CAS Suda urges Universities to focus on agricultural research

the university education and research principal secretary said despite agriculture playing a key role in addressing food insecurity the septa faces a myriad of challenges such as climate change water scarcity diminishing arable land soil degradation and rural-urban migration which can be solved through innovation she decried reduced funding from the state to public universities urging them to explore partnerships with donor agencies I want you to establish linkages continue to strengthen the existing ones so that you for Cana to realize its ambitions on food security professor Sudha said a deliberate investment in technology which facilitates access to relevant data markets and financial services will be critical at all should be advised the government and participate in developing programs and policies to get this country this even as farmers in the north lifts are breaking away from maize farming dependence and embracing avocado farming to avoid losses resulting from dwindling maize prices farmers in para irrigation scheme in Borrego say they are taking advantage of the government's introduction of avocado seedlings this season saying maize farming which requires lots of input is no longer profitable to be a pansy or macadamia avocado because maybe it'll a turnip Adela Kokomo Colima mi in de Mayo a monopoly to netiquette changes you know and about the culture when you know endo Kamandi Nicassio Adam Julia kill him oh now the doc wanna hear achillea Guam economy Moya was a Babu Jeremiah hey my god you suck on my Indy cuz I'll be i'ma go enjoy gonna follow me once took on a mystery virus hey Nia gramma Amanda you irrigation principal secretary professor Fred Segal add from us to diversify to avocado farming as earnings are higher we want to encourage farmers to taifa suffice so that they're able to make more money and in fact they figure 400,000 is on our side it's been proven that it is possible to make millions he announced plans that the government is intending to produce 3 million seedlings of avocado and macadamia in the irrigation schemes across the country this year so we are targeting 3 million fruit settlings in the country per Kara irrigation scheme is participating in it my education scheme bhura irrigation scheme all irrigation scheme Carnot irrigation scheme and also the sites of banana irrigation scheme beta Kiptyn channel renews

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