5 Most Affordable Turkish Universities in the Asian side of Istanbul


  1. I want to do PhD in international relations from Turkey,will any one tell me Abt a affordable university in Turkey which offer program in English and with minimum residence requirements or distance learning program
    [email protected]

  2. what are the best affordable international universities for foreign language and the accommodation for students? (possibly asian side but you can add the europe side too, it doesn't matter)

  3. Isik University is offering education in Turkish language… Then how a foreigner should cope up with that??

  4. Please can you tell me an affordable university in Turkey for M.Phil in Psychology?
    I'm really worried about that😰
    I have searched everything I could on the internet but still have no soild answer😞

  5. isik university is affordable but does it offer full business administration program for undergraduates?

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