Building Your First Drag & Drop HubSpot Email Editor

In this video We’re gonna talk about the new HubSpot drag-and-drop email builder how to get started and what you can do with it by default And so much more. Hey, you know what time it is. Are you a hub spot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprocket. Ah, that’s right. I’m your boy George B Thomas from sprocket a comp ring you get another hub spot educational video if you’re a sales marketing or service professional looking to learn more about hub spot and inbound Strategies to help your business grow then you’re in the right spot Okay, make sure you subscribe to keep learning more and use that comment section below for any inbound and help spot questions you may have HubSpot recently opened up availability to their new email drag-and-drop Editor as a matter of fact this dragon dropped email editor comes inside hub spot free with the ability to send a couple Thousand emails a month now that is amazing in today’s tutorial I’m gonna show you how to save a ton of time and money As well as get creative by helping you build your first hub spot Drag-and-drop email all right to create your first drag-and-drop Email you’re gonna go to marketing and then to email and you’re gonna hit that orange button to create email now once you do that You’re actually gonna have the opportunity to choose an email type so it can be regular automated or blog RSS in this case We’re just gonna go with a regular email So we’ll go ahead and click that and what you’re gonna see is you come in to your normal hub spot area that you’re used to this is Custom where you can pick any of the templates that you’ve created or that you create in the future what you’re gonna notice that there is a Drag-and-drop tab here at the top and that’s where we’re gonna head into today Now once we get in here, we’re gonna see that we have some what they call basic templates This is a welcome a promotion a plain text email a very simple email in a newsletter Style now here under more you can actually build one from scratch. You can start with what is a feedback survey a birthday type events Illustration and you can see there’s quite a few that you can grab informational quote Reengagement sale welcome and they’re really giving you kind of a view of the different styles that you can build with this drag-and-drop editor but it’s very easy to let’s say grab something like the promotion had some images change the copy and You are good to go. Now in this tutorial. That’s exactly what we’re gonna do. But if you want to learn more about the drag-and-drop email editor Every nook and cranny you can head over to sprocket TOCOM and get your VIP plus access because we’ll be doing a course on the drag-and-drop Email editor that you will have access to as a VIP plus member without further ado Let’s click the promotion and that’s gonna go ahead and load up the email You can see as I hover over this we get some things that we can kind of change So we’ve got the pencil to edit the layout here. We’ve got that we can clone this layout and we can trash this So if I wanted to add another image I could easily do that with the click of a button notice this side panel opens And it asks me things like do I want this to be 1 column 2 column 3 column? And I can easily click that real quick And now you can see that I can add another element here, or I can click it back to being single I can also say that I want it to be full width instead of the content width So you see that you have a ton of flexibility notice the background color we can click on that and go ahead and change that and so now you can see I have this full width color with an Image and hopefully your mind starts to go in the direction of how flexible from a design standpoint this email Drag-and-drop editor is we can even select a pattern. There are some in here by default So if we wanted to just grab a certain one and use that we can If we scroll all the way down here and see the different kinds now if we come back up here what you’re gonna be able To see is we can also replace which then allows us to upload our own pattern if we want as well as if we pick a pattern like this we can tile it or we can stretch it which Stretching is ugly. But there are going to be times where it will make sense if you stretch it versus tile I’m actually gonna go ahead and hover over this and trash that because I don’t want it at all but what I can do is go ahead and click on this and then add an image now in here you’re gonna see that I can replace this image with any image that I Want to choose I’ll just select this one for right now because we’re inspecting the drag-and-drop editor So we have some type of inspector person now, we can’t change the alt text We can adjust the width and height and we can give it padding or not. Give it padding so notice how if I get rid of that it goes straight up to the lines of the email which a lot of us have tried to do that in some of the other templates historically and it definitely wasn’t that easy now if I want to link this to Let’s say sprocket, uh comm forward slash unpack or somewhere depending on what I’m promoting I can go ahead and put a link there and then I can also align this left center, right? So you see there’s a ton of flexibility when it comes to editing an image in your email with the drag-and-drop Editor, I’m gonna go ahead and hit done here So let me go down here and you’re gonna see if I hover over the text There’s another little area that kind of shows up that didn’t show up up above So if I hover over the image notice, I can clone it and trash it if I hover over the text I also have this clone and trash and then under more add a smart rule So yes, you can add smart rules to your drag-and-drop editor But in this case, I’m just gonna go ahead and click into the copy that I want to change notice What happens up here? It opens up the WYSIWYG Editor and we can do everything from adjusting the paragraph to the heading to the font to the size to bold italicize Justify or align? bullets all sorts of things and even under more we’ve got some of these kind of side things that you may want to use like strikethrough or Subscript and things like that. You can also add a link you can of course with house wot do a Personalization token and there’s even an insert Emoji here that you can use and you can do the source code as well so we can go ahead and grab that source code And rock it out. We could do an embed or whatever we wanted to do with that now another thing that you may want to do with your emails that you haven’t been able to do historically with ease is add a divider you can see that’s one of the default little modules that you can throw in here so I could do a divider between that and my actual button just to give it a little bit of style and if I click on that like every other Module in here it’s gonna open up and it’s gonna let me select the things that I want to change So do I want this to be two pixels in height instead of one do I want it to go 75 percent or 60 percent? Across my email so you can see it’s very easy to make changes even to do I want it just to be a dotted line instead and do I want it to be again Center left or right now down here you’re gonna see that we have shop now in This case that is a button that we can click on and we can do things like link to a URL we can click on CTA Email address email subscription link file Download or one of our pages and depending on what we click so CTA here you can see that we can select a CTA that we want to tie it to if we do URL it’s obviously gonna give us The place where we can place a URL or right here in your email. That’s right You could do a file download and then you could grab your PDF or whatever They’re trying to download and add it right in here. I’m gonna hit done here. So you see it’s easy to add images It’s easy to add copy. It’s easy to even adjust the layout Let’s say I wanted another two column area here of images I can take this layouts drag it in now I can actually just hover over these images and clone them and then when I click on these images I can drag them into these Boxes, yeah, it’s that easy people It’s just simply called a drag-and-drop email editor for a reason now I have four images I can do the same thing with my copy and clone it and drag it and you can see how quick I can actually modify the Information that I want to send out to the individuals with this email just in seconds I have made a four product Layout here. What’s nice is you’re not totally done. There’s a ton more that you can do You can come in here and you can mess with the template design You can click on this more and actually do things like custom modules and all sorts of stuff But again, that is the reason for the course listen, don’t forget to actually name your email Don’t forget to head over to settings and when you’re sending and scheduling a schedule later or send now This should get you well on your way to create your first email with the drag-and-drop editor. Well, there it is Make sure you check out your portal for the new drag and drop functionality Make sure you check out our course to learn everything about the new editor and of course Let us know if you have any questions along the way did you like this video then head over to sprocket talk? comm for more actionable and Tactical HubSpot user resources, make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit that Bell as well for instant notifications And so that we know that you’re part of the sprocket talk community until next time make sure you’re focused on being a happy Helpful humble human and as always make sure you’re doing some happy hub spotting


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