Adobe Illustrator Training – Class 6 – Rotate Tool + Wrist Watch Illustration Urdu / Hindi

oops!! the tea has got cold hello everyone ! welcome to GFX Mentor . i am your teacher Imran and today is our 6th class of Adobe Illustrator today we will learn Rotate Tool. this is a very interesting tool with which we can create many interesting things with some careful calculations i have already told you that for rotation we usually use selection tool but today we will see what is the task of rotate tool no doubt there are some extra features so lets get started so till now you have done rotation with the selection tool this way it is good but lets see what this rotate tool offers us for using rotate tool let me tell you few things while using rotate tool you have two options either you select the object and rotate it this way and second option is you can see the pivot point in the centre a small point known as pivot point . It is that point around which a thing rotates. for example if i click here . i have not rotate it nor drag it only clicked it the point comes here now if i hold it and rotate it it will rotate this way . it is not rotating from the center but is rotating from the pivot point in the same way if I click it and press the alt button simultaneously then it will also copy which means that if i press ctrl D then it will repeat the same step like i am now pressing ctrl D but this is not giving accurate results. because angle is not accurate now i will tell you how to take accurate angle number 1 . when you take pivot point press alt and drag and also press shift with it it will automatically rotate the object at 45degree now here i have released the button and now i am pressing ctrl D i have put num lock on off mode there is repeated indication down the screen my viewers gets confused sometimes actually my keyboard’s numlock was on so i put that off alright lets make it again i simply made an oval and with rotate tool i clicked here then pressed alt and shft u can see it snapped at 45 degree and now i am releasing my keys please do remember not to release the keys release button of mouse first and then ctrl D i hope u have understood till here . its quite easy now the question is if i have to rotate something on a specific angle i can give u a very easy example of this suppose this is a circle and i need to put 25 stars around it so lets make a star my smart guide is guiding me to the centre now take the rotate tool your guide is indicating the centre but i am telling you an easy way that if you select your circle and press cntrl R with ctrl R your rulers will appear drag your guides from both ways to the centre both vertically and horizontally to the center now even though my circle is not selected but I know its centre point this is important now i select this star took the rotate tool and press the alt botton and click it in the centre what will happen when u press the alt button it will ask you at what degree you have to rotate ans how many stars i had planned to put…25 lets do a small calculation i am putting the calculator on screen in a complete circle there are 360 degrees now 360 divided by 25 as i have to put 25 stars if u want 20 then divide by 20 if 50 then divide by 50 i have divided by 25 i got 14.4 as the result means i have to rotate at 14.4 degree so lets fill 14.4 in the coloum if u want to see it please switch on the preview but don’t press OK but press COPY THIS WILL GENERATE THE COPY AND NOW PRESS ctrl D and here are your 25 stars around the circle if u want to count, u can. i am not ; ) alright so i hope that rotate tool is clear to u up till here its quite easy it is very interesting but keep this thing in mind like i have made these stars with alt button it will give u dialog box u put your desired value in it the number u want should be divided to 360 so .as i have told you in the beginning of the class that we will make an interesting thing today this interesting thing is wrist watch we will make a simple flat design but before that i would like to tell you some important things so that it will help you to make that thing one thing that we need the most now i am hiding my guides to hide the guides i am pressing ctrl with semi colon ctrl ; if i will press ctrl ; the guides will appear again but for now i am hiding these now one more thing which is very important suppose we make some objects and wanted to align them together and the width is different for different objects i will select them together there is align box on the top click it align panel will appear if u want to keep it on screen then go to windows choose align a panel will appear .if u see it carefully there are few things in it like there is a line and two boxes are attached to its left means u can left align the objects for example but why horizontal align objects we have kept are vertical but the movement of this is horizontal that is why horizontal align similarly if i want to centre align then this if right then this if my objects are like this then press middle and the bottom i hope this is clear to u one other important thing if you want to spread your objects spacing is also given to u this is horizontal distribute centre and if these are kept vertically then u press this one thing more that your first and last object are most important as only with their spacing other middle ones are adjusted if i select the objects and adjust them only middle ones will adjust the last and first will not move this thing we can take it in another way too for example. i have a square and in the centre i have to draw a circle i will change the color of my circle i select both of them now i have done horizontal align center and then the vertical align centre this will exactly come in the center but pay attention to one thing that i have make square first and then the circle and whatever thing you make in the last will appear on front in the entire arrangement if u make circle first and then the square lets delete this one … a new square this i have made later means this is in front. now if i align both of them they get aligned but they are not visible dont worry. it is at the back . right click select arrange then sent to back in this way you can make multiple objects lets say …here are multiple circles lets change their colors ok. if i select all of them and align vertically and horizontally both they will align have u noticed one thing that all these circle have left their places and align themselves i am showing it again…see now i want that all of these should center themselves to the orange one means orange one should not move u select all of them and click the orange one once a border will appear around the orange circle it shows that this one will not move during alignment now if i align u will see that orange one has not moved if u want u can do this with other circle also like i have chosen purple one as my master object now i select all and click purple one and align them i hope everything is clear to u till here alright lets make a wrist watch so wrist watch that i am going to make is not of high quality but will be of basic and flat design and i hope u will like it. we will use rotate tool to add membrane and lines in watch ‘s dial so i am making a grey colored circle this will be my main dial lets make it small . it is too big now i am taking the help of my guides which are already here take your circle in the center where there is intersect perfect we don’t have a need to move this object i am just locking it to lock it select OBJECT and Lock the selected object will get locked ctrl 2 is the short cut to it and if you are getting confused just go on to the layer panel and lock the path of the layer now I am making a simple circle for symbolizing my hours and i will make its color change to light green we need 12 more circles so I take my rotate tool i clicked in the center with alt lets calculate 360 divided by 12 gives you 30 simply put 30 in the box instead of ‘ok’ click ‘copy’ and then ctr l D so this gives you your hours lets do one thing select all the hours , right click and group them grouping gives you an advantage . you can easily align them afterwards lets move them aside the e art-board for sometime so that it will distract you now I want to make my minutes lines. lets take our hours too i am making a rectangle shaped box within the hour circle make sure it should lie within the center of the circle and I am making it light grey now i want to rotate it and now i press alt and clicked in the center lets calculate 360 divided by 60 ( as we have 60 minutes) gives you 6 degrees put 6 and press ‘copy’ and ctrl D that’s it now one more problem like i have made this. grey line appears on top of green circle no problem. you can select it individually and delete it or click right – arrange – send to back lets put it aside for a while select all that is left and press ctrl G (group) now select all ( hours also) and align them to the center making minutes as master object i hope till now the watch is being made nicely now we need its needles or arms i am making it randomly i am making a rectangle i have added a point in the centre . took the direct selection with shift i am taking it upwards here also, i added a point with direct selection i moving it downwards i want to make upper tip a bit narrow i select this point … i don’t want to make it too narrow …just a little so one, two i am moving it through my keyboard one more from each side i am bringing my a little bit downward making it less pointed that’s it now i want to put some design here as it is too simple which i don’t like so lets do one thing lets make a box here and change its color to black lets select both of them with shape builder tool delete the extra part now i also want a cut out here too so i am making one more box select the parts and center align with direct selection I am bringing it bit outside now i am selecting the cut out and with shape builder removing the extra part so this is one arm now i take second arm for hours I am making it smaller in size through direct selection OK lets make it bit broad….. alright… lets group each of the object now I rotate both of these this way and keep them like this and I am making a black circle in its center i am changing the color of black part to grey OK now i am selecting both the arms i am putting my guides ON so as to place the arms exactly in the center these are bit big in size …lets make them smaller that’s it now up till here it is done now I am not liking the green color I am making it light grey much better fine so what is left? our SECONDS lets make a rectangle . with the help of key board and direct selection , i am moving the points inward oops!! this is too much sorry ! sorry! there are many ways to narrow down these but I have not yet told you many things through scale tool it is possible but for now I want to keep things simpler so that u can make things easily and does not get confused so lets take down two points from each side and lets make a box here and the same color, I am pasting here also and I am adding a circle too this will look good i have grouped the second hand make it smaller with the help of shift button of course! this has gone to the back this should have been at the top so right click- arrange- bring to front and select this and bring it to the center now I want to rotate it so it is better to take the rotate tool place the pivot point here and rotate it this is quite big in size so I am making it smaller That’s it. now the problem is this is looking too flat. lets do one thing . the arms that I have grouped I am selecting them individually and I am putting one effect which is new for you but lets put it go to EFFECTS – stylize – drop shadow don’t put much values in drop shadow firstly put a tick on preview see its too much.. we will make it less I am making its opacity 50 % I don’t need an X offset . so I am putting it to zero what is X offset? that how much shadow you want on X axis Y offset now is 7 but I am making it less 3 blur also, I am making it 3 That’s it …. we just have to do this if we see it closely , it has added depth to our object which is quite good……ah!ah! this is looking very odd lets put it right lets keep it aside for sometime we are goin to make one more thing …A circle we are making the outer part, that is the body of the watch take a rectangle tool and make a rectangle align the objects together I am taking a copy of this the align panel is here also we can use the align from here too do distribute the objects so as to avoid gaps select the entire thing and with the help of shape builder I have joined it we need one more rectangle if u want make it of different color so that u may be able to see it properly take a copy select the whole thing and align and distribute now with shape builder and alt remove the extra part it is looking a bit odd lets do one thing i have selected the upper anchor points and with shft I am moving my arrow keys down it helps to move 10 pixels directly fine similarly i am taking the lower arrow points 10 pixel upwards and delete the extra part with shape builder now I am selecting all these four corners with shft button now if you have Illustrator cc , you have an advantage if u drag it , u can see a curve easily now again I am selecting the outer four corners and making an inward curve i hope a beautiful thing is being made in front of you and this is looking good. I am going quite slow so I hope you are getting the things now if i pick this and place it in the centre right click – arrange – send to back make it bigger fine now I think I should bring this part a little bit outwards as it is getting too close so I selected this and bring ten points down I think this is sufficient fine with shift i am doing here too perfect now I have to make its belt one more thing , I am changing its color to grey…. now its looking nice making belt is not a rocket science simply take a rectangle fine and make it bit narrow i have pressed alt pressing alt helps in adjusting width not only from one side but from both the sides fine this really helps I am moving it a little bit that’s it……we want to put some gaps now my art board is small for this i want a bigger art-board lets do one thing…….this is a art-board tool take this and with shft button adjust the size of your art-board I am selecting the whole watch and placing it in the center take the copy of the belt and place it one the top we will fix it later now here I want something pointed so I am again bringing my guides here now why I am keeping guides here ? because I want points on both the sides if there were no guides i would have fixed my points in inaccurate manner fine…I am increasing the length of this part also I am also adding one point in its center well u don’t even need this point with the help of shft directly take the points inwards fine now select both the points and round the corners also select these two and round them too so this is our one side now I am taking this side here and here we need a buckle for making a buckle , we will make a rectangle again fine take a copy of this and make it small now select both of them take shape builder delete the unwanted part with direct selection make it bigger fine now here I am making a rounded rectangle this has to be in the center so select it and align it to the center again take shape builder and delete the unwanted part I am making a rounded rectangle again but a slimmer one this part is too big …lets make it smaller usually wrist watches have small buckles fine now I want to put some more details on its belt especially its color lets make this belt ….this color i am making this part bit bigger I want stitching on its belt for stitching i would like to tell you one thing it is not a difficult task I simply made a rectangle I am changing the color of its stroke to light grey I have already told you the properties of stroke in our last class…….Dash lines put a tick on dash lines ….lets make it 4 pts now the problem is that this part is looking very bad so I want to teach you one more thing i want a similar shape of this but a slimmer one so select this simply go to OBJECT menu go to PATH and OFFSET PATH OFFSET PATH gives you a copy big and small both at present it is showing 10 pts see I am adjusting the values with my scroll wheel with scroll wheel I am going into minus values i need minus 10 I guess minus 10 is fine … press ok see a copy is generated and I am simply putting a stroke on it dash stroke 4pts………perfect so here is your stitching effect I am doing the same thing here also you can see here is a curve again the same step will help …………PATH …..OFFSET PATH the last value is already here put the preview on see it is here select it………..take eyedropper tool and click on this part fine….exactly the same values apply here also that’s it one thing more….we need some holes here so lets make… an oval put this off I am making it dark grey near to black take a copy of this slide it downwards and make it light grey a little lighter or …. a little dark…..right alright….select these two and group them so that they should remain together ctrl G and now I have taken its copies that’s it no….one thing is still missing CROWN very quickly I am making its crown too i am simply making a rectangle fine…..and……….. inside this I am making a small rectangle of darker shade or do one thing select these points and make them round so see from front it is round and from back it is flat so I am taking its copy and ctrl D select these two points and make them round from corners perfect select the whole crown and group it make it smaller and fix it here send to back perfect i hope everything is understood . something good has been created it was no doubt a bit lenghtier i know some things in this are looking quite odd some things are visible while some are not dont worry today, first time you have made something properly in this class so , I know it is quite simple it is very basic and flat looking but i hope you have a good feeling if something in this is not clear to u you can put your queries in the comments below or contact me and ask me …I will definitely guide your query please subscribe if you have not yet subscribed and please keep watching and I really need your feedback I hope you will give me a feedback thank you!!!!! and lastly… congratulations!!! to all Pakistanis for winning the great game we are champions …….right ICC champions so i hope you will definitely practice this…. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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