Computer Science & Information Technology Master’s Degrees at Kutztown – On Campus or Online

If you’re considering a graduate degree
in computing, the Kutztown University Department of Computer Science and
Information Technology offers a plan of study tailored to your needs regardless
of whether you’re a recent college graduate, an established professional or even if your degree is not in a
computing field. Better still if the need to be on campus has stymied your
ambition to further your education. We have innovative delivery methods that make it
possible to attend classes from home or your workplace without sacrificing the
advantages of interacting with your professors and classmates. Our Masters
program offers three distinctive tracks: the software development track encompasses all elements of the software development life cycle including design,
implementation and support of software systems. This area of study provides an
emphasis on foundational aspects of computer science that will remain useful to
graduates throughout their professional careers. If you’re focused on information
technology, our program offers instruction in the core areas of
network administration, database administration, system administration,
security web based design and project management. Multiple core sequences allow
you to gain breath in all of these areas, as well as to go in-depth in to one or two areas of interest. Both tracks offer an elective thesis option if you’re
interested in a substantial research experience as part of your plan of study.
Our newest track, the professional science master’s or PSM, features a state of the art
interdisciplinary curriculum created to serve computing professionals of all
stripes by providing a plan of study that facilitates accelerated career
advancement. You have a lot of your core competencies already and the
professional science master will enhance them, but it’s just a special program
because it teaches you the business side of things and it changes your thinking from a
technical standpoint on everything to understanding the business side which
becomes invaluable to business and really set you up to become a manager. I’m learning a lot of things about threading, multiprocessors, object
oriented programming, the whole construct of computer science on more than just a programming level. It’s preparing me to become not just a guy who sits at a desk coding all day,
but to be an engineer who will be designing programs, designing systems and
hopefully eventually becoming a CIO of some corporation one day. This pogram has
prepared me for my career in multiple ways. The ability to do research with Dr. Parson has given me the research experience. The ability to do Senior
Seminar projects with one-on-one with professors such as Dr. Frye has given me
the ability to learn how to talk to a client and more of a sense that I’m
doing a project for that person and focus on that. The graduate level studies
and other classes I’ve taken here have really challenged me to learn new things.
So, the overall combination has definitely prepared me for I think any
career I could possibly want in the future. Our interactive method of online class
attendance called real-time virtual classroom or RTVC, permits our students to attend classes from remote locations of their choice while
retaining the interactive experience previously available only by being
present on campus. Using a collection of browser-based
interactive software tools, instructors and students can stream audio, video and
chat room messages to each other during class. A presenter can display diagrams, slides, program code, in fact anything that can be displayed in a conventional classroom, to
remote attendees simultaneous. Remote students can ask questions and
participate in discussions. We have done all of these things in our first year of
piloting RTVC and our students have pronounced it a success. One of the best parts about this
flexible program is the ability to stay at home and attend remotely. And I get to
stay home where my computer is configured the way I like it to be configured. I have two monitor, so while I’m watching the lecture and I see the
faculty members screen I also can have my other screen open researching whatever he’s talking about, which otherwise would be a distraction in the
classroom for other students trying to learn, it isn’t very great. And not only
that I get to have food whenever I’d like to and I can also get coffee whenever I’d prefer. The best part about this being a flexible program is the ability for me to not have to commute so much to and from
work and also to and from school being a full-time employee. It’s hard to make
time to go to classes especially when your college is an hour away. The ability to attend class remotely allows you to free up a lot of your time and kind of focus
a little bit more sometimes if you have classes all day long on campus you just
need to take a break maybe sit at your own desk or maybe a comfortable chair, but the remote
programs also have the ability for professors to write on the board as if
you were in class it shows up on the screen whether your home or in the
classroom so I think the comparison is, besides the fact you might be talking
via a chat room instead of face-to-face, it’s pretty much the same thing. During a typical real-time session the
students are split evenly between those present in the classroom and those
attending remotely and students can catch up on classes missed due to illness or scheduling conflicts. A multimedia archive holds all class interactions from formal presentations to chat room interactions and it is available throughout the semester. I really enjoy
engaging with the faculty, I am in their office almost every day and they
will attest that, but it’s more so to gain a more advanced knowledge because
what I learn in the classroom isn’t always what I really just want to know. I want to know more than what was just taught in the classroom. And the great thing about here at KU is the faculty, since it’s more of a teaching school
opposed to a research institution, they are always there and ready to
answer those questions to the best of their ability and it really promotes my
understanding and it also makes me question even more. It just really helps me to become a more well-rounded student in the discipline. All the professors are
great, every single one of them has something to offer. They’ll teach you something new and they’ll go out of their way to help you and to expand your horizons and push you to the next step in your career. Benefit from our close ties to regional
industry thanks to our Industrial Advisory Board, as well as a network of
alumni who actively pursue our students and graduates to fill their internships and career opportunities. Professional employment of our graduates is near 100% and large regional
companies such as Trifecta, Penske Truck Rental and Fidelity Informational Services, in the
region of banking and healthcare industries and in smaller companies in
areas such as home automation and security. Our graduates also work for
large international corporations such as Amazon, MapQuest and Comcast. We would like to be able to help you reach your goals. Contact our graduate coordinator and we
will be happy to help you take advantage of the programs that we have to offer. We hope to see you soon.

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