Aaron Blabey – Richmond West Primary School, VIC

[Introductory Music] Schools across Australia celebrate National Literacy and Numeracy Week. At Richmond West Primary School in Melbourne, students met literacy ambassador Aaron Blabey, who reminded them how important literacy and numeracy skills are. Aaron is the author and illustrator of Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley, which is this year’s book for the National Literacy Activity, Read for Australia. Well, Pearl Barley is very loud. Charley Parsley is very quiet. During his visit, Aaron read aloud some of his books to Year 3 students. He also showed the students how he drew illustrations for his books. Just really simple shapes, like triangles and circles, just so that they all feel like they’re from my funny little world. So I’d paint lots of big pictures to put in galleries and things. I always loved movies and books when I was a kid, and one day as I was painting I thought you know – there always felt like there was something missing? And I thought well hang on, what if I put a story with my pictures? And then the minute I had that thought, I wrote that little Pearl and Charley that I showed you. Your school can be involved in National Literacy and Numeracy week too. Visit our website for more information on how you can take part.
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