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[Music] You Idiot! It’s 7AM, wake up! We are getting late for the school. Quickly wake up..! Let me sleep for 5-10 minutes more Stay like this, huh! When mom will be here, she gonna deal with you [Music] You Idiot! It’s 8AM Don’t you wanna go to school!…..Wake up Please wait, let me sleep for 5-10 minutes more Are you mad? Wake up quickly..! Otherwise I gonna complaint to mom… Are you mad ? I don’t know from where you became my sister Such a Witch! You idiot…From where you became my brother ! You failed 5 times and now we are in same class You have ashamed us in the whole school Such a dog you are! [Laughter] Listen..! I am in same class for 5 years..It’s you who came in my class Witch! Let me sleep now..! [Music] Dog! You haven’t woke up yet..? Idiot, you mice, run from here Mom will beat you Forget mom, let me hit you first Wake up! [Music] Aditi! [Music] Come fast! We are getting late… [Music] Your brother is not coming today? He won’t come, he is still sleeping Let us leave..Mom will beat him Hey! Why won’t I come? I woke up at 6AM and got ready But I always got late because this idiot Today, You looking smart Thank you…! You too looking smart today..!! hehehehe.. Thank you but why are you laughing so much Look down.. Heheheheh..! [Music] Let us leave… He will take one hour to get ready now…. First he will find his trouser… then gonna press it Let us go… [Music] Damn, they left me I am already getting late [Music] [School bell] [Music] So this is our constitution It took 2 years 11 months 18 days to create this I am writing on black board, you guys note it from there So wrote it…Hey where are you going? Sir I want to pee so badly…I am going to pee Who took bag with him to pee?….Sit on the seat! [Music] Wait, let me fix you sir, he just came in class No, he was going out….I kept him inside No sir, he just came If you don’t believe me, just ask him what you just taught us Yeah, you stand up Tell me what I taught you guys Umm, sir you taught us that..umm You will arrange a trip for us of the whole India tour for 2 years 11 months 18 days And will say whole constitution to us Amazing Come here [Music] Get out! Huh, I am monitor of this class, and my brother is totally trash [Music] Hey dog! Stop [Music] you guy bunking the lecture It’s none of your business..Either I bunk the class or not Don’t mess with me You just come to home
I will made you beat by mom any how I don’t afraid of anyone…Tell anyone whom you want to Hey, let’s go for bunk okay fine Sunita! Why you bring us to Pochinki Revive me fast!…I got killed, oh god Mom, today pankaj was on bunk you were on bunk? mom, she is lying..I don’t even know what is bunk Such a liar! Mom he is lying Mom, she was asking for Rs 5 in school But when I denied to gave She said she will put false arguments to mom and make you beat Is he right? No mom, he is lying Mom if you don’t believe me then call any of my friend and recheck it! Wait, let me call your friend Hello monty? Hello Aunty Where were you today? we were in school aunty, where else we could go you got it mom? Leave it mom, don’t beat her now…Give me food If you gonna do this stupid act one again in future.. I won’t leave you, got it? Don’t you dare to say any stupid thing about me Got it? Now leave…….. Witch! I won’t leave you! [School bell] I am going again on bunk today to watch a movie with my friend Go inform this to mom just like yesterday Get aside..! Oh really? You got safe yesterday But today you won’t be safe Go..! [Music] Sir, can I take your phone for 2 minutes? It’s really urgent to make a call at home as per ma’am Okay Thank you sir hello
hello mom There was an accident happened with brother..Please come fast quick sir, thank you..! Where is pankaj? Hello Aunty Hello, where is pankaj? how he met with an accident? Pankaj haven’t come to school today He has gone to watch movie with his friends to watch movie? yes Okay fine…cool [Music] Mom I am hungry..Please give me food [Music] Give me side, you idiot! Mom give me food, I am very hungry So, You studied well today? yes mom, I studied so much today…So much tired now by the way, in which movie hall you went to study? in movie hall? yes in hall! I went to your school today I came to know that you bunk your lectures Go bring the stick [Music] [Romantic Music] You studying? Yes, do you wanna join in? No I actually want to tell you something yes,…tell me.. I like you so much….Will you be my girlfriend? Oh really? I need some time to think upon this Okay…Done…. Done…. From now onwards, I am your girlfriend Thank you And I am your boyfriend Yay! Let’s go together…Let’s go… You know, my sister caught my bunk activities But atleast now I can roam around with you with a reason [Romantic Music] Dude, What’s this going on? Nothing, I was just asking for homework Ah really? Just give me Rs 100, Otherwise I will tell mom about this homework are you mad? Are you mad, I was just asking homework from her Are you giving me quickly? or should I discuss it with mom Quick Hold it! Go now [Music] Here is your Rs 20 Here are my Rs 20 Here is your Rs 20 Here are my Rs 20 Here is your Rs 10 Here are my Rs 10 Hahaha…You fooling your brother correctly Leave him! Now again in school tomorrow Done But next time we will do same with my brother Sure ! Okay bye [Music] Tell me one thing..From where you get all these money? Dad only give you Rs 10 as pocket money but you still able to give me Rs 100 daily I don’t live on Dad’s money This is my own money You know, you have a piggy bank [Music] [Intense Music] Hey..! Dude, the son of principal is standing and you dare to sit?…Get out from here why don’t you swing with me too..! Hey..! How dare you to make me fall down! You know my father is principal of this school I can rusticate you and your brother from this school Get out from here Let’s go.. [Intense Music] [Emotional Music] What happened Just tell me what happened What happened [Emotional Music] [Intense Music] Brother , why you beated him? He is a punk and son of principal as well If someone dares to tease any sister Then I don’t care if he is punk or son of anyone He will be beaten like this [Emotional Music] Principal sir calling both of you in his room
Go quickly [Emotional Music] [Intense Music] How dare you to touch my son! Don’t you know whose son is he? I rusticated both of you from this school Go and take your admissions in another school Sir don’t shout at us I used to respect you earlier alot but after knowing What your son did today, you still supporting him? You should be ashamed He teased my sister And If he did same with any other girl I will beat him the same And if we talk about our rustication Not me, but no one else would like to study in such school where there is no respect give to girls Also, where there is principal like you [Emotional Music] Hey guy! How was the video! Do let us know in comment section Hit like on this video And don’t forget to share And guys! Do subscribe to our channel BakLol Video
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  4. Bhai !jab aap ko sister utha kr aai thi tab aap bilkul seedhay soy huaye thae mgr jab sister ke hath me roti thi tb brother ulta so raha tha

  5. इसकी मम्मी तो ऐसी दिखती इसकी बहन हो वैसी

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