‘Between Classes’ | #SDState Podcast (Ep. 26 – Pedestrian Friendly Campus)

Hello, I’m Isabelle and I’m here with the “Between Classes” podcast. I have Toby Uecker and he’s going to tell us a little about himself and what we’re doing today. Yeah, thanks. I am Toby Uecker. I’m Associate Director for Living-Learning & Outreach in our office of Housing and Residential Life. And so what we’re doing today is we think it’s good to check out how close everything is on campus and get a sense of our residence halls and dining facilities and how everything is right there. So, on this beautiful summer day, we’re going to take a little walk and give our listeners and watchers a chance to understand how close everything really is here at SDSU and how you can catch all those pieces with one quick, little walk. Yeah, let’s go. Starting here at Larson Commons, which is one of our main dining facilities, and we’ll take you on a little tour. So what do we have here on campus for students when they’re trying to get from point A to point B, from their dorm to what’s around? Sure, absolutely. We work to group a lot of our residence halls together, so a lot of students are living real near to each other. As we walk away you can see behind us, Larson Commons has two residence halls, Binnewies and Young, that are attached right to it. And then we’ll be walking by three or four more other residence halls on our way to the Union. So, to have all of those student spaces really close together helps mean that even if you’re living in one building and a friend of yours is living in a different building, it’s still really easy to get from one to the other. Wow. Yeah. So what about classes? What is your longest walk time from your dorm to a class, maybe, even on one corner to the other corner of campus? Sure. I think it depends a lot on things like the weather and how fast a pace you’re making. If you’re trucking, you can get there a little quicker than if you’re just taking a nice walk like we are today. But I think from corner to corner, so from Binnewies where we were I would say the furthest corner is the Animal Science Complex. Even that is probably a 10 or a 12 minute walk from corner to corner. So even if you’ve got a class way over there, you can leave your hall with 15 minutes before class and be pretty sure you’re going to make it.
>>It makes those 8 a.m. classes a little bit easier. Absolutely. Now, this time of year, it’s a lot quicker and a lot nicer to take a stroll. Even if you wanted to hop on a bike or scooter, you could get there even quicker. Yeah. We’re a very bike-friendly campus and we work to be what our campus calls a walking campus. So you’ll see as we take this walk there’s not cars and parking and streets to cross and all that sort of stuff. This is a pedestrian boulevard.
You get to walk the whole way. What a nice thing about this campus. Yeah. So what other, outside of classes, what other buildings are close enough for students to walk to? Sure. So where we’re headed is actually the University Student Union. It has tons of student engagement opportunities. It has a lot of our dining facilities. A lot of the student leadership stuff is there. So that is right across the sidewalk from some of our halls or, at it furthest that we’re doing right now, is a few minutes walk from one of our other halls. So that’s right there. We also have the Wellness Center that’s very close if you want to take a walk to go take exercise you can do that. If you want to use any of our medical or counseling services those are all in that same Wellness Center. Attached to the Wellness Center is also Frost Arena, and our athletic facilities there. So if you want to go see the Jackrabbit basketball team or volleyball team or any or any of those.
>>Game nights or game weekends Exactly. For big weekends you’re right there close to those as well. Awesome. We have Honors Hall that we’re just passing right here. That actually has a classroom in it. So some of our facilities you might even be taking a class in the building you’re living in. Wow. Yeah. What a great perk. I know the Union is like the center of campus. It’s the place where most students spend a lot of their time. What things are in the Union that students can walk so close to? Sure. I think the things that are really important in the Union are a lot of dining services. You’ve got The Market. You’ve got Chick-fil-a, Panda Express and Extreme Pita — a lot of places where you can get food. You’ve got a coffee shop in Einstein Bros. Bagels. And then you’ve got, like I said a little earlier, your student leadership pieces. Our Students’ Association Senate has an office in the Union. Multicultural Affairs has an office in the Union. The Collegian, KSDJ radio, so really if you want to be involved on campus a great hub to start is our Student Union. The center of it all. Absolutely. Wonderful. It seems like everything here is so close that students don’t have to worry about getting from point A to B. It’s just a couple minutes of a walk and they can really focus on being a full-time student. Absolutely. And you’ll see this kind of thing happening on campus too. We’ll be having a nice conversation as you walk from point A to point B. It means you get to interact a little bit with your friends, have a friend that’s going to class with you say, “Hey, let’s go grab dinner.” And you’re from your residence hall to the Union right away. It’s just that easy. Yeah. Well, here we are. Let’s go check out the Union while we’re here. Sounds good. Thanks. Thanks, Toby.

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