Buttigieg Responds To 2011 Remark On Minorities And Education | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. So my question is, with such a low approval rating from Black voters, if Buttigieg does get the nomination, will Black voters still turn out to vote him in to help get rid of Trump?

  2. People are taking this super out of context. If people were actually paying attention to what he said, then you will realize that what he said was not racist and actually true. I really hate when people waste their time taking someone out of context.

  3. Pragmatic black voters are shifting to Pres. Trump and finding that conservative values align with their own. At least that is what the polling data indicates.

  4. Each of us has the same opportunity as everyone else, blaming skin color is the democrats favorite tool. Racism this, racism that.

  5. For an establishment DNC kiss-assing democrat spouting the same old crap, he really is bad at least pretending to care about minority interests. Almost definitely the worst record of the candidates when it comes to minorities, especially recently, and even including Biden's busing fiasco

  6. I told you people he thinks he's Superior to blacks he said white people are superior in the last interview this isn't even as bad as the most recent interview

  7. Trump + Buttigieg = 2 sides of the same coin:
    – feral brazen racism in trump
    – the "soft bigotry" of buttigieg'
    Both display an amazing cluelessness and lack of awareness of Black America which is reflected in their lack of Black support.

  8. Tip: because of him and years of democrat leadership southbend is an utter shithole that will be the next Detroit in 20 years.

  9. Is it any wonder why msnbc ignores Andrew Yang the way mainstream media ignored Bernie in 2016. This Andrew Yang converts Trumpers to his Yang Gang. Why are so many switching!

  10. Are they going to cover his work with white supremacists cops ousting the first black chief of police in South Bend when that same chief tried to out racist cops with audio

  11. “Blacks for Trump” style.. put our one black supporter behind the candidate with a sign.. or in this case, a tshirt

  12. Why dont conservatives like Mayor Pete Buttigieg? They are Bigots

    Why dont black voters like Mayor Pete Buttigieg? Its complex 4:30

  13. He still hasn't addressed his opt out list of "black" supporters for his Douglas plan. One of them works for the Burnie campaign and over %40 are white.

  14. Listening with unfriendly ears doesn’t lead to understanding. It is true that children need to see people who look like them succeed in all kinds of professions and to be shown how much they value the education they had and how that education helped them succeed. That’s not raising an impenetrable barrier to success, that’s identifying a real and understandable need that cam be met by creating venues and opportunities for minority children to meet, hear from and interact with successful professionals of their ethnic or racial/cultural background. If they never get to see or meet anybody like that, it is much harder for them to imagine such success for themselves.

  15. This Communist possibility of making it to the White House it's zero. The majority of the American people don't want a Man as the First Lady of the United States.

  16. Mayor Pete Fakes Black Endorsement Support In South Carolina And Fired The Black Police Chief In South Bend After He Exposed Systematic Racism In Their Department.

  17. If you don't evolve you don't learn….everyone wants to go and did up people's past, the question is …do they take the same stance.

  18. Pete at 4% is BS he was at 0% and it's been worst. He not going to raise u guy in media is pushing him black folks are not fall for this crap.

  19. Now it's time to say goodbye, to all our company… R-A-C, see you real soon, I-S-T, tea? Because we're out of coffee. M-A-Y-OR Pete.

  20. Look at how uncomfortable that poor woman was standing behind him. Her face was just like “I ain’t getting paid enough to do this”

  21. Wendell Potter, former insurance executive with CIGNA turned healthcare reformer:

    “It’s time for Democrats to stop proposing health care reform that relies on insurance companies to play fair. After two decades in the for-profit health insurance industry, I can assure you they never will. They have no interest in doing anything that might in any way jeopardize profits. Their only interest is delivering profits to their shareholders. From that perspective, the status quo is very profitable. For everyone else, not so much.”

  22. He clearly said kids have no role models they know personally. How many kids get to know personally Obama, sport figures, artists, writers, politicians? A kid knows his family, friends and neighbors. If he/she see no one succeed through education, what is he/she going to expect about themselves?

  23. So he’s basically tied for 3rd place among black voters… Why do we hear so much hype about this one issue… talk about his policies or something smh…

  24. Why does the media only try to smear buttigieg and say he has a problem with black voters, when the numbers of that poll show that his support is quickly growing with Blake voters. According to that poll Booker (one of the only black candidates in the race) has lower national support among black voters that Buttigieg. And Klobuchar is much worse.

  25. Mayor Buttigieg is a military veteran, if he wants to reach other minorities then he needs to recruit military veterans miniorities separating or retiring from the service.

    The other option for him is to have more open forums at universities, colleges and city councils to reach out to voters.

    Military members are just 1% of the population. However, many of them are looking for opportunities to start their next chapter of their lives.

  26. as far as i know mayor pete has actually talked more about black issues than anyone else in this race that i've heard. hes no martin luther lets be real but he is talking about black business, criminal justice, police brutality and the fact he was talking about this as far back as 2011 disprove peoples claim that he ignored the black community until his run for for president

  27. Buttigieg is trash. Buttigieg fired a black police chief after pressure from the racist white cops on the force. The new white police chief (chosen by Buttigieg) was directly involved in what strongly looks like the cover-up of a suspicious hanging of 16 year old black boy. Buttigieg uses Republican talking points to oppose universalist programs that would help all people – on college debt, healthcare and lots of issues.

  28. Only progressive candidate could ANSWER minority's issue.
    BERNIE go To jail at segregation day, for supporting the cause,so. That's why. black should support him,plus for his politics it okay,so.. ..why always brought biden

  29. To Michael Harriot and any voters who got triggered by Pete's remarks, Pete should have said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I should have realized that I would be criticized for implying that there is any such thing as a low-income African American or one who does not have access to quality public education. I should not have stated the FACT that there are large, low-income urban areas which are predominantly populated by racial minorities, and that they should get more help from the government. I suppose I'll be more popular among African Americans if I just never say that I'm interested in helping the poorer among them."

  30. And is this part of the Democrat circular firing squad? The right answer is this: I’ll vote for a yellow dog before I’ll vote for a Republican. Buttigieg is head and shoulders above illegitimate so-called president Trump. Marianne Williamson is head and shoulders above illegitimate so-called president Trump. My left foot is head and shoulders above illegitimate so-called president Trump. Put any Democrat on the ballot – they’ll be head and shoulders above illegitimate so-called president Trump. Impeach, remove, indict, convict. Trump for Prison 2020!

  31. https://youtu.be/u59yLdbHack. Wow! I can’t believe it. Pete has been Documented stealing platform ideas from Andrew Yang. Go to link.

  32. #ADOS are a group with a specific justice claim. The #ADOS movement demands a specific agenda with policy prescriptions that address the losses stemming from the institution of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, convict leasing, mass incarceration and immigration.
    Without specific measures being instituted, #ADOS are locked out of the country our ancestors built during chattel slavery. Without reforms through transformative government, we will be left to continue living a third world life in a first world country.

    #ADOS #Reparations2020 #LineageMatters #DataMatters @ToneTalks @BreakingBrown ADOS101.com

  33. Widespread homophobia in the black community is probably the main reason why Buttigieg is struggling with black voters. It's so easy to provide answers when you leave political correctness out of your analysis.

  34. Race is a taboo in America. The moment anyone breaks it – or seems to break it – others hurry to denounce her or him regardless of what was said.
    It's the nature of taboos. The topic is painful and unresolved. We have not learned to talk and argue about it. So our strategy is to stay clear of the topic when possible and, when it does come up, seek shelter in the group by joint finger-pointing.
    Everyone finger-pointing at Buttigieg in this case: what ist the best and what ist the worst thing you have said about race this month, in public?

  35. He’s saying education isn’t working for everyone esp blacks.

    Why are kangz and Kweens so sensitive to anyone who doesn’t pander to them

  36. After the phone call, Harriot, the author of the attack piece, wrote, "Pete Buttigieg didn’t want to tell me his side of the story. He didn’t excuse himself by explaining that the comments referenced by the article were made years ago. He didn’t even try to explain his plan for black America. Mostly, he just wanted to listen." The way that Buttigieg constantly turns incidents like this into teachable moments instead of trading insults gives me hope that America can do better. He authentically cares, both about the people he serves and about making himself a better person. This is one of the main reasons I support him for president in 2020.

  37. Harris 5%, Buttigieg 4%, Booker 3% … in other words, when it comes to support in the AA community, Buttigieg is right in the zone with the only two black candidates in the race. Why aren't pundits saying that THEY have a particular problem with the black community?

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  39. Never Buttigieg. Never Biden. I hope you people at MSNBC realize you are repeating 2016 and the voters are going to respond in the same way. Bernie is the only choice for millions of us and he has the people on his side. So keep pushing the results of old people polls and useless politicians like Pete and Joe and see what happens. Comcast should be ashamed of themselves. But apparently greed overrides shame.

  40. Wall st. Pete is NOT an economic progressive. He is a corporate puppet posing as one, while spouting insurance industry talking points.

  41. Im Half Latino and Half Black and Im voting for Mayor Pete!!! Why? Because of his policy issues to include the Black Community. such as The Douglas Plan. Nobody else has one. Mayor Pete does!!! Don't Stop Believing!!! https://peteforamerica.com/issues/ #PETE2020 #PeteforAmerica

  42. Can anyone hear the concerned sympathy in Mayor Pete’s words & voice? Some channels,
    ( seemingly without acknowledging, even partially, the actuality of his statement) are presenting
    what he said 11 / 12 years ago, on some aspects of major issues. Is this intentional?

    Being one of the candidates who has to deal with today’s outcomes of this 400 year old bias,
    on a day to day basis, one has to concede he may have learnt new & better ways to right the
    wrongs. In fact he has committed in his promotionals to do so.
    So in the 20 20 give him some leeway.

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