hi guys it's Sarah hi guys it's me Sarah and in this video I'll talk about American high school basically and the differences between Italian high school and American high school so hope you enjoy it first of all I would like to tell you guys what classes I'm taking I'm taking banned in my first period then I have US history US government English form then I have open space science then we have tutorials which is like a 3/4 of an hour in which we do basically our homework or we just chill really we don't do that much then we have lunch then I have chemistry math and I'm doing math online I don't know why I'm doing it online but I'm doing it online and it's difficult because math online is weird like super weird for me because we don't have online classes in Italy so that is super weird and then I have athletic which is basically be like in Italy over VP but the only difference is that it's every single day while in Italy it's just 2 hours a week and then I have cross country and usually I run from like 350 to like five yeah 5 4 4 to 5 5 so I'll usually get home at about 5:15 and then while I shower obviously and then I do my homework and this is why my face looks super ugly because I've just finished running I still haven't showered because I needed to do this video like I had to do it so I was like ok I'll shower later so here I am and there's not much to say about the classes I'm taking they're just basic subjects in Italy I used to go to a linguistic school so I used to study basically languages apart from those main subjects like Italian math science history of odd I'm used to studying screw art here in America they don't have many languages well and my school they don't they have just Spanish but I know of another school that has French and Russian actually but I don't go to that school so yeah my school is very very small it's tiny and I'm so happy to be in a small school because I get to know everybody basically like now I'm know practically everyone in the school the new classes that I'm taking are probably US history because in Italy we study history but it's like history of Italy and of the world and US government isn't you obviously we don't study US government and we don't have like a government class in Italy unless I think if you go tonight an equal onic school we call it maybe you study like government and stuff like that but I don't and so this is super new then band it's something really really new for me because I in Italy we don't have extracurricular activities like this would be considered an extracurricular activity in Italy and not a subject you get that yeah it's not a subject well here it's a real subject and I'm actually really liking it I'm marching it's a marching band so I'm marching during the football games and I still don't play an instrument but I'm starting to learn a bit of our notes and stuff because I used to study them like I used to study music in middle school but I can't really remember it so I'm studying a bit now then what else earth in space science is new because in Italy I used to study science but it was chemistry and this year in Italy I would have studied biology but I'm not in Italy so I won't study biology some studying open space science and then I have also here in America chemistry then what else ooh tutorials I said that is something super new you don't have that oh yeah math is online and this is super crazy like you will never have an online class in Italy like never they don't exist basically like I've been here for like a month so I know now like the big differences between Italian school and American school and I would like to say that they both have their negative and positive aspect like I really like a time in school because they make you study and you learn a lot while I'm in America I'm loving it because it's it's more free let's say you have more free time and it's not so stressful because in Italy I was really really stressed out about school like super stressed out while here is like chill like it's super easy peasy so that's great in Italy high school last five years and not for like human America and the big difference is that you stay with same class for the whole five years while here in America you change classes and it's not the teacher that changes class but it's you that and after the end of the period you go and you move and you change the classroom and so you change also the people your own classroom well in Italy you will be for five years with the same P yeah hi long yes and school in Italy goes from 8 to 1 usually and then we go on a Saturday yeah that's horrible I hate it and so happy that I'm not going on a Saturday here like it's great I would like to also say that school in America is easy-peasy like super super super easy like it I don't know if it's because of the of the classes I'm taking that it's easy for example we have tests in which you can keep your notes open like your notes basically your notes then you can keep your book open you can use your phone to look up like questions and stuff and the answers and the first time they told me this I would like like in Italy you can't even keep your phone on your desk like you can't do that for example in my school and this is just my school because when were like I don't know why vote okay they take our friends away in the morning and they put them in a box and our phones stay in that box from 8 to 1 and I don't get to see my phone from 81 so there's terrible then um we had an a history test like two weeks ago and for this test the teacher get basically gave us the questions he would have asked the day before so the day before I just look them up on internet and studied them basically like not really studying them I just spread them and then I did my test it's not like in Italy where we have to study like whole chapters of stuff and then we have our tests and like in Italy we also have oral exams like every single day it's crazy like now you understand why I'm always so stressed out about school in Italy it's I don't know it's crazy like it's super hard and it's not like here that you have more like written assignments like basically homework we have more like college kind of studying so they tell us study this chapter and we study it and then they test us on it and they ask us like every single thing like every day like for example history they would ask us every single date every single a name everything like everything you can find on the book they will ask us yes then there are lockers we don't have lockers in Italy not at all we don't use them no we don't have them so we can't use them but we don't have them and I'm so lucky because here I have our locker and it's super easy to use like it's not one of those things with the code it's just like I don't know how to explain it but anyone could go my locker really I've noticed that here in America they focus more on the extracurricular stuff so like sports band cheerleading and all those other activities and not they don't really focus on the academic part of the school while in Italy it's like the opposite it's super important the academic part so studying studying studying while sports activities I like out of the school like completely out we don't have sports in school like none let me have just two hours of pee each week so Italy I used to finish school at 1:00 and we don't have lunch in school because we finished basically early and then I would arrive home at about 2:15 then I had lunch and from like 3 to 6 or 7 if I was lucky I was studying all the time like real studying not written assignments like chapters of stuff like ok it's sad it's really sad but that was my life a few months ago yes and I don't sit ok guys like I don't have a book to show you like a school blog a textbook however you want to call it but they're like enormous and that's so heavy like they're super heavy and I'm like but like this big and that heavy like super heavy like we have big books in Italy but they're not that heavy and they're not like 1,000 pages long they're maybe like 500 pages but apart from that I just want to say that I'm loving it here I'm having lots of fun it's great like you can't even understand how happy I am at the moment like I don't feel homesick I've got a great family a great sister and great friends a great school to go to a great town great people everything is great basically so yes I am joying it so much and I feel as if I'm in the right place at the right moment and I find that super amazing like to tell all the future exchange students that will come here to the u.s. to don't be afraid to try new things don't be afraid of your first day of high school because it will be great it will be awesome and you'll have the best experience of your life I know that it's super early for me to say this because I've been here just one month but it'll be great so this is all for my video about American high school I hope open useful and at a future exchange students will find this helpful for the future and yes I guess we'll see each other in my next video so bye bye

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