american versus british university – what's the difference??? (with evan edinger)

hello everyone and welcome back to my youtube channel today I am joined by a very special guest can you even believe it well there we go making puns in my room I hated that and today we are going to be spilling the university this time on American uni well can't believe it I'm excited we call the college's first of all hold your horses sir my very first question is what does college mean to you is it the same identity anxiety College is just where you go after high school right so is it the equipment of university OTS college and university are synonymous mostly in American vernacular the only difference is if you really want to get specific universities have colleges in them oh I went to Rowan University and I went to the math department which was like the College of math so it's kind of like the individual departments of colleges within a big butt you still say you went to college I see for me college was like 6 1 which is the bit before University post high skids yeah so like senior year I guess no I mean the only difference really was that 6 long we didn't have to wear uniform that's you know we don't want uniforms therefore the only place I ever to wear a uniform was Pizza Hut weird flex but ok my next question and this is such a big one that I think anyone who's ever watched an American film probably has this question is what on earth is a frat party the frat parties are just places to get drunk illegally basically yeah because you guys can't drink when you're at college so the only way to drink is to go to a frat party where you kind of pay dues you're in a brotherhood and they provide you with alcohol illegally now they're always like no mr. officer no only 21 year olds drink here but they have loads of parties with underage people on their fats that drink and they have a lot of girls around and they you know from uh sororities and they do the jingle jangle sing at these parties do you want you to know I've never been do I look like the type of guy that goes to a frat party I made YouTube videos when I started University I was in my room all the time because you're lying you might soul Souls Mike heard a lot because I went to one of the biggest France rules in the US so like they were always getting busted by cops so like yeah they happens it's what you see in films oh yeah so then my next question is do people really drink from rent so no cops all time yes I mean I did that not going to university you have a party in your garage you invite friends over you friggin Solo cups I could see like there just fine a Walmart you dollar-fifty get you like 100 cups come on Butthead that like a novelty I think because they are they're actually kind of expensive fine you can buy them in that packs of eight they're the cheapest things to like literally Walmart gives them away for free this is American cultural appropriation what you have the Red Solo cups hmm do you play beer pong I played many games because in my head like they're for me such an American thing I feel like it's what only because the drinking culture in the u.s. is so juvenile because we're not allowed to do it right so it's more like oh we have to play games and get really drunk well you can't just let's hang out with friends to pub yeah and have a legal drink I don't know I love a drinking game but they're more about like how drunk can you possibly get like we wouldn't have time a bit when you go to university mhm or college is it a common thing to move very very far away from home it really depends on how much money you come from or if that's possible but most people yeah they want to go somewhere that's not too far from their family but far enough to feel like they're their own person ayuh literally went to university that was 15 minutes down the road I did live on campus though because I wanted that the feeling of being a like at campus you know yeah but most people that I know that went to university from my high school they all went to universities within like the tri-state area so Jersey Pennsylvania or New York so that's what that means there's like 4 tri states in the US but definitely the best one is you know this is a real education in the UK I think most people tend to go further away from home well everywhere did you any observe which Gary far so that's like three listen here sir not a fan of it are I boots University like 350 miles away from where I live which in UK terms is far Machine American says I hope you like 15 minutes down the road that'd be like if I went to university at New York so you could be still didn't put me in your same state but be not far away California yes there are like Ivy League schools which are superior that's one then there's like specific schools that are really good at certain things so no one knows where I went wrong University what the heck is that but if you go to engineering engineering it's very well know I see what is the Ivy League avaible top universities is a funding group it's one of those olds it's just the old-school universities right we're their first there are very rich they're very affluent they're also very hard to get into see in the UK like the Russell Group I suppose it's almost like it occurred about that but it's different because the Russell Group is actually just a research group and a funding group Durham University even though it's the third oldest university in the UK was only admitted to the Russell Group in 2012 you can be admitted yeah it's like it's like because you can't be an Ivy Leaguers Ivy League there is no like applying no it's like now this is a boys only club type of thing okay see ya likes it Andrews for example which is one of the top universities in the UK that's where Prince William and Kate met oh that's not in the Russell Group I'm just so weird so it don't like I think a lot of people in the UK think that the Russell Group like the top top universities but it's actually not the case so yeah that's that myth busted so what is majoring in minoring so my major was mathematics if you want a minor that's where you basically done like 75% of the coursework for a different degree and so you are like well I did so much of it you kind of get an award to be like oh okay so we learned it so it works hand in hand if you're studying physics you can very easily get a minor in math if you're doing foreign language you can get one in specifically Spanish or maybe French just get a minor than that so we have you you apply to university to do one subject and one subject so you need there is a thing called I hate that so sound on is where you can do multiple it's just because our first two years of uni or all courses that you're with everyone with yes they deal with math but I took Western civilization's one and two ethics sociology psychology intro to piano you know Wow besides the piano one all those are mandatory courses oh it's in order to graduate u.s. University you have to take first of all you have to take English 101 along one or two you have to take a public speaking course an ethics course sociology psychology and Western since those are mandatory you have to learn those to graduate all jokes like today exist on either we have cool people are they always the most popular people and the cheerleaders like the cheerleaders and the jocks in my head it is a real thing that's thought to you anyone that's in a sport in university doesn't need to get really good grades why they're doing really well most of them have a full ride to do the sport so they have all the touching pain – especially kiss football is such a huge thing in the u.s. right if you do if you're really good at football in high school you'll get poached from universities who are like yeah yes you can come to our schools you'll pay the way as long as you're gonna see and yeah I guess they're cool I didn't really hang out with many jobs as you could tell from my disposition I was assuming you want one so then the other thing that I wanted to know does this really exists is glee club do people just sing everywhere in US universities in schools I mean I was in the drama club so when you're in the canteen would you be sitting there just I need start like I'm tapping and then everyone else would join along and you said you know what I think it'd be nice don't there were people like that I'm not dancing but there were those type of people where you're trying to eat Noble stop it nobody wants to hear this this is embarassing encryption if glee club wasn't real that would be Harper you mean what happens when you graduate like so what is is there like a ceremony what do you wear everyone has to pay then get their cap and gown and you can design your cap however you want and my second thing we can do that oh why not that's the hole you're supposed to have a personalized cap at my university we don't even get caps so my next question is how are you graded so we have in the UK the system is like if you get 70% you got 1st if you get 60% you get a 2:1 if you get 50% you get two to 40% is a thirds and anything below 14 is like okay I feel like if I was hiring someone and I was like how'd you do they were like I got about one at a number to write 50% but you can't work here 50% of my orders right I don't think so in the UK as well you said 70% or above is a first yeah sometime not the lowest you're allowed to get to pass in the u.s. if you get a 69 you fail the way that it was explained to me is that if you get like 80 then it's publishable like that means that's going in academia then my master's degree in the UK I really had to study differently for the UK system okay so my last question mm-hmm is do you have freshers week does freshers week exist no because we can't drink there isn't really a freshers week when I moved here as a master student I went to my first freshers week yeah and I was like horrified 23 year olds guy doing freshers yes I was horrified British students really know how to they get wasted on everything Multi matchable when you get into university here I think the first thing you think about is like freshers week is going to be the best week of my life and I would say people don't expect it to be because it's like the first week you're at University will not be the most comfortable one for you know it you know anyone that's know scary like that's why we get drunk almost every week after that we'll be better one thing that someone said to me which I've never really considered before is the freshers week literally exists to distract you from the fact that you've just moved away so they call all these huge parties and you're busy all day every day like at my university we I hardly went in my room during freshers week aside from to sleep because we were just busy the whole time thing to be fair yeah it's just not drinking much loads of like we got Kesha here is just before a song for you yeah we just had like Tinchy Stryder and the Chocolate Brothers chuckle brothers your British icon so yeah I think one of them died they say they did I'm gonna slide in for the Lost how does funding work because any oh my god it's such a good question there's a lot of different scholarships that you have to apply for and write like long essays and then you're also writing these essays against all these other people and only one person gets picked and you get like a thousand dollars off your $20,000 tuition for one yet well if you had a cheap school we have my school was very cheap and it was 12,000 and that's not including accommodation so every student gets it from us fed loans which is like the u.s. subsidized right and they give you the money at a 7% interest rate which is debilitating there's people that have been paying their loans every single month for 10 years that now Oh double O I personally own double what I owed when I first started if they're it's an indentured servitude in the u.s. there is no way of getting out of if you go to college it's depressing the UK you guys haven't worked into your like salaries where you pay yeah and it's not 7 percent interest so we have to pay nine thousand two hundred and fifty pounds in tuition fees but that money is given to us from Student Finance England circumvents ours that just goes straight to the university like we never see that money and we have to then pay it back like once we have a job and we're earning over how do you ever get that huge amount of money extra and so to have a really know well so you get a maintenance loan which is based on your yeah Abby's house hole in common that pays for your like rent and food and stuff like that and that's like a low boss oh my god and burst sort of short yes my physics book for one class was $400 are you okay and I think that's all I have to say so thank you so much for watching this video thank you so much Evan for being on my channel interim and we also filmed a video over on Evans channel old school YouTube collab style is a UK vs USA exam season yes it's crazy exams shudder one of the different SAT G says you know what do you do know we know now if I go check it out as always the links to my social media and Evan social media will be in the crotch box down below so go check that out Scott anything profound stay in school yeah I think that's the one takeaway from this so thank you very much for watching this video and I will see you next time but I


  1. I swear the government have just made the interest rate for British students like 6% per year on student loans

  2. 9:50 i thought 'oh so my country's unis aren't that expensive' then i remembered education here is so shitty it shouldn't even cost a dollar 🙄

  3. what’s up i’m an american and i’m gonna just comment:
    -i’m drinking out of a solo cup right now hahaha
    -i go to school 7 hours away from my fam
    -we have to learn SO much random things not in our major
    -most athletes here don’t have classes with non-athletes hahah
    -grading scale hahaha
    d: 65-69
    also like all of our grades are used with gpas and so a 4.0 is perfect and a 2.5 is passing and it’s really confusing even though i’ve always lived in the US
    -my biology book was SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS

    that’s all haha welcome to the CRAZINESS

  4. Americans have so many mandatory classes? That that sucks. In Canada at the university near me there’s only one required class from three options and I won’t even have to take it cuz I’m in IB in high school

  5. Durham is the 3rd oldest University in England, not the UK.
    1 Oxford 1167
    2 Cambridge 1209
    3 St Andrews 1413
    4 Glasgow 1451
    5 Aberdeen 1495
    6 Edinburgh 1583
    7 Marischal 1593
    8 Durham 1832

  6. Aren't St Andrews, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen Universities all older than Durham uni? 4:43 ??????? wut?

  7. I did love the videos but as a Scottish person we have a very different system to England and so these really should not be us vs uk but us vs england

  8. Okay and then me (a German) be like:
    Our University's are Tuition free there is literally a law that a Uni can't charge more than 500€ a semester and that mostly includes like state train tickets a culture pass and other things…🙈

  9. English funding for scholars.. I'm trying to get this right now and it's sTrEsSfUl. This is the steps ive done and am taking.1 you apply to the school. 2 you go to opening days 3 we do an entrance exam. 4 you fail the exam and get a letter your first on the waiting list. 5 you apply to charities. 6 you get community to help but they don't. 7 you die inside because your not in a public school they declined you. That's what I am up to so far at this school is accepting me as a September 2019 I have like 3 months to get like 25 thousand pounds to pay the first term

  10. It's so sweet and hilarious how shocked and concerned you are about the hellscape that is American higher education. "Are you okay?" is a very important question and the answer is "probably not"

  11. In Scotland I’d say 90% of people stay at home for uni. It’s interesting how it’s such a different culture in England. Personally I want to move away but I am by far in the minority.

  12. Used to think the Russel group was good until I found out it’s basically just a club so the university’s can serve their own interests.

  13. I think your greatest gift is how much you listen to what the people around you are saying. It's so beautiful to watch you truly absorb every single word Evan is saying here – I think people nowadays hear but forget to truly listen. We should all learn from you!

  14. At my Uni we have to get 85% or above to get a first overall or a distinction at module level lmao. So far I'm on track to get a distinction for one of my first year modules but I'm dreading the next few years lmao

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