1. Psychobabble🤡feminists think sporadic Guns👮Tazers-Clubs are superior to 25-7 Father's 'rule of thumb' & 'spare the rod, spoil the child' that built civilization.

  2. It’s shocking how I go there everyday and then…a stupid ass kid try’s to ruin our lives with his- ok I’ll stop bye

  3. Well it’s South LA. this happens daily on the streets, but since it involves a school, lets make a big deal for our ratings and media agenda

  4. Kids commenting this is your school. Please be grateful that you are alive and please be grateful to your teachers and all students. Be grateful for everything you have in life🙏

  5. Dios mio mi hija y mi sobrino estan en esta escuela Vendito dios señor grasias ala policia por prevenir este dia k se hubiera convertido en una trajedia.

  6. I hate the thought of a 13 yo ruining his life, we all have done stupid things when 13 hell we do stupid things at 18. Your brain isn't fully developed until the early 20s

  7. Hey this is class of 2017 I am in 10th grade and had to dealt with this middle school it’s a good school well before this but honestly that campus has its ups and downs a lot including teachers quitting :/ you guys are young heck I am too but like just be careful and seek out for help or anything take care 💖

  8. If those students hadn’t reported what they had heard… 💔 yes! “If you hear something, say something.” That’s what anyone should do.

  9. Where was the rifle? You just said you searched the residence. Was it under the kids bed or was it in the parents gun safe? That seems like an important detail to leave out.

  10. I am registered at this school. I was in my school when the shooting was gonna happen. When I heard about the news and the shooting, I was so scared. When they arrested him I still felt shocked because you see these things on the news and you never think that its gonna happen to you. I still feel a little shocked about it. But I'm happy that they arrested him.

  11. FINALLY!!!! These kids are reporting these incidents for they take place…
    It is not snitching… it is, protecting your life and saving others…
    ALWAYS do the right thing…

  12. There needs to be a reason that this is happening more frequently since Trumps election there have been more acts of violence especially shootings and school shootings this is an Epidemic and needs to be addressed prior to problems arising!! Maybe gun education like drunk driving or drugs or sex are addressed? Or maybe that is the Problem that these things are NOT being addressed or educated at all.

  13. I was substitute teaching at the school next door, New Designs Charter. We went on lock down for a bit just to be on the safe side.

  14. But I thought all AR-15s in CA had to have:

    1. a fixed magazine that only holds 10 rounds, that has to be reloaded by separating the upper and lower receivers.

    2. a really stupid grip that you can't put your thumb around (because really basic ergonomics are evil, I guess), that probably helps to make it MORE likely you hit an innocent bystander, should you ever need one for self-defense.

    3. a really stupid stock that can't be adjusted (because having an adjustable stock somehow makes the gun more dangerous?).

    4. a gun safe that requires a DNA sample, and you typing in your mother's maiden name, backwards …while hopping on one leg and trying to bite your left elbow …that will also only open if you've scheduled an appointment at a local range (if someone breaks into your house, you must rely on Hulk-strength to just rip the safe out of the floor and beat them to death with it, apparently).

    5. No "flash hiders", yet compensators and muzzle breaks are fine (LOL!!!)


    Seems to me, either CA legislators and law enforcement don't actually believe all their BS gun laws that target rifles, work …or it was a slow news day? I mean they've "gimped" semi-auto rifles so badly there, that they should come with a F&[email protected] wheelchair, afterall.

    My totally-legal AR in Nevada, would be like 4 separate felonies next door in Commiefornia. It must be broken though, because we've had it for several years, and it still hasn't killed anyone yet, even though I've been fairly angry at a few people during that time …weird how that works.

    Here's a "common sense" (since I hear that term used so much, when proposing draconian measures) solution:

    If some psycho kid with crappy parents makes a threat to kill a bunch of people, and has maps/other stuff that shows he was actually preparing to take action, then lock him up. Stop punishing the other 80,000,000 gun owners in this country that aren't a problem, because we're getting sick of the whole police-state routine.

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