Back to School Bus Beast?! SuperHeroKids

– First day at school! Ahhh! – Watch out, watch out, watch out. Ahhh! – I want the chips, I want the chips. I gotta get. – I need this box. – I want, hey, you took all of them! – I’ve got my lunch. Mmmmm. – I really get, I gotta go, come on. Run and fun. Come on. Whoa. – My books! – My food! – Okay. We got our lunch and our backpack. I’m so ready for the first day of school. – Me too. I’m gonna have so many video ideas. – And I’m gonna trade
snacks with everybody. It’s gonna be an awesome snack feast. – The bus should be coming
for pretty soon. – Awesome. I can’t wait to ride
the bus with you, Hope. – You’re not riding the
bus with me, are you? – Yea. It’s gonna be great. We can make friendship bracelets. We’re gonna paint nails. We’re gonna sing songs. We’re gonna watch each other make jokes. (screeching) We’re gonna watch movies. We could wear matching hats. Let me go get them. Everybody’s gonna know
we’re gonna be best friends. – (sighs loudly) Eden, Noah cannot ride the bus with me. – Why? – Why? Because he’s gonna embarrass
me in front of all my friends. _ No, he won’t. – Hey guys, look. I’m Mr. Cup Butt. Cup Butt, cup butt, cup butt,
cup butt, cup butt, cup butt. – Well, maybe he will. Good luck. – (cries loudly) – We look awesome in these matching hats. (piano music) – Uh, that’s awesome Noah, but did you know that there’s
a beast loose on the bus? – A beast? What do you mean a beast? – Uh. Well, what I mean is that
there’s a beast on the bus. It’s called, “The Back to School Beast.” What it does is it invites
the new kids on the bus, and it gobbles them up. – (Gasps) Gobbles them up? Then what happens? – No one really knows. But I’m sure you’ll be fine. Good luck. (dramatic music) – Uh. Uh. – Yes! It worked. – I don’t think that
was the best idea, Hope. – What could possibly go wrong? (glass shattering) What was that? – I think that’s the sound of your idea going horribly wrong. (upbeat music) – (Congregation) Noah, what are you doing? – I’m building a protective fort so the “Back to School
Beast” won’t gobble us up. – But how are we gonna get to school? – Well, if the bus is the
only way to get there, (dramatic music) we won’t be going to school. – Won’t be going to school? – Let’s go use the back door. Quick! (dramatic music) – (gasps) – Side door! (dramatic music) Chimney! (dramatic music) – We won’t risk it! – No. Noah! – Hope, you have to tell Noah the truth. – No, then he’ll want to ride
on the bus with me again. We can get pass these. It’s just Noah. Come on. Noah. – Hey guys. (air whooshing) – Ahhh. (dramatic music) Hope, is it just me or is it
getting really hot in here? – You’re right. It is getting really, really (flame crackles) hot. Ahhh. (item bangs) (Gasps) What was that? (toy shooting) – He has the Nerf torrent! (toy shooting) – Wait, come here! (toy shooting) Okay, okay, Noah. The “Back to School Beast” isn’t real. – It’s not? – No, it’s fake. I just said that so you wouldn’t
embarrass me on the bus. I’m sorry. – Well, it’s okay. I was being a little annoying. I won’t sit with you. – Well, actually, I
want you to sit with me. – (gasps) Really? – Yea. Who else has a little brother
that can run at super speed, and build a fort in two seconds? Nothing’s cooler than that. (Tires screeching) – (Congregation) The school bus! – I made shortcuts under here. (beast roaring) – (Congregation) The beast is real! Ahh! – (beast roaring) – We are doing an awesome, limited edition Back to School power pack. – Make sure you click the link
down below to check it out. – There are some of our awesome
SuperHeroKids hats in them. – And our awesome power ring. – And a bunch of other cool stuff, too. – Click right here to see another video. See you there! (upbeat music)

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