Coding with St Peter’s and St Paul’s Primary School Foreglen

Coding fits into a large number of areas
across the Northern Ireland Curriculum first of all there’s a lot of ways through
numeracy that coding can fit in where children can work together to develop
problem-solving but also work on outcomes that we as
teachers try to develop like angles like position and direction, length and number
bonds even in foundation stage. This can extend itself across the whole
curriculum where the children can build coding project focusing on Vikings
within The World Around Us or within Guided reading they can build a story setting
or focus on where characters from, they can all be built in the area of Literacy.
We have identified lots of ways that coding can be developed through using a
ICT teachers have planned and identified ways that using ICT tasks can be
intertwine with the learning and teaching and extend coding skills
throughout the key stages. You may find student in primary one and primary two
using the bebot to solve one of the challenges through using ICT and then up
in p5 or p6 you may find a child working on
hopscotch up focusing on angles which ties in with the using mathematic task
as well. Our children will be using the iPads on the sphere of SPARC plus in
some tremendous activities that link rate across the curriculum
what’s jumped out of me has been how the children have collaborated and work
together on this. Children of both genders who have a real interest in being innovative. We’ve looked at how we can program the device is with code
while looking at position direction angles properties of shape but also
developing talking and listening as a plan out and explain the processes behind
the coding activity.

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