the officer that he parked here right now he's telling the officer admitting to him that he parked there right now that's illegal you're in public okay I appreciate your time thanks for moving your car I'm just fine have a great day have a wonderful day it'd be an issue okay I understand understood percent I do have the video that I did not confront him I simply filmed and he got mad okay 100% acknowledging I will not harass or give a disturbance absolutely positively 100% understood – gotcha thank you and I respect what you're doing thank you so much like he's saying I guess they get aggressive around here because they her ass right they feel like they're not gonna come back no no disrupting of establishment yep you being up here can be an issue as far as that if there's a confrontation well that's why I that's why I have the video so that when it comes down to it we're all set and the other the other side and I would tell it to him he's not gonna listen is when your guy blocks the handicap and then the handicap customer can't get into your business they're not gonna come back either so I understand that any confrontation will not be from me stay safe have a good day yeah that's why we have video that's why we have video


  1. You are not a concerned citizen , You are just a snitch. BTW the cop was educating you because what you do would be a disturbance or harassment at some point .but you did not show the whole conversation when He was talking to you. . If this was a serious concern We would see police citing every driver who parks there but its not. It's better to video tape thieves or robbers or people shoplifting not just random innocent people. Find a better thing to do , find a job or sth .

  2. wgat a cool cop thats how cop should behave,,, u kinda remind me Stop Douchebag video,,, wonder if in usa u coul also put sticker on cars,, as a written complain,,,,(1st amd ) ?

  3. I used to work at the Big Lots in that shopping center off Bloomingdale and Kings when I was in college. That's great. Brandon/Riverview idiots!! No shortage.

  4. OK guy I agree with what you’re doing there but somebody who’s caring a really have a monitor or something like that goes in and comes out and lose her car for seconds later slot that big a deal I mean come on dude what if the guy was military you’re going to disown him like that I mean I do agree that no one is entitled to do whatever they want I’m just saying what if he fought for your freedom does that make a difference

  5. Videotaping illegal parking is a million-dollar company that bald loser lives in his mom's basement regardless of any lies he tells

  6. Makes me laugh when people park in no parking zone then get pissy when there questioned about it like there entitled to park anywhere.

  7. I was with you until "my car costs $200,000" and "You wanna come see my million dollar home?" You've entered look-at-me douchebag territory.

  8. Screw the Friggin' Store! They have No Right to park in a Fire Lane! 66 year old AssHole! The Deputy is an AssHole also, don't create a Disturbance, Do your Friggin' Job and write the Bastard up!

  9. He's 66 but he can stand there for 10 minutes with a hard drive in his left hand. Lol and the pig kind of stands up for the law breakers. This world is screwed up.

  10. "Entitled" assholes are just coming out of the woodwork lately. I've had enough. If you call out the wrong person on their shit, they just might shoot you, the way things are going nowadays. Gotta be careful. It's better to not start any shit with assholes, because they will react like assholes and worse! They never, ever apologize or seem to feel ANY SHAME what so ever! Amazing how people can sleep at night and look at themselves in the mirror.

  11. Thank you so much for what you do I'm so tired of seeing people think they're better than everyone else or somehow entitled parking wherever they want while the rest of us follow the rules you are awesome dude

  12. I like that guy at 1:55 when he figured out that you're just powerless douche bag with too much time on your hands. These people clearly feel entitled but none of them are nearly as annoying as you are.

  13. I understand what you're doing but the cop is right . If you upset these people they just might not come back to the establishment . That won't be good for the business cause they need their customers . It would be nice if you filming them will steer them to park properly but I doubt it , people get mad and might go find another place to do their business thus harming the business you're standing in front of .

  14. A fun thing to do would be to have two of your friends with their cars hang out in the parking lot and wait for one of these jerk drivers to park in the fire lane. Then after the jerk driver goes into one of the stores, have your two friends, maybe a minute or two apart so it doesn't look too conspicuous as to what they're doing, pull in and park their cars very close to the front and back bumpers of the jerk's car and then get out and walk away. Then when the jerk driver comes out of the store, he'll realize that he can't move his car because he's blocked in, and you'll be there to videotape the jerk's total frustration. If the jerk driver complains about being blocked in, you can tell him that this wouldn't have happened if he had parked in one of the legal parking spaces.

  15. Nice job man. I hate dumb people who park there.. They think they are better then everybody else.. thanks for knocking them off there high horse..

  16. There's are many small minor laws that arnt a concern of the police until something happens.

    For example, or is illegal to ride a peddle cycle on a public sidewalk. But I used to go out with my sons when they were kiddies on our bikes.

    If the sidewalk is clear we would ride on the sidewalk. The police are only concerned where there is risk. Eg, many pedestrians. They Wil issue a ticket for riding on the sidewalk IF someone is injured.

    So just because something is technically illegal, its often only ticketed if something happens because of the illegality.

  17. Wow it seems everything's an issue to the police and the store owners accept the illegal parking and blocking the fire lane. I'm glad you're calling these ignorant entitled arrogant asshole out.

  18. $200 fines would for these assholes would be about right. Would be even better if the fucking deputy enforced the law.

  19. Too bad that everyday citizens can't issue citations to illegal parkers, especially handicap parking violators! I usually don't say anything unless they are in a handicap spot and I hear everything from them telling me to mind my own business to they have their kids with them! So I take a picture of their car, and plate and the handicap sign and call the cops, and if I have time, I wait for the cops! And then, some of them argue with the cop as well!

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