Bright Spots Mt Aspiring College

We’re working on a micro-credentialing project, which is going really well. One of the things that the Bright Spots Award has brought to this project for us has actually been access to specialist information and support from people who really know what they’re doing. Just getting that, that professional oversight has made a huge difference for us. Yeah, absolutely. Just you know, people to bounce your ideas off of that have got experience in these fields and have the research behind them to be able to really critically give you feedback on your ideas. It’s been invaluable. Obviously the money is of great value. We’re able to pay people to do some of the work to build this project for us, which in teaching is pretty unusual and pretty special. Just have a go! Yeah, we would say just do it. Like this was our little idea and we were going to do it anyway. We didn’t think it would be us.

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