Best Pre Marriage Course Of 2018 That You Can Take Online

Hey guys, John here from defeating divorce
and in this video we’ll discuss the best pre marriage course you can take online. If you’re new to the channel then welcome. If you haven’t subscribed already, be sure
to hit the subscribe button for more helpful content about strengthening relationships. Before we start the video, i just want to
quickly address some of the questions that you may have regarding a marriage preparation
course. So perhaps one of the questions you have is
‘why take a marriage preparation course’? This opportunity allows you to get into your
spouse’s mind and see the world from their perspective. Putting in the time to really discover and
understand these ideas can really determine the success of your marriage. What are the Benefits of a pre marriage course? A pre marriage course really helps you and
your spouse to prepare for potential changes and challenges that come along with marriage,
as well as gain awareness about potential conflict areas. Often times the biggest challenges in a marriage,
such as arguing about finances, are symptoms of a deeper struggle. A marriage preparation course can help you
to uncover what the actual root of the issue is and ultimately avoid these issues down
the road. This is typically done through role playing,
discussions, writing activities, and through other means as well What kinds of topics are covered in a marriage
preparation course? Courses generally offer helpful information
about the tools and skill to manage individual, couple, and family goals. Topics can include conflict and conflict resolution,
parenting, sex, emotions, communication, family life, and more So, what exactly is the best online marriage
preparation course? The one that stands out from the others in
terms of overall helpfulness and value is one offered by Meaningful Relationship. Now let’s discuss why Meaningful Relationships
has the best pre marriage course on the market! First, this course offers 10+ high quality
and powerful lessons that prepares couples for tying the knot and married life. Second, this course was created by spouses
Al and Nita Andrews who collectively have 40+ years of counseling experience. In the course, they will guide you through
8 crucial pre marriage conversations. Third, Al and Nita are so confident in the
effectiveness of this course they offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee And lastly, this course lets you watch the
first video for free! I cannot say enough good things about the
quality of this course and I recommend it to anyone who is engaged. If you and your partner are looking for a
great, affordable pre marriage course with a proven track record then I highly recommend
checking out this one. You can get the best price on this course
by going to So that about wraps it up for this video! If you have any questions, be sure to leave
them below, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Again my name is John and thank you so much
for watching. I’ll see you in the next one.

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