1. Yeah YouTube Might Take Down This Channel So We'll Get Alot Of People Of People To Donate That Way It Will Pay Off The COPPA

  2. I'd like to donate thousands of money when I grow up. Sal Khan has and will always help people around the globe.

  3. Donation through YouTube is not supported in all countries. If you have another way for donation please let me know.
    Keep up the awesome work 👍

  4. Sal, my dude, you are the GOAT P.S. I thought you we're black a little disappointed with that but you are the man no doubt.

  5. Sir when i will grow up i promise I will donate a million dollars to Khan academy but for now it is even hard to me to give my college fees.

  6. you are the god of free education sal khan sir. I will donate minimum 1000rs by asking my dad. For us please put a live video so that we can share our problems with you.

  7. I don't know how i thank you. But i pray allah keep for you and gives you janna💕 i am greating you from somalia 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴. Thank sir you sir👍

  8. A lot of new startups and companies are making a profitable business out of education; Khan Academy deserves respect for keeping all their high quality content accessible and free for all.

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