A Degree With A Guarantee: Mirella’s Story

Mirella Campos: I’m going to college to be
math teacher, and I like math because I like solving problems. Sometimes they’re easy,
and sometimes they’re really difficult. My name is Mirella Campos. I just finished my
AA in math at San Bernardino Regional Valley College, and now I’m transferring to CSU, San Bernardino
in the fall. I met up with the STEM counselor and did a plan, and I started doing
the math, and she told me if I got that degree I would be guaranteed a spot at the University.
I graduated from Colton High School, which is, like, five minutes away from here, and
that’s the only, this is the only community college that’s near. So I didn’t want to go
far away, just be local. I always wanted, like, a bachelor’s degree since high school,
but I never thought I’d be getting the AA first and then the bachelor’s. I’m happy because
I know that CSU, San Bernardino is one of the great schools that prepares teachers for California.
I’ll be doing the integrated track, which is the math degree also with the credentials.
So hopefully in three years, I’ll be able to finish it. I would recommend the transfer
degree for math to other students because I think it’s really great. A matter of saving
your spot to university. Students have to worry about completing all the classes that
are required and that’s it. There was, like, family members that, like, they tell us, like,
oh, don’t go to school because you’re just going to waste your time, and I didn’t hear
those people. I just put them aside and kept going to school.

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