BLACK BEAR NEWS 6.15.19 Temperatures leap 40 degrees above normal as the Arctic Ocean and Greenland

greetings welcome back to black bear news where we are discussing climate change abrupt climate change and things adjacent and I just want to bring you one quick article today actually first I want to bring you this graph which has been making the rounds of Facebook was first brought to my attention from Nick Humphrey and a few I've seen a few other people post it but that's just insane if you've seen that graph it's very frightening so I want to bring you this article from The Washington Post from yesterday temperatures leap 40 degrees above normal as the Arctic Ocean and Greenland ice sheet sea record June melting and let me get into this and it may be messing with our weather that's the upshot ice is melting in unprecedented ways as summer approaches in the Arctic in recent days observations have revealed a record challenging melt event over the Greenland ice sheet while the extent of ice over the Arctic Ocean has never been this low in mid-june during the age of weather satellites Greenland saw temperatures soar up to 40 degrees above normal Wednesday while open water exists and places north of Alaska where it seldom if ever has in recent times it's another series of extreme events consists consistent with a long term trend of warming changing a warming changing Arctic said Zachary lab a climate researcher at the University of California at Irvine and the ignore m'l warmth and melting of ice in the Arctic may be messing with our weather do you think data so this is kind of another graph but it's obscured by these other surface melt kind of things here but this if you can see this blue line is what was shown in the other graph that I showed you was the red line data from the national snow and ice data center show that the Greenland ice sheet appears to have witnessed its biggest melt event so early in the season on record this week although a few other years showed similar mid-june melting the melting is big and early said Jason box and ice climatologist at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland box explained that temperatures over the Western Greenland ice sheet have been abnormally high while snow has been well below normal so here you can see this orange is the surface melt no melt which one is bigger it's a race Marco Tedesco and ice researcher at Columbia University added that it has been unusually warm in East and Central Greenland as well this is triggered widespread melting that has reached about 45% of the ice sheet normally melting this widespread over the ice sheet doesn't occur until midsummer if even then a simulation from the European Centre for medium-range weather forecasting suggested that temperatures over Greenland may have peaked at around 40 degrees above normal on Wednesday it's a lot of degrees a big dome of high pressure has positioned itself over Greenland resulting in sunny skies and mild temperatures which have enabled melting an automated weather station at the top of Greenland's ice sheet stop topped freezing on June 12th a very rare event which last occurred in July 2012 2012 is the notorious year in which Greenland ice sheet witnessed the most melting on record those monitoring the ice sheets say melting in 2019 could rival it whether in the coming months will determine how much more the ice sheet melts and whether 2019 is a record setter if high pressure holds in place we should break a new record tweeted Xavier fat Weiss a climatologist at the University of liège in Belgium I hope I'm not pronouncing that incorrectly I probably am but scientists studying the region known that uh know that Greenland's weather is highly variable and can change rapidly Mike McFerrin a great glaciologists at the University of Colorado put it this way in a tweet 2019 has been anomalous so far but also quite variable it's early in weather as weather so keep your eyes peeled here's another very scary graph Arctic sea basin or Arctic Basin sea ice so here are the last few years stragglers down here and here we are 2019 big red scary line way below the previous low ice extent weather satellites have monitored sea ice in the Arctic since 1979 and the current ice at coverage is the lowest on record from mid-june the ice extent has been especially depleted in the part of the Arctic Ocean adjacent to the Pacific Ocean it's pretty remarkable how much open water is in that area late said late explained high pressure over the Arctic has helped to pull sea ice away from the northern Alaska Alaska coast okay check this out again I'm going to show this a little bigger here is 2018 big red scary line here's 2019 whoo the green is just headed straight down again the irony of this year possibly being the year that we get a blue ocean event would not be lost on a lot of people and it could be any moment it could be this year it could be next year most definitely will be in the next few years if it isn't this year or next year sea ice loss over the Chukchi and Beaufort seas along Alaska's northern coast has been unprecedented according to Rick Toman climatologist based in Fairbanks Labe said there's sufficient open water that you could sail all the way from the Bering Strait into a narrow opening just north of Utrecht Alaska's northernmost city clear into the Beaufort Sea it's very unusual for open water this early in this location with all of that exposed water ocean temperatures in this region will rise lave said this should delay the customary fall freeze and will likely result in a historically low late summer sea ice minimum typically in mid-september whether the Arctic sea ice minimum is record-setting like the Greenland ice sheet will depend on whether in the coming months there's no indication that this year will be as low as 2012 when Arctic sea ice reached its lowest extent on record Leiva there's no indication it will be as low as 2000 okay if cloudy weather occurs it would slow down the rate of melting it's really hard to predict the extreme conditions in the Arctic which have resulted in these record challenging melt events have far-reaching implications there's a saying often repeated by Arctic researchers what happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic can credit that to Paul back with the bulging zones of high pressure in the Arctic which have facilitated the unusual warmth and intensified melting our displace in the cold air normally contained in that region into the mid latitudes like a refrigerator door left open much of the central and eastern United States have seen lower than normal temperatures in the past week with a jet stream the high altitude altitude current separating cold air and warm air has taken unusually erratic meanders the jet stream this week has one of the Krays was one of the craziest I've ever seen Jennifer Francis one of the leading researchers who has published studies connecting Arctic change and mid latitude weather wrote in an email Francis had earlier suggested that conditions in the Arctic may have played a role in the extreme jet stream pattern that spurred the tornado swarm and record flooding I think she's on to something there in the central US during the last two weeks of May we can't say that the rapid Arctic warming is causing this particular pattern but it certainly is consistent with that Frances senior scientists at Wood Woods Hole Research Center said and that is that for the for this article very frightening things happening in the Arctic right now he's paying attention the sea-ice is in very bad shape the extent is lower than ever we have a 40 degree temperature anomaly doesn't get much larger than that I guess it could get larger than that but that's pretty pretty dang large so you know hold tight keep an eye on the Arctic I know a lot of people are sending me links of climate re analyzer and showing me the jet stream and whatnot and I know it's going absolutely berserk right now that's all I have for you today thank you so much for your eyes or ears and your conscience if 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  1. Earthnull shows the arctic temps but the ice melts graphs on the national snow and ice center shows melting slowing down.

  2. I wait with trepidation for September. The state of the ice will shock the World.
    I follow Zachary Labes charts. Always stunning and easy to understand.
    Thanks Kev, keep up the good work in these terrible times. I am filled with great sadness:
    Peace and Love. x

  3. Kevin, this is one of the most disturbing articles to date, and its only mid-June. Frightening. The public should know about this, and the consequences of a BOE. Our slimy, bloodsucking, freedom molecule loving, political elites should be shouting from the rooftops about this. Instead their screaming at the top of their lungs to impeach the orange orangutan, and RUSSIA. I hope there is a special place in Hell for all of them.

    Didn’t Guy McPherson talk to an ocean scientist that said a BOE won’t happen until 2030. I would like to hear his thoughts after this article. Nick Humphries is a treasure.

    Thanks for these important updates.

  4. These incredible high temperatures points toward total Global Disaster . We can not continue to accept political leaders as ignorant as they are in the western world ! They has to be subordinated to Climate science !

  5. A large part of the reason for the drop into second place is the notable
    appearance of non-beige pixels on the Canadian+Greenland side of the
    Arctic sea ice on 14 June 2019, indicating the onset of significant
    surface melting there.";topic=2591.0;attach=123245;image

  6. The red spike sure looks like a car radiator temp guage when it runs out of water while driving through Death Valley at noon. Fortunately nothing man makes ever breaks when that sort of "Chinese Hoax" happens.

  7.;topic=2591.0;attach=123319;image Northwest Greenland image comparisons – amazing!

  8. "Greenland lost 2 billion tons of ice yesterday, which is very unusual"
     – CNN

  9. As you can see, 2019 has moved into second place on the PIOMAS volume graph." So for Overall Arctic Ice volume 2019 is officially 2nd place. For INTERIOR ice volume in the arctic – Nick Humphrey's got the good – it's the WORST by far. So add those two together.

  10. just tried going to Nick Humphrey on his facebook and Facescam shut me down with their Exclusive CIA mind Control Gambit. No thanks.

  11. stupid CIA Adblocker Censorship WaPo Paywall. I just posted the Arctic Ice Sea Forum stating the same thing with way better data. haha. By the time the WaPo prints it then it's way too late. oh well. At least it's "officially MAY BE messing with our weather." yeah May Be? We just had freezing overnight in northern Minnesota. Oops. I have promised myself it won't happen again.

  12. Wow, I haven't checked the Greenland ice melt recently. That is quite the spike. Explains the temperature dips we have been experiencing in Newfoundland. 5C and 22C. Was the (min/max) recorded on my outdoor thermometer in the past 3 days.
    That is the biggest, earliest spike I've ever seen on that websites melt graph!

  13. Sade – Cherish The Day (Official Music Video)
    US release date: September 11, 1993 interested minds can see interesting things. 14 of them.

  14. Nonsense. Always with the heat. What about freezing temperature abnormalities? Oh yea that would require honesty. Downvote for dishonest discussions.

  15. Fuck this is insane it was about 15c in England here today! Is it time to start freaking out yet? Harharhar! I feel I should clarify; a quick google search showed it was 15c in Greenland on Saturday.

  16. Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico has a heat index of 60 degrees Celsius. That's a heat index of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Reported in their paper El Imparcial today. (Sonora is the state adjacent to Arizona, for the geography-challenged.)

  17. Check it out. I made this video this morning and posted it right away. (Tree deaths in my area).

  18. Lower than normal last week in the Midwest? Try a roller coaster every week since January. Now it’s summer. Nights are still dipping into the 40’s at nite.

  19. The reports at the top say global warming and climate change is FACT. What do people need? Another video from Paul Beckwith or Going South, who happens to be seeing the melting ice first hand? Give me a break. If by now you are in denial, you are smoking some heavy denial.

  20. Growing your beard out Kevin? Something else to sit and watch happen! Keep it going, we can measure that next!

  21. I need a life….sitting around waiting for ice to melt in the arctic. Well it'll happen faster than a watched pot will boil so that's something

  22. I look at the page that graph comes from everyday during the Greenland melt season.

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