Business Management Associate Degree

(background talking) Jeff>>The business management program is a degree focused on talking about and learning different management
principles … and focusing on the core responsibilities of what a manager would
do. You’re not sitting in a lecture hall of … 150. You have a lot more one-on-one
experiences. The technical colleges tend to have more variety of courses … and offer a
platform for more experienced individuals. (background talking) Christie>>I actually like the variety of age groups. There is always the different story or experience from all different types of fields and all different types of references. School really gave me the confidence and motivation to go out there and just randomly reach out to different companies. I probably would have never done that. (background talking) Jeff>>We hope
to have students be career ready when they finish our degrees so that they can
actively employ what they’re learning and use the skills that they’ve refined
(background talking). The diversity of the business management degree is such that they can enter into just about
any industry.

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