Business Administration Management AAS Online Degree

Hello, my name is Lori Merlak and I am the
program coordinator for the management program. And I’m Jenna Hunt, the business department
coordinator. Were here today to tell you a little bit about
the business administration AAS program. This is the last lesson in the online orientation
for your online program, though if you are planning to maintain a major in something
other than business administration please make sure that you go to the right area. Otherwise we’re here to tell you what you
need to schedule for your upcoming semesters. I’m going to begin and talk a little bit
about your first semester in the management program. That semester includes the following coarse
work which you can see here. Introduction to Business, Business Math and
Calculators or a higher level math class, Composition I, Human Relations in Management
or if you are in fact taking an all online courses you would want to take the Psychology
instead as human relations in management is not available online. In orientation to business professionalism. Let me just give you a little feedback about
some of these courses. First of all Composition I, and Business Math
and Calculators do have prerequisites attached to them. You do need to meet a certain test score or
have the certain prerequisites to one or both of those courses, so please take note of that. In orientation to business professionalism
the one thing at class that we really want to make sure you take your first semester
you’re going to learn not only a little bit more about the programs connected to the
business administration umbrella, but you’ll also specifically about things at Kirkwood
that can be very useful for you. So it’s really important that you take that
course in that first semester. After your first semester you’ll move into
your number two where you will take Intro to Computers, Principles of Management, Composition
II: Technical Writing, Fundamentals of Oral Communication, and Business Professionalism
and Competition. After that second semester you shoukd be prepared
then to dive into your third semester, which if you start in the fall will most likely
be a summer semester. Keep in mind if you don’t plan to take summer
courses those nine credits that are outlined in your third semester could be taken either
earlier or later in your program of study. The three classes associated with semester
three include Human Resource Management, Project Management Basics, and Principles of Marketing. During your fourth semester you will take
Principles of Supervision, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, A Humanities Elective course
which can be picked from a wide variety of classes, and Financial Accounting. Which will lead to final semester which would
be your fifth semester here at Kirkwood. In your fifth semester the required courses
include Management Capstone which must be taken in your final semester in the program,
Principles of Mactoeconomics, and the nine management elective credits which you can
select from the list below or, if you’d like you can apply specifically to a Management
Elective courses to a variety of certificates that we have available both face to face and
online. Jenna and I are now going to talk specifically
about the online certificates available to you. There’s an online certificate available
in global perspectives in business, entrepreneurship, project management, and Human resources, and
those certificates give you the opportunity to specialize more in those areas and hewn
your skills before you graduate with your degree. Absolutely we really encourage that students
do try to use those management electives those nine total credits are available in the final
semester and apply them towards one or more of those certificates. Certainly you’re going to have questions
and that’s why Jenna and I are also here for you and not just to tell you into this
orientation video of what classes to take and when but I’m also available to talk
to you especially in that second year of your studies to highlight a little bit more about
the what these certificates can bring to the management degree and Jenna on the other hand. I’m Happy to meet with you at any point
in your time here at Kirkwood to help with class lectures. I primarily work with first year students
everywhere from orientation to scheduling their classes and getting them passed over
to Lori for some career advising at the end of your time here at Kirkwood. And our numbers are listed here as well as
our emails. We encourage that you keep in touch but most
importantly welcome to Kirkwood and enjoy the program!

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