1. I have been hypnotized it feels like you are drunk and taking suggestions and you are just like whatever bro fuck it. whole body is numb.

  2. I was hypnotized last year at my school too but our guy made us milk cows and made me think my name was Ralph……I'm a girl😂

  3. Good clean show with lots of classic routines.

    I would've shortened the induction to get the show going in addition to adding more variety to the re-induction as opposed to just waving the hand.

    Maybe sleep gun, Hypnotic finger, hand push, hand shake interrupt, etc – making the inductions into their own comedy skit for the audience to enjoy 🙂

  4. After watching 100 of Hypnosis videos on Youtube and reading tons of articles about Hypnotism available at internet (Including Wikipedia); I have come to the conclusion that Hypnotism is Bull-Shit !!!

  5. I was just searching for videos and saw this. Just realized that I know the girl at the end to the right hahah

  6. He should have pulled he kids that were faking cause there was obviously 2 or 3 and by pulling them it makes the show look a lot better.

  7. Why is it necessary to be zoomed in the whole time…. you only kept it on one side purity much through the entire video.

  8. dude should have told them that they will remember once they sit back in their seats in the crowd, not when they leave… chris jones did it

  9. Me and my cousin’s were watching some hypnosis and then one of us fell asleep then when woke up she kept saying “(me) is my master” and whatever I told her to do she did it I told her to act like a baby for the rest of the day and when I would say poop she would poop in her pants and then hypnotized me to watch her favorite movies for the rest of the day even tho I like it she made me stop then I hypnotized her again this time it was forever so for every time when I count to 6 she would act like a 6 year old. When I say Olaf she watch frozen

  10. @ around 49:55
    your hear this dude going
    "what if one of them trips and they actually fall in slow motion"
    If this is not the most accurate representation of me and my friends, then I don't know what is

  11. Nobody in this comment section is discussing the 6th girl from the left in the leather jacket. Her legs😍 very anime

  12. I've watched three of these back to back … it is fascinating. All the hypnotists LOVE that they are high school kids … they even say it "I love high school kids" … I think, no I wonder if their susceptibility has anything to do with their undeveloped brains? The human brain isn't fully developed until the mid-20s and later. I also wonder if this might have something to do with how quickly our teens fall for peer pressure, the reason or one of the reasons they do the stupidest crap at that age (not judging, I was a teen 234 years ago) …. just makes me think.

  13. whats the point of faking… thats cringe. redhead girl with glasses and the guy right of her faked the whole session.+the guy in red tshirt

  14. It was rather difficult making out what the hypnotist was saying and it was impossible to hear anything when the boys sitting around the camera kept talking to each other. The camera person needed to be isolated from the crowd.

  15. Maroon sweatshirt girl is faking!!! Theres always one that fakes it and completely ruins it. I fucking hate them . Stupid ginger bitch

  16. Whats reallly funny is the faker in maroon shirt probably thinks they were all faking it like her not having a clue about hypnosis

  17. I think this hypnotist is a dirty bird, exposing his cock and ass scenario, and the pat on the ass bit towards the end. Maybe my minds in the gutter, highly possible, but I think he was experiencing imaginative internal self pleasure.

  18. Ok first what happened to the guy with the tape off his face, second the guy with tape on his face and the girl to his left would make a cure couple, third the guy next to the blond is cute and the guys in the hat too.

  19. Speed it up. Just say allow all the sounds around you, the sounds of my voice, and even the sounds inside your own head cause you to relax more and more.

  20. what a couple of clowns,he knew that the red headed step child was just there not participating,but participating the wrong way, just looking like a fool.he even commented and made a couple jokes on them and they didn't even noticed it.well they do say if you're stupid it won't work.i guess that part is true…they think that they are that good,scratching looking around and wide awake.lmao when he tells her to count,she's so dumb that she didn't even know how to count the wrong way purposely…wow…lmao big time

  21. The boy and girl on the far right would be a cute couple and the two next to them would be too!

    Just me……..

  22. I do believe the girl in the maroon sweatshirt is not hypnotized. If she is it's very light and not to the extent of the others. She's too aware of others around her and how they are acting.

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