APR 2: 6) Registering for Classes

On the day of registration, you and other
students will select and register for classes. Because there will be so many other students
vying for the spot you have your eyes on, it is best to plan ahead. Before registration day, be sure to have your
course plan set with the classes you want to register for. On that day, under the course description
in the left panel, you will see a button that says “Register”. When you are ready, click on the button to
register for the class you want and wait – please be patient as many other students will be
on the system at the same time. After a short while, the class will change
from yellow to green in the calendar confirming your registration. Continue registering for courses until you have a total
of four classes registered for. If you have an FYP, you will register
for three classes on this day. If did not succeed in registering in your
desired class, don’t worry! Continue with your course choices until you
have a total of four classes. Remember that you will have many more semesters
at St. Lawrence to take the classes you are interested in. Discuss with your advisor if you have any
questions or concerns about classes.

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