Books to Give, Vol. 1: Bob Dylan

[ Music ]>>Hi, I’m Lisa Von Drasek from
the University of Minnesota, Archives and Special
Collections, the Children’s Literature
Research Collections. And today for Read
this Book, we have–>>Bill Pederson
from the University of Minnesota Music Library.>>So you’re from
the music library. So I’m not surprised that
today you brought us–>>I brought you some
books about Bob Dylan. We have lots of things
at the Music Library. And I kind of wanted
just to point out that there are
things for everyone. It’s not all totally cerebral. So I brought two
different biographies. Well, we say that
one is a biography and one is a biography
of Dylan fans.>>Let’s start with Bob
Dylan: American Troubadour.>>Yes, Bob Dylan: American
Troubadour by Donald Brown, is a recent biography
that came out in 2014. Let’s just say– let
me hand this to you.>>Okay.>>Let me just say
that it’s interesting because it places
his work and his life into nine different periods. And it also puts those in a
larger historical context. There’s a wonderful timeline
in the front that talks about life events of Bob
Dylan, and places them within the life events
of the United States. So comparing his
time in the village to say the stone wall riots.>>And so when we’re
looking at Bob Dylan’s life, did you say they’re
in certain segments?>>He puts nine different
periods of his life.>>So would we begin
in Hibbing, Minnesota?>>We would begin at the very
beginning in Hibbing, Minnesota. Bob Dylan, a native son, lived
in Hibbing, lived in Duluth, spent some time here at
the University of Minnesota>>And his early music
was of what type?>>Folk protest songs. Just a man and his guitar.>>And so this is
a biography set in the history of
the United States.>>Right.>>And Bob Dylan’s life.>>Yes.>>And if we were going to
move on from Bob Dylan’s life to the people who are
the fans of Bob Dylan–>>Oh, yes, we have The
Dylanologists by David Kinney. Now, The Dylanologists, one might call them
fans or fanatics. This book is just fascinating. It talks about people who make
annual pilgrimages to Hibbing, Minnesota, who know the
name of his grandmother, to the people who, you know,
camp out outside of his house and dig through his
garbage to find out what he eats for dinner.>>Did you tell me
his favorite pie?>>Oh, I’ve learned that his
favorite pie is cherry pie, which is also my favorite pie.>>And so these Dylanologists, these are fanatical
Dylan fans who write. They write blogs.>>They write blogs. They post on Facebook. And they also just live their
lives together, you know, feeding off of the fandom.>>So they’re a community of
people who adore Bob Dylan.>>Right.>>And I have a question
for the next book. If I had a Dylanologist in
my life, is there a new title that I could give
for the holidays?>>Of course. So there is a new
book out of lyrics. This is the previous
version for Bob Dylan, published by Simon & Schuster. That’s his whole
work, 1965 to 2012.>>So this is Bob
Dylan The Lyrics.>>Bob Dylan Lyrics.>>And so it’s his body of work.>>It’s his body of work that can be sifted
through and judged. It’s really as somebody who
hadn’t listened to a lot of Bob Dylan before reading
through these things. It’s really deep. There’s some protest in there. There’s old-fashioned
storytelling, premonitions of hardship.>>And so when we’re thinking
about these three books and your library, your
library, would you say if I have any questions about Bob Dylan I could
call you for reference?>>You could call me. I would, I would probably be
able to answer those for you.>>And that’s the
gift of the University of Minnesota library is that
we’re open access to anyone who wants information.>>To anyone, yes.>>Well, I think that’s
all the time we have for this Read this Book. [ Music ]

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