British Airways A350-1000 First Flight

– Mr. Chui, welcome back with us. (playful electronic music) – There’s nothing like
it, walking up and down a brand new aeroplane like this. – Welcome aboard our British Airways operated flight to Madrid. – Cheers to the new A350. What such amazing moment. At the A350 crew rests. I wish every BA flight served this curry. This is great. The British Airways
Chairman and CEO signed. Look at this. Well hello there, it’s you guys again. From London to Madrid,
now back to London again. I guess the A350 was just too big. (beeping) Good morning everybody. What exciting Monday
morning, August 5th today. It’s the inaugural British
Airways A350-1000 flight. I am going to Madrid, so let’s go guys. – This is the Airbus 350-1000. A really long aircraft. Here it is, incredible. We have an initial order of 18 aircraft but we have some options
to go beyond if we want. We are going to be busy with
those 18 aircraft for a while. We begin to fly to Madrid. It’ll be twice a day, two return flights. You may wonder why Madrid? It makes a tremendous amount of sense because already our partner
sister line in Iberia, has the 350, they’ve got, I think, five in total at the moment. And they will be able to assist us with turning the aircraft
around, et cetera. From there on, we plan
to take the aircraft into service in Dubai September 2nd. Toronto October first,
Tel Aviv in December. Probably in the first half of December. And then Bangalore in February. There are many, many features, by the way. And you will see them,
you find them slowly as you go through the flight. But the one that you will
get to experience the most is the new club suite. And this is our new generation of business class Club World. Now, this is a big year
for us, as you can imagine. And if we had to pick
a year when we launch a new club suite, a new club seat, this year is a fantastic year to do so. (playful electronic music) – [Sam] Ah, you again, nice to see you. – How you doing?
– Excited? – Yeah, can’t wait.
– Yeah. I just love that view. The 747 pushback, the
A350, new kid on the block. What a classic aviation
scene at London Heathrow. You work at the airport. – We did prod out.
– We worked on this. – You saw my BA video? – [Women] Yeah. – Oh, thank you very much. But you know my luck with
BA, my luck with aviation started with the 747.
– Oh. – So, I feel always emotional
watching the crane push back. – [Woman] Yeah. – Nice to meet you ladies. – [Women] Nice to meet you too. – Hey. (playful electronic music) Are you going on this flight?
– Yes. – Excited?
– Yes, very much. – Yeah. – Sam, I just thought on this occasion, I could gift to you this A350 model. – Oh my god.
– This GX-WVBA. So since we’re going on it. – [Sam] You are very,
very generous Carlos. – A memorial. – [Sam] This is like,
I don’t think I deserve this such nice gift but
thank you very much. Thank you so much. – This is just a thank
you for the experiences you share with us, and we feel like we’re with you
onboard all the time, so. – [Sam] What’s the red hat means? What’s the red hat you’re wearing? – The red hat, we’re the dispatchers. – [Sam] Dispatcher? What stylish hats, very nice. – Thank you very much. – Nice to see you. You’re dispatching this aeroplane A-350? – We are, yeah. – Mr. Chui, welcome back with us. – [Sam] Thank you so much. – These are your certificates. – [Sam] Oh my god, look at this. The certificate. – Hello there.
– Hey, nice to see you. – Welcome aboard the A350. – [Sam] Yeah, congratulations
on the first flight today. – [Both] Thank you, we’re very excited. – [Sam] Very excited, too, yes. – Hi everybody, welcome to our inaugural A350 flight to Madrid. (playful electronic music) – There’s nothing like
it, walking up and down a brand new aeroplane like this. Hi, Julian.
– Hi. – Remember this smile, yeah, this wave. – (laughing) How are you? Welcome aboard.
– You were in the camera. See you guys, nice to see you.
– Hi. – Try out this new economy seat. – World Traveller’s seat. You have that Panasonic IFE system. (clicking) – There’s a table here. – That’s it, it’s where you
put the tray for the meal. – Yeah, this is good. – It’s nice on airbus as well. – Let’s try to recline. – That’s it, try to recline. Did you feel the seat pan move as well? The seats can move forward. – Yeah, this thing came forward a bit. – That’s it, yes. – But I can slide my foot underneath. – How’s it feel? – It has better leg room.
– It does. – Better leg room than the
other main fleets I’ve been on. – Absolutely. – Really good head room here, isn’t it? You can stand up and still
this much room to the ceiling. – (laughs) that’s it. – Lots of room, you
can’t just hit your head. (playful electronic music) Hello there, how are you? – Hello, how are you? We met last week, or the beginning of, no, last week today, a week ago. – [Sam] Yeah, of course. Saw you last Thursday as well. – Yeah, nice to see you again.
– Nice to see you again. This is your office? – Yes it is.
– Are you happy with this office here? – Oh it’s lovely. Something new.
– Beautiful isn’t it? Look at this, brand new oven. All brand new. (playful electronic music) – So, in between doors forward
left and forward right, we’ve got our crew rest out now. – [Sam] Can I go in and have a look? – Yes of course, you
can, be my guest please. (playful electronic music) – At the A350 crew rest for the crew at the back of the plane. There’s six bunks back here. All flat beds, enable long
haul rests for the crew. – Hi there.
– Hi. – [Sam] Hi, nice to see you again. – Hello. – You’re doing best to
sit, straight that way. – [Flight Attendant]
Enjoy your flight guys. – Thank you. – May I offer you a Centenary
edition amenity kit today? – [Sam] Oh, very nice. – [Flight Attendant] Welcome aboard. – [Sam] Very special flight to Madrid. We have comfort kits today onboard. – [Flight Attendant] Keep
it as a keepsake, you know. – [Sam] Beautiful, White Company. – Mr. Chui, part of the
Inaugural Team, welcome onboard. – [Sam] Thank you. – May I offer you a glass of Champagne? – [Sam] Yeah. – [Rob] Set this down for you. Please enjoy your flight with us today. – What exciting day on
this inaugural flight. I think British Airways
showing their best. They even showing some of
their long haul products to passenger on this short, one and a half hour flight to Madrid. Cheers to the new A350. – So, my name’s Phil, I’m the
captain on the aircraft today but we have three captains
because it’s an inaugural flight. So, we have Captain Mike joining us. – Hi. – And also, keeping an eye
on us, we have Captain Rob. – Hi there, hi. – As an inaugural flight, you get three captains
for the price of one. Ladies and gentlemen,
good afternoon to you, it’s the captain speaking. My name is Phil Ticehurst, welcome onboard our British Airways
operated flight to Madrid. Joining me on the flight today, we have Captain Mike Blythe
and Captain Rob Hall. And we’ll be cruising today
at an altitude of 35,000 feet. And about 85% of the speed of sound. Our flight inbound to Madrid,
one hour and 45 minutes. I hope you enjoy the flight with us. (playful electronic music) – On this inaugural occasion, I thought what’s better than having Alex Cruz, the British Airways
Chairman and CEO signed the headrest cover and I’m
going to get all the crew to do this to remember today. Aw, thank you very much, look at this. Alex, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – Now, BA has chosen
787-A-9-10 coming next year. You also have 777X coming. So, why you chose A350-1000? Does this fit into their fleet? – It does, we have a network of nearly 200 destinations
across the world. We have different types of needs, some of the aircraft are three class, some others are four class. We’re fully committed to first
class going into the future. So this aircraft, the A350-1000
allows us to substitute some of the 747 in some of the routes. The 777 will continue that project. We just like flexibility and to be able to have access to these aircraft types gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility. – All right, congratulations. – Thank you very much. – On the first flight 350. – Great to see you onboard. (clicking) – We are off to Madrid. (playful electronic music) – [Flight Attendant] Today’s
customers sitting in our club suite, your shoulder
harness is attached like this. In the unlikely event of an emergency. – It’s really amazing,
taxing around Heathrow. They feel like we’re
latest, the newest aeroplane in the whole Heathrow. That was such amazing moment seeing the Retro British Airways Negus Livery 747 taxi past the A350 which is the latest family
member of the British Airways. (engine revving) – May I offer you this hot towel? – [Sam] Thank you. – It’s my pleasure. – It’s a very, very short flight. Just one hour 35 minutes. Let’s see how much we
can cover on the video. – If you look out there,
that’s when you can see the Isle of Wight which is on
the southern coast of the UK. (playful electronic music) – Very good afternoon, again. Can I get you anything on the menu today? – [Sam] I think I’ll go
for the chicken curry. – Certainly, and would you
like the burrata to start? – [Sam] Yeah, okay. – Okay, and anything to drink? – Fanta Orange. The designer seat is actually very clean. Literally, everything is hidden away and there’s lots of storage. There’s a lotta, a lotta cabin in here. There’s literally three of these. You can store things away. (playful electronic music) BA business class Club World suites. The biggest feature is
the privacy door here. It’s this one here, it can slide. There you go. So, there’s two business class cabins. The bigger cabin, 44 seats. The smaller cabin behind, 12 seats. In the middle is a Club
World kitchen here. So, what you can see is, two fridge here, with ice cream, fruit salad, and then also you see the bar
here, with all the drinks. Potato chips, water, glass of wine and this special British
Airways Champagne. – Hello.
– Hello there, your meal for you. – [Sam] Yep, let me open my table. Yep. – [Flight Attendant] I
have the burrata for you. Followed by the yellow chicken curry. – [Sam] Oh gorgeous, smells amazing. – [Flight Attendant]
Please enjoy your meal. Thank you. – This is amazing for a
one and a half hour flight. It smells really amazing. Do&Co catering on BA. This curry finger licking good. I wish every BA flight served this curry. This is great. (playful electronic music) Setting a challenge to myself, see how much you’re enjoy
an hour and half flight. After the full meal of
beautiful chicken curry, time for a nap. – [Man] Nice bed you found. – This is very nice. Very good, very soft bedding. – [Woman] Shouldn’t you
feel high society now. – Yeah. You know, you can see
it’s really, really hard not to enjoy the business
class seat isn’t it. – [Man] Yeah, it’s getting much longer. – [Woman] Yeah? – I can feel all the way inside. There’s still room, I’m six-foot-one. And there’s still a bit of room. – [Woman] And actually you could even slide down a little bit
more if you wanted to. – Slide down a bit more. My foot is not even
hitting the wall in front. – [Woman] No. – Yeah, which is great. – [Woman] Would you like me to close your suite door for you? – Okay, let’s do it. (clicking) Oh, very nice. Now I see the privacy is right. – [Woman] Here is where you’re hopefully not going to bash your knees. – [Sam] Yeah, let me try to turn. – [Woman] Try it. – Yeah, I just escape bashing my knee which is very reasonable, yeah. I’m a big guy, so. – That’s right, so.
– All right. (playful electronic music) Carlos from Lebanon. Very generous, donated
this beautiful A350. Is this the A350-1000 model? – It is, yeah, it’s the precision model. – Right, so, at the end of the video, this will be a give-away to our viewers. You’re very generous. Thank you very much for your generosity. – Thank you. – I hope you enjoy your flight. – Thank you very much. – Can I do something funny for you? – [Carlos] Sure, please do sir. – There you go. (Carlos sighing) – I wish you blue sky and tail
wind as you navigate life. – [Carlos] Aw, this is amazing. Coming from you, I really appreciate it. – So on this sector
I’ll be business class. Tomorrow, on my way back, I wanna try out what’s the economy like,
the whole flight experience. So, that will be the
second half of this video. – And we signed this for
you from the whole aircraft. – Oh, thank you very much. This is amazing, thank you so much. – [Robert] My absolute pleasure. (playful electronic music) (dings) – [Flight Attendant]
Cabin crew, thank you, seats for landing. (engine whirring) (rumbling) (wind rustling) – Well, we just landed in Madrid. I think the flight is very short, but very, very nice. Very memorial as the first
A350-1000 flight with BA. I think the business class
is a huge step above. A very good investment for British Airways like their CEO said. (playful electronic music) – Thank you, adios. Adios, bye-bye. – Thank you, goodbye. – [Captain] Thank you, goodbye, take care. – Thank you, bye. – [Sam] How was your flight, Carlos? – Essentially, that was
an amazing experience. It’s beautiful, beautiful aircraft. Beautiful airline. And you on board, so
I couldn’t be happier. – [Sam] Thank you for flying me, goodbye. – [Crew] Bye. (metallic rumbling) – After a night at Madrid, let’s go again. Super hot today in Madrid, 36 degrees. Heading Barajas terminal
four to catch my flight now. (playful electronic music) (beeping) Oh man, I actually love this airport. Barajas airport terminal four is huge. But the security is just
a breeze to go through. All the lanes are open. They even have priority lane for children. (playful electronic music) – So, I’m Canadian, but I’m originally from Mauritania and yeah Pakistan. – Oh you’re– – I’m mixed, yes. – I couldn’t figure, you’re exotic. And where are you heading now? – To Jakarta. – Jakarta?
– Yes. – Oh my gosh. – Yeah, for holidays. – Nice to see you. (playful electronic music) I’m eating up in the lounge. This is my dinner. I know British Airways
economy’s buy on board, so I’m eating up right here. (playful electronic music) I love this lounge. It’s just so airy,
bright, beautiful colours. It makes me feel like flying Iberia now. Are you flying British Airways? – Yes, of course. – [Sam] Oh, you are in for a treat. You will enjoy it. – All right. (playful electronic music) – There’s a lot of rare,
interesting Latin American airlines here, Bolivian Aviation
to Cochabama is boarding. (playful electronic music) Well hello there, it’s you guys again. I would have thought a
different crew come today. – Someone could be different back there. – [Sam] Oh yeah, good to see you. – Welcome back. You are 48-K today, so you go
straight over turning right. Heading down the aircraft,
it’ll be on the left-hand side. – All the lads on British Airways. Some of them on my same flight yesterday. Oh, did you guys have a good flight back? – [Both] We had a great flight back. – Oh my god, you work again today. You come down, pick me up. – And again today, we’ve
come to collect you. – Thank you so much. – Pleasure.
– Welcome onboard. (classical music) (audio fast-forwarding) – [Sam] Hello there. – Hello, how are you? (phone ringing) – I guess the A350 was just too big for normal A320 load of passenger. Not full at all. One third full today. So glad, have the whole
row to myself in economy. This year is 100th anniversary
of British Airways. This is special edition
magazine for August because in August it’s their
100th anniversary this month. So, if you come on board British
Airways, grab a magazine. This is complimentary
copy for you to take home. It has a lot of history of BA. (playful electronic music) They got this adjustable headrest so you can lock your head when
you’re sleeping, like this. Go up and down. Quite comfortable. – [Captain] Airways
flight to London, Heathrow upon our new 350 aircraft. – I think is just the nicest time to fly because just before dark, it’s
just very, very mellowing. Very, very romantic. (winding rushing) (playful electronic music) British Airways Euro short haul flights you have to buy on board. There’s nothing free now. I think if you’re nice to ask, maybe you get a free glass of water, but everything else you
have to pay onboard. Millionaire short bread. Yeah, it was the wrong short bread. This is the one I want. So I guess no longer Millionaire. – [Flight Attendant]
So, you okay with this? – Yeah, that’s good, thank you. – [Captain] Landing in
round about 40 minutes and the weather in London is light wind. 18 degrees and showers. – [Sam] Taking pictures of the cabin? Yeah, quite nice. Did you enjoy your A350 flight? – Yeah, we flew out earlier on. – [Sam] You flew from London to Madrid. – Yeah, and then straight back again. – [Sam] So how was it? – Very nice, yeah.
– Yeah? – I was in club. – [Sam] Yeah, impressed? – Yeah, it was very nice. Yeah, it’s good. – Good, excellent. The flight is pretty light. It’s only one third full. What they did is they blocked
off the premium economy, the World Traveller Plus. That is a totally empty cabin. The smaller section of
the economy, row 30 to 35, where it’s slightly more busy, and the main deck here, the middle, it was literally all empty. In terms of best seating
in the economy section? The best seats I think is 31C or 31H. These seats have extra legroom. There’s no seats in front of these seats. (vocalising electronic music) (rumbling) (engine running) – [Captain] Welcome to London, Heathrow. The local time in is just approaching 25 minutes past 10 in the evening. – [Sam] Thank you very much, see ya. – Have a nice evening, oh a pleasure. – That was the end of
my flight on the A350. From London to Madrid,
now back to London again. Thank you so much. – Thank you very much,
have a nice evening. – Take care. – [Flight Attendants] Bye-bye. – Thank you, safe home journey. Thanks very much. – [Sam] Thank you, thank you so much. – Good night, thank you.
– See you, bye-bye. – Enjoy, hope we see you again soon. – See you.
– Take care. – And guys don’t forget, there is a give-away of the
British Airways A350-1000 model. Enter the give-away from
the video description link. Thank you so much for watching again. (whooshing) (dings)


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