All About the Texas Teachers Program

I can’t say enough great things about it.
My first day I actually walked out crying. Because I was so inspired and I knew I’d made the right decision. and taking those classes, in addition to those that were offered online I really felt like they gave me a good handle of what to expect how to plan, what what the expectations would be of me once I was on my campus, how to interact with the students, classroom management was very, I think that was my greatest concern. I would have to say my first year in the classroom was a great success. I don’t want to base it just on that part but that was, that was huge. I chose the program because it had everything I was looking for. It was affordable, it had online access for me. I’m a working mom and so that was really easy to go on and take care of what I needed to do and it was just straight to the point, you know. From a to b, to getting my certificate. It was all planned out for me and I was able to complete it easily. The program really provides you with the support You know all around. You know to help you be successful in that and if you really wanting to get in there, you really wanting to make a difference the program has the avenue to help you achieve that from getting your certifications, you know, getting your test lined up, being prepped for all of those things. And it really just, step-by-step help you to learn to do what you need to do, in order to obtain your goal of becoming a teacher. And being a good one at that. It was very easy to navigate the system where I can find out okay here’s the information that I need okay for pricing. It was just all there. I didn’t have to kind of ask, “Well where do I go? What do I do?” So it was mostly that and just being convenient. It was very convenient. I’m a mom so just having that access of anytime when they, when my children go to sleep or my husband is you know away or asleep or whatever I can just be able to access it and then do what I need to do for me. In becoming a teacher you know you have an idea of what it’s like to be a teacher but you really don’t have a clue and I learned that quickly as I began the prep for the program and going through the modules and learning about the different components and how can kids develop mentally you know as they progress and I mean it just gave me a real insight into what a teacher is. It’s not just a teacher, it’s an actual educator. But as far as like how to work with the kids you know, I got a lot of it from the program and from the online training.

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