Ayo, what’s good reader fam! Welcome back to my channel. Hope you’re doing well, hope you’re enjoying your last bit of summer, and that you’re not dying because of how hot it is outside. Today I’m going to be playing Book! Trope! Bingo! Now I thought that I had come up with this idea; I was like “I am genius!” But then I did some Googling and found out that Book Riot, the book blog, had actually come up with this first. So, I gotta give credit where credit is due; they came up with this. They’ve got their own Book Bingo charts on their book blog, But I’ve decided to come up with my own Book Trope Bingo chart and play it with my books! This would be more fun with friends, but the only friends I’ve got here are my books. So, technically, I /will/ be playing this game with my friends, whatcha think about that? If you don’t know how to play Bingo, I’m not sure how to help you other than: Let Google be your guide. So, like I said, I came up with this Book Trope Bingo chart and I put a bunch of book tropes on there. If you guys wanna play along or make your own Book Bingo Trope video, then I will leave a link down below in the description to where you can print off this chart or just download it. I’ve got all my bingo numbers in this mug that I got from one of you guys; one of you guys made this for me. It says: “We weren’t like other people; we were peculiar.” I’ll be pulling the numbers at random and then whatever trope that guides me to, I will have to pair it with a book. Until I /hit/ that bingo! That sounds like a dance move… “Hit that bingo!” What would that even look like? I’m not sure that I wanna know what that would look like. So without further ado, let’s get started! We’re gonna start off by hitting up that free space because who doesn’t love free things? Not all things in life are free, so the things that /are/ free, we gotta snatch up. And when those free things are books, then we really gotta snatch ’em up! I’m pretty sure we all become monsters when free books are involved. As it should be. Picking my first number, here we go-[weird…sounds?]! Whoopah! Waaa- pyah! My first coordinates are: B-1. B-1 leads me to: the Golden Trio. We’ve got many options for this. A lot of books have those three characters that end up shining. They work together, fight the good fight, and two out of three of them end up in a romantic situation at some point. Unless they’re siblings, like the Baudelaires. This is a trope that I’m not tired of seeing though, because I love seeing a group of characters come together and outsmart, outplan, outman the baddies and take them down and get that victory! What could possibly be more satisfying? Absolutely nothing! Anyway, the Golden Trio that I’m gonna choose for this one… I don’t wanna go with a cliché answer like the Baudelaires, or Harry, Ron, and Hermione, or Percy, Annabeth, and Grover. We’ve gotta fulfill that “I’m not like other girls” trope and pick something different! So, I’m gonna go with “The Iron Trial” by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. We’ve got our trio here, they’re pretty golden if you ask me, and it consists of Callum, Tamara, and Aaron. Bada-bing-bada-boom! We have successfully fulfilled our first actual slot! …Since we didn’t really have to work for that free space. It’s time for the next number. I choose you, Pikachu! Whoopah! N-1. That leads us to: Time Travel! (echoes) Time travel! Time travel! Again, I /could/ go with a very cliché answer that would have a lot of you guys rolling your eyes at me. I could pick a book that a lot of you would expect me to pick. Ahem, ahem. /holds up Miss Peregrine’s/ Am I making myself clear here? But for the sake of the eye-rolls and the urge to be different, I’m going to avoid that specific book. Instead, I’m gonna go with another cliché answer and that is… Passenger by Alexandra Bracken! Etta, our main girl, one day finds out that her family is involved with time-traveling and she’s shot back in time on this scavenger hunt to search for this very important object. And it’s muy importante (very important) that she gets her hands on it or bad things will happen to her. (Even though, technically, bad things already
end up happening to her.) But the fact that her family kept this whole time-traveling thing a secret for so long, that’s sucky! Also, she’s sent back in time and is not prepared at all! That’s suckier than sucky in my opinion! [I’m] Putting a star on time travel. If you guys could travel back in time, what year would you go to? Let me know in the comments down below. 🎵 Time for the next number 🎵 Here we go! /crinkling sounds/ This one! I-2. Which leads us to: the Quest. I honestly don’t know how I feel about the Quest trope. It’s gotta be a super interesting quest in order for me to be invested. Otherwise, I get lost in the journey we’re taking. If you’re not serving, like, action sequences, interesting internal conflict with the characters, or some, like, crazy obstacles along the way, then I’ll be checking out real quick. If you’re just taking a walk to get to a location and you’re not doing anything to hold my attention— you’re just describing the scenery and having the characters talk about what’s to come or thinking up a plan… then see ya, I’m outta here! But I had a book that came to mind right when I landed on this one and that is… Wah! Eragon! They go on a big old quest in this book. [I] Can’t say it’s my favorite book that has the quest trope in it. In fact, a lot of the quest in this book does that thing where it’s like: “Oh my gosh, look at all the gorgeous scenery! Don’t ya lurve it?” But it did have some plot-shakeup moments that held my attention and pulled me the heck through it, so, I’ll cut it some slack; I’ll give it that. You’re not completely cancelled, Eragon. You did what you had to do to get me to the end of the journey, even though I’m sure it’s really only the beginning of the journey. I’ve still yet to carry on with this series… OOPS! Are we surprised, though? Not at all. 🎵 I get another sticker 🎵 I like being rewarded. …Even though I’m rewarding myself for a game that I’m playing with myself, so… we’re not gonna talk about that, though! Next numbah! Can I just get one shot in my mouth? Agh! Oh man, that did not work in my favor. I’ll do the one that I dropped. Nyaaaaagh! B(EEE)-4! B-4 is: Hate to Love. This is one of my favorite tropes! If you’re gonna give me a trope, give me this one. I don’t even care if there are things in the book that I don’t like. If you have this element, it will swallow me whole and I’ll probably lose sight of all the things in the book that I don’t like. I honestly haven’t even read that many books where it’s enemies-to-lovers. So, if you got the recs, you know where to deposit them! (And if you don’t know where to deposit them, don’t worry, don’t be embarrassed, just leave it down below in the comments, okay?) /clicks tongue/ /snaps/ For this one, I’m gonna go with… Whoopah! The Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston. I won’t say /who/ it happens with because obviously that’s pretty spoilery. But it’s like so obvious; the second that these two characters start interacting, like, you know they’re gonna end up together. And honestly, usually when that happens, like, when I can tell right off the bat that there are two characters that are going to end up together, like, it /really/ bothers me. But! Because of the circumstances in this book and the fact that they didn’t like each other, I was okay with it, it did not bother me one bit, I let it slide. Whoopah! I got another star. And the next number is… Oh man, I gotta pick all those up. Great. Love that for me. Really. Truly. #Blessed. I hope I found all of them and put them all back, because if not, that would really suck. Anyways, /crinkling/ Nnnnyah! O-1. Which is: Found Family! Another one of my favorite tropes. For this one, a group of characters come together and create their own family. They could be, like, misfits or they could be people that just don’t have family members. I love this trope and I don’t think that I will ever get tired of it because I find it so relatable. I know what it’s like to, like, not really have friends and then to find! my! people! Seeing characters form strong bonds, specifically, like, a family-type bond just gets me so! soft! For this one, I can’t not go with my Crows Crew from the Six of Crows duology. But also I gotta give a little shoutout to the Raven Boys Crew because I feel like they also fit into this category. I’m just gonna mention both of these together because they’re kind of alike? Not really. At all. No, they’re not alike at all. But, they’re alike in the fact that they have that Found Family element where they’re teaming up together to work toward something. There we go; reeled that one in! More books like this, please, to satisfy me. Got another star, yeehaw! [There’s] So many stars, I feel like I’m getting a good grade on an assignment. That didn’t happen often when I was in school. [I’m] Making up for it with my stars today! And ze next number is going to be… You! What are you? N-4. Bad boy with tragic backstory. Whomp, whomp, whomp, whooOOOooOOOoomp. This is one of my least favorite tropes, if not, my least favorite trope. I guess I should say if it’s done right, it’s okay. But… ddu-du ddu-du ddu [iykyk 😉] I didn’t mind it at first. But then I just kept seeing it and I just got tired of seeing it. Also, when was the last time you read a book with this trope where the bad guy with the tragic backstory didn’t end up with the main girl? Can you name one? Because I, like, I really cannot think of one. A lot of you guys will probably come through with some receipts, but most of the time the bad guy 👏 with the tragic 👏 backstory ends up with the main girl. And it’s really annoying, please, somebody give us some variety. I’m tired of seeing this over and over and over and over and over and over again. For this one, we’ll just go with none other than: City of Bones! I won’t say which character is the bad guy with the tragic backstory but, like, the second he opens his mouth, you know. I will say they grew on me later. I did end up liking them later on in the series, but, like, [they’re] a little insufferable there for a little while. Sticker time! 🎵 I got a sticker, yeah, I got a sticker. 🎵 Alright, we’ve got two potential lines happening here. Which ones gonna fill up first? Let’s get it, let’s get this bread! Next number we’ve got is… /crinkling/ This one! That’s two. I’ll put you back. G-6. Isn’t there a song about G6? 🎵 L-L-L-Like a G6 🎵 or something like that? I don’t know. It’s probably inappropriate, whatever it is.. G-6; wait, that’s… there’s not a si- Wait, what? What’s-? What? G-4! Wooooow, [I] Love that I can read my own handwriting. G-4 is: Parent Keeping Secret. And! Whoopah-pah-pah-pah-pah! It’s on my potential line. Success! Parent Keeping Secret… Hu! Ha! Oof, the amount of books that can work for this one is absurd! Like, I literally already talked about a book today that could work for this one: Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. The mom keeps from Etta the fact that she’s involved in time travel. I’m actually going with the book that I’m currently reading, though, and that is Wonder by R.J. Palacio. The parents kept a secret from the son in this one. Even though it’s revealed really early on, I’m not gonna say it because I don’t wanna spoil it. But, I was so frustrated with them! /groans with frustration/ Especially because it involved the son, and it’s just, like, mm-mm-mm-mm-mm why you gotta be like that? Can you not? Can you clue your son in? I’m tired. I’m tired of the secret-keeping tropes. Except I’m not /really/ that tired of it because it’s a real thing, like, parents keep secrets from their children. BAAAH, I don’t know. 🎵 Sticker time, stick-sticker time. 🎵 I just need one more. Next number, next number, next number… I choose you! I-1. That sounds like: “I won Bingo!” But, no. It’s, uh, a letter I and a number one. That sucks. I wanted to win! Okay, so I-1 is: the Chosen One trope. I know that I’ve been avoiding books that have been kind of a given for this , BUT, I haven’t shown my boy Harry some love lately, so we gonna shout! him! out! Go subscribe to his channel! Give his videos a thumbs up! And compliment him for doing what he had to do in this series! Because, boy went through it! If only fictional characters /actually/ had YouTube channels. What would Harry’s channel even look like? Time for another star! Okay, we’ve got three [four] potential lines right now: we’ve got the 1-line, we’ve got the 1-2-3-4-5-line, and then we’ve got the N-line.
[and the 4-line!] Which one’s gonna come through and make me have the best day ever? Next number! Ahhhh— /crinkling/ This one! O-3. O-3 is: the Book Loving Character trope. Honestly, I love this trope; it is a little bit on the overdone side. But a lot of the time, it’s one of the main things that kind of links me to a character and makes me relate to them. For this one, I’m gonna go [with]: A.J. Fikry, who is a bookseller in this book. And [he’s] also a full-on booklover; though, I will say that he is kind of a bit of a book-snob. And we do not appreciate that attitude in this household, no, we do not. But, he fits perfectly into the booklover trope. I love this book so much, by the way. If you’re a booklover of any sort— which, if you’re watching this video and you’re not a booklover— why are you here? I’m just kidding, you’re welcome here! Join us! Come to the land of books! It’s great and glorious and wonderful! You belong here! Here, have a book! Except, that’s my book. But, you should get this one from the library, it’s great! Oh wait, this isn’t a book recommendations video? My b! I feel like all of my videos end up being a book recommendations video. Because how can I talk about books in all shapes and sizes and not recommend some of them, ya know? I’m sure there’s a way, but I will never figure it out. Time for another sticker. Whoopah! Book Loving Character gets a star. Ze next number is going to be… You! Who are you? We’ve got O-5. O-5 is: Broken Family. This is a trope where the family is broken… Pretty self-explanatory. I feel like the family from Burned by Ellen Hopkins is pretty broken. Like, the family situation is not ideal. Also, this is a really sad book. If you wanna get all caught up in your feels, then let this book guide you to your feels. 🎵 Got another star! Putting it on the 5! 🎵 O-5. Time for the next coordinates-tes-tes-tes-tes-tes! You! O-4. O-4, that leads me to…: Star Crossed Lovers. Oh, wait! I already got a Bingo! I missed my own Bingo! 🎵 Bingo was his name-o! 🎵 I have fulfilled my Bingo duties. Unfortunately, there are no prizes in this Book Trope Bingo game of mine. But maybe I’ll just treat myself to some good ol’ classic reading time. Sounds like a grand prize to me. Alright, well that’s it for this, guys! I hope that you enjoyed this video. Let me know in the comments down below if you played along and which books you chose for each trope. And if any creators wanna do this video as well, then go ahead and do it! I obviously didn’t really come up with this idea. But again, if you wanna use my Book Trope Bingo sheet, then I will leave a link to it down below in the description. If you liked this video, be sure to go on and hit that like button. If you wanna see more bookish content from me, be sure to go and hit Subscribe or go and hit that bell icon and you’ll be notified every time I post new videos! As always, thank you guys so much for watching, I hope your day is bright and tomorrow is brighter. Keep reading what your heart desires and I will see you soon with a new video! BYEEEE-OOOO! 🎵 Bingo was his name-o
B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O— 🎵

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