Bethan Rogoyski | FindAPhD Postgrad Awards winner | PhD student of the year

I was excited to have been nominated, and I was even more excited to have been shortlisted, and to have actually won – it’s not really really sunk in yet. Obviously it’s such an honour to have been chosen from so many amazing students. We all do what we do because we love it, to receive recognition for it is really amazing. I’m so grateful to my colleagues for supporting me, and to Con for nominating me – just thrilled, so excited! I’ve been really lucky in my PhD that I’ve had such a supportive supervisor, whose allowed me to take the range of experiences I’ve not just focused on research. My PhD focuses on the idea that we already have so many medicines in our hospitals, in our pharmacies, in the formularies that work in a way that suggests that they may also be useful against certain cancers and the cancer that I work on which is asbestos-related cancer; mesothelioma currently doesn’t have any good treatment options, and it’s on the increase, so more and more people are getting diagnosed year on year, but there’s still no treatment. So my project looks at the idea that we can take these drugs that look like they might work for a cancer like mesothelioma and then very quickly get them into clinic as they’ve been through clinical trials, so it’s much quicker, much cheaper to get them into clinic, and hopefully we can then provide either a preventative medicine, or some sort of treatment for these people that are waiting for something. That’s the outline of my project. So far we’ve identified one or two drugs that look really promising and hopefully we’ll be able to take those forward and make a difference to these people.

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