College Decision Reactions (Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, UPenn, UChicago, Princeton, etc.) 2019

Making a bagel while I wait for Sima to open my decisions Georgetown’s snail mail, so we’re gonna open a paper letter, which already came. I haven’t seen it yet And UChicago is through their online portal and they tweeted about an hour ago that they released them But I haven’t logged on yet or anything Yeah So Patti York’s too hard for this thank you. Mmm Oh Exciting on that work girl. Well that work Yeah, this is this I Think it’s gonna give me a second. I don’t think I’ll find out. Oh, okay. Here we go. Yeah You update all right new place your confirmation reposted. Okay. You should cog up get in your shaking man Uh-oh, deferred. Yeah, it’s deferred. That’s okay. Okay, that’s right. Yeah, that’s fine. That’s fine a Little bit nervous all day. I can’t nothing I can change the outcome or anything But I just I just want to know and the fact that this day’s here. I mean to dramatize it It’s kind of a big deal. Like I’ve been working towards knowing this these results for such a long time So it’s just kind of the barrier machine not knowing and knowing it’s being crossed That’s that I’m more emotional about finding out and I really hope I get into these schools, you know, like one or more I already got into amazing school Georgetown. So I’m really lucky and this is just another step in that journey almost the final one And it won’t go up right away, this is Princeton, oh my god Okay, this is a crazy Like friends nothing. Yeah Like enjoy this okay before you know, just like close science a little bit. Yeah. I love that present moment I’m glad you guys are here my family All right. Here we go Here you go honey. It’s okay Projected your problem, it’s okay. Okay. Okay. All right. That’s all right Okay, okay Okay, nothing says here we go. Yeah Like supply on the video like that one. No, yeah Oh Welcome to My god Okay That’s Harvard, okay Here we go Hey, all right take a breath take a breath. Oh Oh, I got in the waitlist, I think that way actually yeah I got in the waitlist damn way. That’s right That’s great Wow. Okay, when would you when will you know? Probably after May 1st, which is like the commitment date. Okay, like it’s kind of like okay. Yeah, that’s okay. It says Outstanding achievements in progress. Like I said 43,000 applicants applied. Okay. Yeah. Oh Okay, that’s good. Hold are good. Oh my god, that’s crazy So that’s so grand no, I knew it’d get like at least weightless All right. Here we go, Berkeley, okay Wow, so, how do you it’s so proud of you, honey? The first one was the worst one the rejection oh my god. Oh my god Wait, listen Harvard and Stanford


  1. I cried lots of tears of joy watching this. 🤧 Could you make a video talking about your journey through school and how worked for getting into college?

  2. ive watched a lot of college decision reaction videos and this is the only one that has annoyed me. you have a very unlikeable personality.

  3. Wait can someone explain me why she is applying to yale for 2023?? I mean don‘t get me wrong but why don‘t you apply for next year?!

  4. WHY AM I CRYING? I’m so proud of you! I don’t even live in the USA but I know how much of an achievement it is to get into Yale, wow! I have to wait until August 15th to find out if I get into my university in the UK, it’s terrifying!

  5. Just wanna say…you got a nice ass house god damn, it’s so modern but looks comfy. Sorry I watch to much HGTV😂

  6. What was your process of actually choosing which colleges to apply to?
    Did you just search up your wanted major and a list of colleges came up? 😂
    I’m watching these for fun but I’m still a freshman so I’m curious what happens haha 😂

  7. for once i’m glad my number 1 choice wasn’t a big Ivy or UC and i was scared i was gonna get in because watching these people stress over these decisions makes ME stress out and i’m not even the one applying 😂

  8. i love how incredibly humble you are about your admissions! instead of being pompous, your reactions were real and humble. congrats on your admissions, you seem to have worked very hard and you totally deserve all of them!!

  9. awww! you look so grateful for every acceptance and everyone is rooting for you this year! also btw you just look like such a smart and loving person ❤️ great job!

  10. Holy shit congrats on getting accepted into 3 IVY LEAGUES! That’s amazing! And even getting waitlisted for Harvard is a huge accomplishment.

  11. ivies and ivy league adjacents only accept the wealthy class and upper class men of aristocracy. otherwise you have to be smarter than albert einstein and have created your own formula

  12. why do americans always say stuff like “that’s such a big deal” or “that’s funny” it sounds so sarcastic
    major congrats though!

  13. congratulations! You are brilliant🏆
    Have you taken any preparatory courses to take the university entrance exams? If so, where did you do it?

  14. Hello, I wanted to ask about my chances of getting into these top tier universities. I am currently a sophomore in high school. THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY ACTIVITIES IS AT THE BOTTOM. Here are my stats:
    Test Scores:
    Took ACT and SAT freshman year: 34 on ACT, 1500 on SAT

    Took 4 AP's freshman year, including Calc BC and Physics C: Mechanics(5 on cal and 4 on physics)
    7 AP's this year
    BIG:Taking Calculus 3 at the University of Arkansas this year
    Valedictorian of my grade right now

    Quiz Bowl(Team Captain since freshman year and All Stars Qualifier)
    FBLA (Current Vice President and went to Nationals last year. Didn't do too well but great learning experience!!)
    Academic Competition for Excellence
    Model UN (Starting this year)
    Have won several Math Competitions, including getting 1st in the state in Algebra 2 in 8th grade and Top 200 in the country in another competition in 8th grade

    I have co founded with one other person an organization that tutors kids in math and gives proceeds to low income schools to fund their math program. Started about a month and a half ago, and we have made about $200. I am also currently learning HTML and CSS so that I can make a website for this.

  15. How are you getting into colleges now if it is for 2023?
    I probably sound stupid tho
    But are you 14 cause my sister is and she will be going into the class of 2023
    Edit: I am so stupid my sister graduating high school in 2023 and this is graduating college in 2023, Yes I am the dumbest person ever

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