Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership | Official Trailer | MasterClass

You want me to talk about
when I come home at night and my sons ask me
what I did today? I actually say, well, I had
a meeting to talk about, what are the core attributes
of a Disney princess? One of the most
important things for us, is show young women who are
empowered, is vital for us to tell stories that
better reflect the world that we’re doing business in. [MUSIC PLAYING] There’s no way that you
can achieve great gains without taking great chances. I’m going to cover a number
of subjects– leadership attributes, how to
manage creativity, how to develop a strategy. The role of humor
in the workplace is just an extraordinary
distraction. And there really is no place
for humor at the Walt Disney Company. I’m going to tell some
interesting stories about some of the biggest acquisitions the
Walt Disney Company has made. There’s a picture on
my desk of my shaking hands with Steve Jobs. That moment enabled me to say to
Steve, I got this crazy idea– we want to buy Pixar. When you create a brand,
ask yourself the question. When I put that brand
name on the product, what does it convey? If I say to you, Disney,
you know exactly what it is. There’s a feeling inside you. You immediately have a
visceral feeling about it. My greatest hope for the next
generation of business leaders is that they bring to
the job great integrity. And they achieve things that
ultimately create a better world and a future that looks
brighter than the present. I’m Bob Iger, and this
is my MasterClass. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. I do not like the choices Bob made when he deal with various properties but at the very least it makes some kind of sense.

  2. "Bob Iger teaches doctoring revenue numbers, as well as how to shoot yourself in the foot over and over again." Cant wait to watch! 😀

  3. Can't wait to learn how Bob Iger made the right calls in financing a mega franchise and guiding a producer's vision for comic books to big bucks and big screens!
    I'm also excited to learn how to con a respected director and his creative talents out of his own franchise for the hollow sake of fan appeasement!

    Okay, jokes aside, I have a lot of issues with this man, and many of the tactics he's made have only worsened over time, but c'mon, he's still a GOAT businessman who's responsible for the man responsible for the MCU, right? It'll still be worth something.

  4. Can't wait for this class! I want to know everything about how to destroy a franchise like Star Wars and put the most competent person, Kathleen Kennedy, in charge of doing so.

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