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proposals major changes in both school and higher education among others better governance systems and brings greater focus on research and innovation we propose to establish National Research Foundation to fund to coordinate and to promote research in the country NRS or the National Research Foundation will assimilate the research grants being given by various ministries independent of each other NRS will ensure that the overall research ecosystem in the country is strengthened with flow focus on identified trust areas relevant to our national priorities and towards basic science without duplication of effort and expenditure we would work out a very progressive and research oriented structure for the NRF itself the funds available with all ministries will be integrated in NRS this would be adequately supplemented with additional funds massive online open courses through swam initiative have helped bridge the digital divide for disadvantaged the disadvantaged section of our student community to upgrade the quality of teaching the Global Initiative of academic networks Gyan program in higher education was started aimed at tapping the global pool of scientists and researchers the imprint or impacting research innovation and technology scheme began a span iit and IASC joint initiative to develop a roadmap for research to solve major engineering and technology challenges in selected domains needed by the country higher educational institutions are becoming the centers of innovation these initiatives have upgraded the quality of education there was not a single Indian institution in the top 200 in the world university rankings five years back I repeat there was not a single Indian institution in the top 200 in the world university rankings for five years back due to the concentrated efforts and concerted efforts by our institutions to boost their standards and also to protect the credentials better we have now three institutions to IITs and IISc Bangalore in the top 200 institutional bracket this is a window open now thanks to all our efforts we will continue making concerted efforts to improve the performance of our institutions of higher learning an amount of 400 crores has been provided under the head world-class institutions for the year 2019 20 more than three times the revised estimates for the previous year more than three times the revised estimates of the previous year in there as a potential to become a hub of higher education I therefore propose to start the program study in India that will focus on bringing foreign students that will focus on bringing foreign students to India in our higher educational institutions the regulatory systems of higher education would be reformed comprehensively to promote greater autonomy and focus on better academic outcomes a draft legislation for setting up of Higher Education Commission of India would be presented in the year ahead jano India scheme launched in October 2017 has created awareness of sports as an integral part of wellness throughout the country the government is committed to expand kalo India scheme and to provide all necessary financial support to popularize sports at all levels a national sports education board for development of sports

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