Another Book I Made as a Kid

So I was cleaning my room the other day, and I found this book behind one of my drawers. Like, all the way in the back. It’s probably been there for years. I had completely forgotten all about it. But as soon as I saw it, I had all these repressed memories come rushing back. Ahhhh… This would make a good video… This is one of those books you make in grade school and you get it made into a real book so your family can buy copies. I’ve already made a video about a book I made in fourth grade, but this is a book I made in second grade. And it’s not one where we got to write a whole story with action, suspense, and kidney failures, no. We only had to write one page and draw a picture. Yeah, you’d think I wouldn’t mess this up, wouldn’t you. But here we go. The book was called, “Our Gift to the World”, and it had a picture of everyone in the class on the cover. And, interestingly enough, here’s itty-bitty TJ right here. My twin sister, Faith, from the Preparatory School video is here, and even Wesley from the first video is here. So, can you guess who I am? Let’s remove some of the obvious ones. I’m this one! Okay… I know I’m not the only one with an embarrassing photo, but come on. I’m not even smiling. Ughhh… and it only gets worse. Everyone had to write their gift to the world. What they would do to make the world a better place. Here’s what most pages looked like. And here’s what TJ wrote: “My gift to the world would be peace. I would babysit everyone’s baby. For the lord has said, ‘let there be peace’. I would also do their chores.” *Laughter* Also, what is going on in your picture? I think that’s a person? And is that the sun? And who would let a second grader babysit their baby? Okay, so everyone’s talking about peace and homeless people and stuff, and here’s how second grade James would do good in the world. What will you give to the world? I would be a troop of a war. Yeah, I’d kill people. That’s how I’d help. I can also bring food for a war. I can even risk my life for another troop. I can be a nurse to help others. But the best part of all of this… is the picture. Here is what I drew, and here is what Faith drew. Obviously, you can see who’s the more artistic one in the family. Now let me try to explain what’s going on in this picture. Because… if the teacher knew what I actually drew, she would have definitely called my parents. So, I drew my people in a very weird way back then. I had a circle, face, then I added arms, and legs, and hair. Boom! Ssssso… The good guys are colored in red. And the bad guys are the orange, purple, and yellow ones. The red guys are standing back to back. …Killing everyone. This guy is holding a sword! …For some reason. And this guy is holding a gun. And it shoots three bullets. And if we look at where the bullets are going, we see one shooting a purple guy, an orange guy hiding in a tree, and a yellow guy, who is very dead. I think. And at the bottom of the tree, there’s a crocodile, and the purple, yellow, and orange guys are trying to climb up the tree to get away. But the branch is falling. So he’s sad. ‘Cause he’s going to die. Up here, we have some birds. These black lines are birds. Because we all know, birds are just really long M’s. So these birds we see are dropping the bad guys. And I guess these three birds are carrying the bad guys away? And you know how everyone draws a sun in the corner of the page? Well, I did. …But the sun is actually eating the bad guys. Which is a very sad way to die, if you ask me, getting eaten by the sun. And I remember, even as a second grader, being super embarrassed when the teacher read it out to the class. So I guess when I brought it home, I hid it behind my drawer so I’d never have to see it again. Except my grandparents got copies.


  1. I love making books.
    I’m making 1 now called: big book of skin ideas (and brawler ideas😀)

    0:33 fun fact: I’m making a book and I’m in 8th grade, and 11 years old

  2. #fanmail
    Dear James Rallison
    I'm a fan of your videos though I Never thought that 2nd grade James would want to join the military, Am I the only one who finds that interesting or what? Though seeing Theodd1sout doing Army things would be kind of surprising. James if you're reading this I have but one Question How do you think you would do if you really were in the US ARMY like jumping out of planes and shooting terrorists for example it would mean you have to give some things up like gaming and being a Youtuber, but if you still want to join the army that's fine by me, but I do hope you can make it to end of Youtube but if you don't want to it nobody's forcing you but I'm only offering an idea for you. So in conclusion. if you EVER wanted to join the army I'm not sure what your family would say but I hope their cool with the idea if so that's fine and if not that's also fine. I hope you're doing good thank you for taking the time out of your day for reading this LONG comment James. please respond ASAP, Wear you're seatbelt and have a great day.
    Just a fan and one of your subscribers, The Gaming Railfan.

    P.S Are you gonna make a video about this message?

  3. James: "So can you guess who I am?"
    Me: "That one."
    James: "Im this one!"
    Me: "Yes! I got it God damn right!"
    Like if you got it right too. 👍

  4. In another video James and Jaden animations remakes the picture he drew in the 2nd grade book to the world. The title of this video was "Redrawing art we made as kids with Jaden Animations"

  5. Have you even seen a comment and said to yourself, “ I wish I wrote that”


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    Edit 3: 43 omg plz stop lol

    Edit 4: 51…. dang thanks👌🏻

  6. I made one of these books and my story was…. 20 pages (even though we had to write one) and the page i put in was a girl being hung upside down from a ceiling fan while almost being hit by a baseball bat.

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