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hi I'm Joe and I'm Lea and this video is going through about the British educational system in the United Kingdom before we get going don't forget to click subscribe if you haven't already we post videos every week and don't get going follow us on our instagrams we post there daily Yonex anarchic you're not we watch each other story is my favorite Instagram I like life at all so in the UK in England specifically where we live we have gone through the British education system let's start at the very beginning very good place to start so forget start as a very beginning preschool or as we call it nursery in the UK where a child would go from age what you cannot like if your parents are full-time working you complete a child into nursery from one years old yeah I think so all the way up until about four when you start school but yeah you don't have to go it's not a legal requirement it tends to be for parents that likely as an either working or if you want to get your child a bit integrated and used to being around early then at age four you go to primary school or elementary school I love you some people call it not here with Oakland and the military I'm just trying to touch all the baseball Romero's yeah I don't know what elementary school might be another in place in Europe just primary cause what we call it here and it's from yeah I think it's from like the term before your fifth birthday or something or like them anyway it's around like four to five is when you start and you start by going into we've got a reception or year our reception is what we do the reception is the first year in school yeah and that's the cutest year you start you one you agreeable weapon till you're sick and by that point you should be 10 or 11 you should be about 11:00 you have exam I think they called SAP that yeah that determines what set you'll be in no one's at two three yeah when you basically high hours lever you are how clever you are because when you go when you turn 12 you go yeah to pickle Excel which we call the same or second jersey and so it might be referred to you at high school but over here we call it secondary school or you know informally it might be called a school yeah it just come from little school a little school well you're a big fish in a small pond than your small fishing people yes so in my school in my primary school there were 30 people or less in the year secondary school there were 150 in every year group I know there's a school near me and there's a thousand in each year group yeah massive so every secondary school has their own special ism as well in the UK the one I went to was a performing arts specialist school so all that facility is like amazing based around the art and but you can get sports baseball you can get science-based schools what was your part of the technology special school see if I had loads of great like computer amazing yeah yeah that's between ages of 11 and 12 to 16 yeah um some people might call the year group grades I think in America a raise yeah but their grades don't match our year group so yes it isn't necessarily great day like I that's why it's confusing yeah go all the way through from year 7 8 9 10 11 in year 11 you have exams yep G Cathie's then you have choices to make so then you can decide to stop your education in the UK you can stop school at 16 you're okay to just go straight into what I do whatever you want or you can go on to study and from there you're either going to sixth form or college yes six or more college or apprenticeship relationship yeah which is kind of the same as going away to work but you have choices we both chose to go to college yeah so the main difference between college and sick porn traditionally sick form was when it's attached to your secondary school so you go your 7 8 9 10 11 sectoral zips form so you do two years of sick form but a college is a completely separate institution so you go year 7 8 9 10 11 at school and then you go to a completely different place and you do two years at the college ah both of our colleges call themselves platform when they won't attack eventual Badal yeah England needs alarming news although not clear no I prefer Texas it for me sickle dorm six forms has a little bit more posh the reason being is because at a college in England you can choose to study things like hairdressing plumbing vocational studies much you know things are armed academic might be offered access college where you're sick form it would just be a level ship which are math English science languages yeah yeah I did English language psychology history and drama theater studies my a-levels one math which I dropped at is English theatre and media that's good which is a nice mix when you finished college obviously you go on to university but university is not for a set amount of years whereas school and college kind of is university can go on for years and years and years ending on the subjective choose to take mm-hmm so as a rule at university your course will be three years long also you will pick your subject before you go which I found this out from my old American flatmate and that in America you don't do that you kind of just go to college which is done in a university and you sort of take those different modules you can doing whatever an art and you can do module site so you can do more doing this and then you end up getting your path towards what you want to do right in the UK you choose your subject and that's it so our after go strong school I chose to study English and linguistics at university and that's what my degree was but in the u.s. I think you can just choose loads of different little bits I prefer to be like that and I was gone yeah it's very hard to pick one thing that you want to do for them that a long time and nothing interested means that much to want to go and do it yeah other than doing and John I went to drama school and that's really obviously interesting yeah so that's why I did it and it's expensive as well the fees of going to university in the UK are 9 grand a year yeah 9 thousand a year but a few years ago there are only three thousand a year but we can't really complain cloner in some countries like you pay like tens of thousands per year yeah and they don't have student loans either the government will pay for us to go to university but then we have to pay them back but it gets taken out of your pay when you get a job just like 20 per month like yeah I'm sorry bank account to pay off your loan okay so I'm in the UK in England specifically on the whole can be done for free up until the point where you get to university because then it's a choice yeah going to university in an option and ID logo' so you don't have to go but if you want to go it's 9,000 pounds a year yeah so additionally you can pay to do college and school if you choose to go private rather than comprehensive but I know it can be really confusing when you're talking to someone about education and then my darling grade dinner or I'm bigger I'm a sophomore universe at college what it means yeah it's really confusing also with the whole public school private schools state school thing in the UK public school means private school and so does private school but in the u.s. public school means trade school yeah free yeah the word public school here means they're paid yeah neither of us went to public school because public school is also like Harrow even like it is very yes I really like correct huh I don't have the words to explain it yeah neither of us went bang yeah I'd say US private school rather than public schools have something slightly different yeah so I hope that made it a little bit more clear especially for people who are trying to understand what the education system not is like over here I think it's really interesting let us know if it's like that where you're from I don't think it is so confusing the client again ammonia will end it there thanks for watching the I said get click light because there helps us out and we will see our patreon page which is something like optional and if you'd like to support us and making content and post it online and have some a little additional extra Lobby extra things then please check out our patreon page yes and we'll see you bye


  1. Im sorry but the schools you’re on about are only in england the ones in Scotland are different

  2. Australia
    1. Kindergarten (Kindy) – 1 year
    2. Pre-primary – 1 year
    3. Primary School – Year 1-6 (used to be till year 7)
    4. High School – Year 7-12
    5. TAFE (apprenticeships and basic higher education like certificates and diplomas) or University (where you do a bachelor in an undergraduate degree, and a masters and PhD in postgraduate)

  3. we had senior school – removes, lower fourth, upper fourth, lower fifth, upper fifth and then leave at 16. Did cordon bleu college which was shit and then secretarial college and was a legal secretary for 12 years.

  4. College at 16? Wow! Here in the States you start at 18. For example, calculus is the highest math you take in you 12th grade (age 17-18, generally)..Do the students give the teachers or substitutes a hard time?

  5. I wish I went too school in the UK. UK school system sounds like they care more for your career and future than they do here in the USA. Schools in the USA teach you what they wanna teach you and don’t teach anything.

  6. University in America costs about $200,000 for 4 year degree… I payed out of pocket because I was a “ exotic dancer” basically a stripper… I don’t regret it… I know people who are still paying off student loans 10 years later…

  7. I have a totally unrelated question, do you know other British YouTubers… like I would love to see a mashup with y’all and #InTheKitchenWithKate

  8. It’s not free, I’m sure your taxes that you pay fund education. In the US, public school for elementary thru high school is free but our taxes that we pay go towards education.

  9. College is not for a set amount of years. You can go at 16 and then you can spend 3 or 4 years until you are 19 but if you on a course you can stay until 20.

  10. I had 11 plus and did O levels which stood for ordinary level. I went to an independent girls' grammar school in Chester and it was the same one all the way through. After school I went to cordon bleu college, then did OND in catering and HCIMA then did secretarial course. I hated maths and sports at school. I became a legal secretary with shorthand which is not used now.

  11. Have you the expression, "it's not rocket science?" I guess that expression came from someone who thought that a rocket scientist was the most difficult profession in their time. Soo does this happen where you are from: a person wants to be a rocket scientist when they finish school. When they take rocket science, they learn that the difficulty is extremely hard. But they take an art elective and learn that's their true passion. What would happen in that situation?

    To be clear: there is no rocket science class that I am aware of.

  12. I'm from Argentina. And fortunately, here we have state (or public, as we call them) schools, colleges, and universities, so we don't have to pay for education at all. There are also private schools so you can choose.
    Here we have:
    – Daycare (until 3 years old/optional/you have to pay)
    – Kindergarten (4 years old/optional/public or private)
    – Pre-School (5 years old/mandatory/public or private)
    – Primary School (6-12 years old/mandatory/public or private)
    – Secondary School (13-18 years old/mandatory/public or private)
    Then you can choose your higher education between:
    – Third Education (between 2-3 years of duration/optional/public or private). In college (not sure this would be the right translation), or as we call it here Third Education, you get an undergraduate degree (Bachelor's degree). If available for your career, you can then go to university and get a graduate degree (I think this would be the equivalent degree) (2-3 more years of duration).
    – or go directly to University (between 5-6 years of duration/optional/public or private). Going to college or university will depend on the career you choose. Some are studied at colleges, others at Universiy. University careers are longer than college careers and they're more prestigious because of the longer duration. In Medicine, for example, university lasts 6 years approx. (1 or 2 of observation and practice at a local hospital + 5 of regular study) and then you have the Residency levels (aprox. 3 more years of duration), which is mainly practice in general medicine (here called clinical medicine). Those years of your life you actually don't have a life, you're a zombie who almost lives at the hospital. Finally, if you don't want to work as a clinician, you specialise in any other field of medicine such as gastroenterology, haematology, cardiology, etc.
    Until a few years ago, public primary and secondary schools were considered as prestigious as private ones, but now, that has changed. On the other hand, public college and university are considered a lot better than private ones.
    Unfortunately, the last populist governments have undermined public education in Argentina.
    Hope this information is useful or interesting for someone.

  13. In Scotland it's different again.
    Your year group in primary school are called Primary 1-7 for example and then would call the year group in Secondary school S1-6 *in Scotland you don't have 6th Form you just do additional years at the school. Scottish University Tuition is free in comparison to England &Wales. And Scotland has it's own Qualification System for S4 upwards a corporation called SQA *Scottish Qualification Authority which means that in S4 you sit between 6-9 National 5 courses dependant on school in a variety of subjects- similar to GCSE . You can then sit 5 Higher which are easier than A Levels I believe. And then some people choose to do Advanced Higher which are the equivalent of the first year at university this is much harder than A Levels.

    Hope you involve Scotland more in your discussions xx

  14. That’s only the two tier system in England😂❤️There is also First School, Middle School and High School called the three tier system, I’ve been through both💕

  15. America there is a gap between Elementary and high school Middle School so what it's called and it's grade 6 is in there sometimes but it's majority 7 and 8

  16. Well, here's the thing about American university or college. They figure everyone needs mathematics, English, humanities, science, for a well rounded education, and that's a Bachelor's degree in Arts. Bachelor's degree in Science is more focused towards a specific career path. I got a Bachelor's degree in Arts, with a Business Management concentration.

  17. This is very similar to Indian education system or it might be adapted from British.
    But university fee here in India is some where around 6k pounds for the entire 4 year course, I am doing IT in Mumbai University(MU) and fun fact about MU it was built by British.

  18. Thank you so much fo explaining it in such a simple way. I'm kind of writing a short story right now and I was so confused about how your educational system worked. It is so different from Brazil! Again, thank you so much.

  19. See I love that. You can leave at 16.
    Amendment: Technically you can leave, but it’s extremely frowned upon.

  20. 9k a year?! That sounds amazing. If you go to a public college instate i.e. University of California system, it costs around $35,000 a year. If someone came from out of state, it could be around $60,000 a year. you guys need to stop fussing omg.

  21. Thanks you guys, this helped me a lot to prepare for my presentation on the British school system! 🙂

  22. I watched the RADA video you 2 made. I'm confused. I thought RADA was a University. In the US Julliard is a University for Acting & Music. I believe its the best, most elite, prestigious, etc. Can you or someone else explain what RADA is if not a University for Acting? Thanks! Love the channel! Long time subscriber.

  23. here in Washington State,
    Elementary: Kindergarten – 5th grade
    Middle school: 6th grade – 8th grade
    High school- 9th grade – 12th grade

  24. Every university and school should accept half of their students using an entry score system and the other half MUST be selected randomly from all other candidates who have said they want to be considered for that school/ university !
    That will create equal opportunity educational system !   Education must be FREE for the STUDENTs and must provide them with comfortable life while studying !

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