Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Confronts FBI Official Over White Supremacists | NowThis

is white supremacy not a global issue we've seen white supremacist attacks that were clearly domestic terrorism experts in fact the acting AG Jeff sessions even called some of these instance dress domestic terrorism is an incidents the Emanuel AME Church shooting of black Americans in Charleston and the Tree of Life synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh of Jewish people that those were only designated and charged as hate crimes not domestic terrorist incidents you're not going to find an actual charge of domestic terrorism out there if you look at Title 18 right well it says here that but at the San Bernardino shooting or the Alando pulse nightclub shooting they were designated and charged as domestic terrorist incidents they were they were charged I'd have to go back and look they were charged likely with if there was a connection to a foreign terrorist organization so because because the perpetrator was Muslim they are doesn't it seem that because the perpetrator is Muslim there's no that the designation would say it's a foreign organization not correct if you that is not correct okay can you explain yeah wine homegrown violent extremist who we or most of the people we arrest in the United States homegrown violent extremist self radicalized born in the US it doesn't matter what religion but the orlando pulse club shooter meets those qualifications and he is your doesn't international terrorist because he was following under but he was homegrown and self radicalized in this cases how we work homegrown by extremist cases I'll do the global jihad we worked under international terrorism that is correct is white supremacy not a global issue it is a global issue so why are they not charged with foreign because the United States Congress doesn't have a statute for us for domestic terrorism like we do on a foreign terrorist organization like Isis al Qaeda Al Shabaab could you see how this could create issues and discrepancies with how violent extremism by Muslim perpetrators could potentially even if it's unintentional but that there are there are holes and there are gaps here not through your fault or any one specific person's fault it could be our fault as Congress but could you see how one could see how the way that we are pursuing and charging white supremacy particularly if they tend to be charged with hate crimes and and where that same type of violence committed by a Muslim extremist could be charged with domestic terrorism hate crimes and domestic terrorism are treated and charged they're different crimes and they could be pursued differently with different resource allocations can you see how people would say that these are being treated differently


  1. How about you learn what the real narrative are instead of using this popular buzz words and narratives that doesn't do any good to anybody but creates more problems in community's and cultures around the globe, need some politicians who has some knowledge and can read more than headlines….now that would count for about 80% I think so no more congress and house on most of the money hungry power thirsty people up there

  2. I love the selective editing of this video and the changes/omissions. I’d suggest everyone go find the full video and watch it, rather than subscribing to this propaganda.

  3. So white people hate blacks hens why its called a hate crime while on the other hand muslims hate all western Americans and do crimes to hurts us, hens why they are charged with terrorist crimes…

  4. 2:41 "It could be our fault as congress" Yes. Yes, it is. Congress makes the law, the FBI only executes it. Why doesn't she prepare or is she inadequate? She is literally getting explained how the system works and she is getting paid for it.

    She doesn't confront him, she is getting confronted by basic knowledge. The follow up step is for her, as a congress women. But you already knows she won't make a follow up move. She already scored her karma and internet points.

  5. Thank god this was finally adressed I have absolutely no idea why so many have been blind to it to the fact that one of the most dangerous things in this county is white supremacy and those psychopathic little pre puebescant white kids who are outcasts and weirdos that kid has acces to a weapon of course he gonna use it

  6. Got to report this video for spam fake news infringing on my rights cuz they're trying to take my freedom of speech with this b*****

  7. First of, the editing is ridiculously skewed. There are a few missing sentences to make it seem like he didn't answer to questions, even tho he did, if you look at the extended version

    Secondly, AOC seriously doesn't understand the quite simple fact that the charge of "domestic terrorist" does not exist. The Orlando and San Bernardino shooting were designated as domestic terrorist incidents, but not charged, because, once again, the charge doesn't exist

    NowThis is seriously a joke !

  8. She is so dumb …. He was the only smart one sort of no such thing as white supremacy just another sjw liberal buzzword

  9. This is a SHAMEFULLY edited video. It does not show, for instance, that there were TWO FBI agents sitting side by side answering AOC'S questions. ONE OF THEM WAS BLACK, and he tried to explain it all to her. AOC is arguing over semantics. The FBI agent(s) CLEARLY told AOC that domestic terrorists, which are almost always white, is THE #1 priority for the Bureau. The laws that they have to use to prosecute terrorists that are exclusively Domestic vs. that of international organizations are DIFFERENT LAWS. They are still prosecuted. The FBI agents (ncluding the Black one) REPEATEDLY told her that she was arguing semantics rather than reality. It did not register.

  10. β€œRUT-ROW” As Scooby would say when he is caught with his hand in Scooby Snacks.

    Talk about BACK PEDDLING!!

  11. She got this one wrong. He gave her the answer but it wasn’t the one to fit the narrative she’s trying to push.

  12. Funny how conservatives want to argue about aoc herself, and don't want to talk about white supremacists getting charged.

  13. A person with Arabic sounding name punching anyone is a terrorist, it's the standard in the Western standard.

  14. shes hesitant to come right out with what she wants. she wants to target social media, christian churches, and anybody that disagrees with ber fake morality, and treat them as terrorists. I would agree with her that ANYBODY that uses an ideology like that held in the quran (which actually tells muslims to terrorize) should be suvailled. Antifa seems to be operating using terrorist tactics, but I haven't heard anything from the left about going after them, even though antifa targets people of color like dinesh desouza, ben shapiro, candace owens.

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