50WomenAtYale150 — Alexis Krasilovsky Class ’71

My name
is Alexis Krasilovsky. I was the class of ’71. When I was in high school, I already wanted to go to Yale. The guidance counselor laughed
at me. They said why dont I go
to a small women’s college near Cambridge Massachusetts
where inevitably the unspoken idea was that
I would marry a man at Harvard. It was really euphoric
to arrive at Yale at the same time that Gloria
Steinem was saying, no you don’t have
to get married, In fact that’s not necessarily
good for women. My mother’s ambition was for me
to marry a rich man. [ sound: projector whirring] She couldn’t stand
that I wanted to be a filmmaker she said
I had film cans in my stomach instead of babies. I didn’t want to have
to identify as a woman filmmaker or a woman
writer in those years. I wanted to be one of the boys
and make it to the top. Interviewer>>“How do you feel
about women as camera men in this business?” [street sounds] Man>>(Laughs). Interviewer>>“What’s funny
about that question? Is that a funny question?”. Man>>I realize
that I have a hard time answering that. When it came
to conversations about film, the guys at the Yale
Film Society… …if there were other women
there they were the girlfriends who were kind of very quiet
in the background, making coffee and I on the other hand didn’t
want to make coffee for anybody. I just wanted to talk about film
and I had to fight hard to do that.
But I loved it! Film soundtrack>>Work is important.
There’s nothing in the work… Alexis_Krasilovsky>>Being able to
tout the prestige of Yale as part of my education was definitely
a significant factor in my being able to get
the grants that led to global documentary features that won
best documentary awards that led to me becoming
a full professor of Screenwriting And Film
Production And Film Theory at Cal State University Northridge. There definitely were perks
to having gone to Yale.

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