5 HubSpot Sales Hub Pro Tools That Will Dramatically Impact Your Process

Hey, are you ready to learn more about the HubSpot sales hub pro tool well in this video we’re gonna talk about some major tools inside of that tool that can dramatically change your Process down in the description below you’re gonna see links that will take you to each Individual tool or sit back and get ready to learn and just take the entire journey at once. It’s totally up to you But let’s go ahead and dive in are you HubSpot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprockets, ah, alright without further ado. Let’s dive into the hub swap portal and the first tool that we’re gonna talk about is hub spot meetings So what we’ll do is we’ll jump in to the sales tab here and we’re gonna talk about meetings and why hub spot meetings is Absolutely amazing. It is a game changer for anybody who is trying to schedule time And gets tired of the back-and-forth. Are you free at 3:00? No, I’m free or for what about 5:00? Oh my goodness So we’re gonna go ahead and click into meetings and what you’re gonna see is that we can schedule or create Different types of meetings that we need to have also there is a heads up Your meetings links can be hosted on your own company’s domain You can click this show me and that’ll show you how to do that but not Necessarily a need but it is something that you can do Now to create a new meeting link Once you click on this you can create a personal Link or you can create a team link and this team link is if you need to have two three people That you’re looking for the same Availability on the calendar to meet at the same time This might be for certain types of discovery calls depending on your business You can think of probably a couple of different reasons that you might need multiple people and need to quickly know their availability Versus searching through the calendar and trying to match things up in this case I’m just gonna go ahead and create a personal meeting So you can click on that personal meeting link and you’re gonna see up that you can create personal meeting link in HubSpot You’re gonna have details configuration Availability and then the forum questions that you want to ask. So it is an easy four-step process Now the meeting Headline I can go ahead and hover over any of these eyes and it’s going to show me that that’s actually going to exist in The embed or above the calendar that’s going to be shown. That’s actually really helpful This other eye here for a meeting name and I’ll tell you this is what your link will be called Whence is inserting it into an email for example? 60-minute demo, you really want to pay attention to this so that it has context to the conversation. That’s about to happen and then here this is the link that the prospect and customers used to book meetings on your calendar and again You can see we have impulse creative calm here that little notification earlier We have done that for our company and then we’ve got meeting types and we’ve got first outreach qualification Ima, you can customize this to whatever you want the idea of meeting types is there’s also Reporting in the backend where you can see how much time people are spending on different types of meetings So if you want to really focus in on how to optimize your team when it comes to the meetings that they’re having Meetings types can be kind of the lever point or the pivot point for that in this case What we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna create or fill out this information real quick And then we’ll move forward with talking about the duration All right So as you can see I’ve made this a test meeting meet with George is the meeting name and then the link is simply just meeting slash George and it is a support type meeting now duration. You can say that somebody might need 15 minutes You can add another duration and you can say somebody might need 30 minutes or you can even add another duration and just say that somebody might need an Entire hour now, you don’t have to have multiple Durations, but in some cases, this is really really nice in this case for this test one we’re just gonna say that we want it to be a 30-minute me that they can actually schedule and that finishes up this part other than if you want to You can change your photo from this point as well I’m not going to in this scenario, but I am gonna come down here to the bottom Right and I’m gonna click Next now. This is where we’re configuring it So location, where will this meeting take place again? You can hover over all of these eyes for information and this is how will you connect with your invitee? Is there a dial in number they should call will they visit your office any? Types of things you can even put that we’re gonna meet at Starbucks in here But that would be kind of weird but then invite subjects we can use contact tokens company tokens Invite description and you’re gonna see even language and date and format So I’m gonna fill out this top section and then we’ll talk about that Alright, so in this case You can see that the location I put it’s going to be an in-office You can see that I said hey and then using their first name So Bob Susie, Jenny, let’s chat about what you need And then you see the invite gives a little context again to the conversation since you need support because this is the support Test that we’re creating come into the office and I will help you past your current hurdle I made the language English made the date format And number format United States and then we have this option for reminder emails We can go ahead and click this little item here We can check on reminder emails and we can say include the invite description in the reminder or not I am gonna go ahead and clued it and reminder times one hour before the meeting and then look you can preview the reminder email and What do you think of reminders is also here. But in this case we can add another reminder So maybe we will want it to be three days. Maybe we want it to be seven days maybe we want to give Multiples so a week before three days Before and maybe in this case two hours before if they have to drive to the office for this one I’m actually gonna go ahead and delete these and just say send a two hour notice before the meeting and I’ve really finished this section as far as configuration now depending if you’re gonna do online meaning you could put Skype and your user name or zoom or GoToMeeting and then your actual link that they could click into you can customize this as much as you want and there are different Integrations that you can add into this tool that will help you select the different Links and create links for you If you’re gonna do online meetings, it’s a little bit above and beyond just the normal usage of this So we’ll leave that out for another tutorial But what I can do now is I can click Next and now what I can see is I can pick a time zone And this is really talking about when are you available to take meetings and we can choose the times and this is really setting up Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday Friday And we can add our so if we did want to drop down and do a Saturday Sunday or a Sunday we could add hours in there in this case I’m not going to but we could say you know, what on Tuesday. I actually want it to be from 11 o’clock, let’s say instead of 9:00 because I’ve got morning meetings or on a Friday I might want to end my meetings at 3:00 because I’ve got paperwork that I have to finalize up Before I go through there and then I’ll just go ahead and delete that one So now you can see that it’s a customizable schedule throughout the week you’re also gonna see on this page that we have a minimum notice time a minimum amount of time before a meeting can be booked now we obviously want to make this longer than 15 minutes and in most cases I’ll make it a couple hours If not a day or two days before they can actually book a meeting because usually our day is already Scheduled a couple days or a week in advance So just kind of pay attention to that and what you want it to be Buffer time in between. Do you want fifteen minutes? Do you want thirty minutes? I mean think of bathroom breaks or getting a drink of water or things like that when it comes to I’m having a buffer time in between your meetings and when a meeting can be Scheduled this week and next week or do you want to let them go four weeks out or six weeks out? I really open this up quite a bit just so it gives somebody the ability to get some time on my schedule And this is really based on how busy your schedule is or isn’t And how difficult it becomes to book time with you and then we have this new feature start time And it says set the frequency of your meetings start times and again You can do this drop down and pick what works best for you now one thing I will say that you may think about Here is you may want to think about your lunch time because in this current scenario We’re just saying we can take meetings from 9:00 to 5:00 And so typically people will set their calendar up like this at first not really thinking about it But one thing you may want to do is come in here and say hey I want to add hours I want to actually add it for Monday and I want Monday to actually go from 1 o clock 1 o’clock p.m. To 5:00 p.m and then on this first one, what we would want to do is actually just make it maybe 9:00 to 11:30, right? And so the idea is you’re giving yourself some padding time For meetings not being able to be past 11:30 Giving yourself time to take lunch and then Monday kind of starting over again so you can do it then 9:00 to 5:00 or You can break it up and give yourself mid sections where meetings can’t be booked. It’s just something to think about I’m gonna go ahead and delete them. And then what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead now that we’ve got our availability Well, go ahead and come over here to the forms question and what’s nice is this is really a lead conversion point but it’s also the ability to do lead intelligence or understand some context around the Conversation or get some questions answered that you need before you get on the call depending if it’s a discovery call Or something along those lines. So we’ve got first name last name email in here We can pull in any contact property that already exists in HubSpot And this is any of the custom properties that we have created as well or if we want some one-off custom questions we can click in there and actually enter our Custom question as well and then save it so you can see I’ve got test question in here I can hit save and then I can go ahead and move this wherever I want to move it as far as in the lineup of questions being asked also if you are affected by GDP or there is a privacy and consent section that you can turn on here I’m not gonna talk about that in this tutorial and I’m not gonna customize it I’m just simply gonna realize I have the Fields or questions that I want to ask here in this and then I’m gonna go ahead and save changes. What’s nice is you’re immediately given a booking page link that you can start to use and you’re also given an embed that you can use on your Website you can copy this code or you can email it to a web developer I’m gonna go ahead and copy this real quick and I’m gonna come out here to a new tab and we’ll go ahead and paste this URL in and you’re gonna see this is what your Meeting page could look like so we’ve got a nice branded logo. We’ve got how long do you need? Do you need this is where you would see the 15 the 30 the 1-hour what? Time works best and so you can see that they can click on that as well and then depending on the day that you pick Is going to show the amount of times or appointments that one can pick so it is a huge Time-saver you can have multiple meeting links you can report on the meetings that you’re actually having and you can save yourself a ton of time in your inbox because this also integrates into Gmail and outlook and we will be talking about that later on on how you can get to your meetings right from your Gmail account You know when I tell you that that meetings when you implement the meetings tool it’s a game changer Like I am not kidding it is Huge and it dramatically saved me a ton of time You know another thing that saved me a ton of time in HubSpot is the snippets tool being able to have the micro conversations that are needed and a click of a button instead of spending a ton of time typing That’s exactly what tool we’re gonna dive into now HubSpot snippets So as we dive back in This time we’re going to go to conversations and if it’s and the idea behind Snippets is we say a lot of the same things over and over and over again And so for instance, you can see that we’ve got different snippets for different people here and well Let’s just go ahead and create one First of all, what you might want to do is create a folder for your snippet so in this case I’m gonna go ahead and name this folder George and I will go ahead and add the folder now You’re gonna see I have an area that I can actually create those snippets and put in here for me Specifically, what I’m going to do is go ahead and create Snippet and you’re gonna see that I have this pop up new Snippet template and I can actually name it and right from here if I had Multiple folders or if I don’t want it to be in a folder. I can select that right here But in this case, I’m gonna do speaker bio snippet so I type in speaker bio and then I want this text snippet and I’m gonna go ahead and paste that in there and Here’s the first thing that I want you to see the body is too long right here and so that does mean that you can only put in a certain amount of Text for this snippet so what I want to do is go ahead and just Select some of this and actually remove it after I remove that you can see I have George B Thomas an inbound marketing Marketer video Jedi and a HubSpot certified trainer with more than 25 years of sales and marketing Experience. What I want to do is get them to the rest of the bio and so in here I can put to learn more Visit the event planners kit and I can actually select event planners kit Right here and I can get a link and that’s the next part of this that I want you to Understand is that we can add links. I’m gonna go ahead and cancel this for a second But also under this a it doesn’t look like it’s very powerful But you can select the font at the font size if you want it to be bold Italicized underlined if you want to clear the formatting that you have on here text color Background color bullet points all the things that you can think of doing With a WYSIWYG editor they are there So in this case, I will go ahead and select this event planner kit I will hit the link and I will hit paste and I will say Instruct search engines not to follow this link and I’ll open it in a new tab and I’ll hit apply now The other thing is that you may want to personalize this a little bit So think somebody’s asking for the bio we might want to put something in here above this snippet where we actually say something like hey and Then the person’s first name so down here we’ve got token and we actually have contact Company deal and sender information in this case. I’m going to look for first Name and I’m gonna say first name Hey Bobby, Suzie, Jenny, and then we’ll go ahead and add some context to the conversation and so as you can see, I maybe started out something like thanks for asking about my bio it starts out like this and Then obviously there’s the teaser to the bio and being able to visit the planners kit now Of course, your copy will be different and you’re gonna want to say things that you say over and over and over again And so you can see here this shortcut. I’m going to type in speaker bio and What you will see is this could be s be for speaker bio It could just be bio Depending on what you want to do. And of course, it’s all gonna be different for you But something that you’re gonna easily remember to get back to this And then I’m gonna go ahead and hit save snippet now what’s nice about this is we can use this in Gmail we can use this in our CRM when we’re actually Contacting people via email we can use snippets in notes In templates just in a bunch of places And so when you think of snippets think of the things that you say over and over and over again This might be about products. It might be about services. It might be Videos that you share or pieces of content that you want to share So imagine if I was gonna talk about inbound marketing and I created a snippet on three blog Articles that I could share with somebody then that would be really cool and it would be a way that I could quickly add Value but not need to type the entire thing out and of course It’s now a micro piece that I can add to an email that I’ve already written or writing or a template so that really is the power of snippets Look those micro conversations are amazing but we have only gotten started the real power or another piece of the power is HubSpot Templates being able to have 80% of the conversation already typed out and then customized the other 20. Hmm Hashtag game-changer. Let’s go ahead and dive in and check out what you can do with the HubSpot templates tool Now this time we’re going to dive into conversations again and into templates and in templates what we need to realize is that We can do some reporting on templates that lets us know that immediately when we get to the tool This is really cool because we can see what templates work best we can easily search for templates and we can create folders to stay organized and so we could have an HR folder or a per sales rep or per employee Folder and what I’m gonna do is go ahead and click into this folder and you can see that we have different Templates that we’ve created and we can move them we can clone them We can delete them we can even see who was created by when it was created and when it was modified last and up here We’re gonna be able to actually see some information as well created by My team or created by me when you hover over the new template you’re gonna see that we can create one from scratch or from a Library, let’s go ahead and click on template library for a second and see what we have in here You’re gonna see that we have share helpful resources inbound lead Follow-up emails all sorts of things that you can pick and kind of change or modify To your needs in this case We’re not gonna use a template but I did want to show you that that Library is there we’re gonna click from scratch and you’re gonna see in here that we can put the name of the template So in this case, we’ll put test a template and then we’re gonna be able to say is this shared or not shared? So if we wanted to be shared with our team our not shared with our team we can do that We’re also gonna be able to put it in a certain folder in this case I’m going to go ahead and leave it in the gorge folder and then we can start working on the email so we can do A subject line here that will be pulled in automatically when we’re using this template in the CRM or in our Gmail or Outlook Integrations and so in this case, I’ll go ahead and add my subject line And so in this case I put yes, you are really amazing. Let’s talk about Well, what do we want to talk about? I kind of tease that out and then I’ve got this area that I can actually add a Copy into for whatever I want to say So I might do something like this so you can see here I have hey and then I’ve used a token Contact first name that does live right down here and you again have contact Company deal and sender tokens that you can use and I just put in here for grins and giggles. How are you doing today? I’m so glad you wanted to learn more about Sprocket talk By the way sprocket talk is the videos that we do on hub spot Training and let me explain the major and I just dot dot dot addthis because you don’t want to sit and listen to me read an entire Email that I would create but there’s some things and I want to show you in here Again, we can do things like add a link. So if I wanted to grab sprocket talk and go ahead Add a link to it. I could say paste and then enter in there I’m not going to do that in this case. I could also insert an image So if I come down here and I say insert an image What it’s going to do is it’s going to open up the HubSpot file manager And we’re going to be able to pick an image in this case I’ll just use a real quick search For George and I will pick this image right here and say use image It’s gonna pull it right into my template I’m gonna select this and scroll up a little bit and you can see that I can even change the size of that and if I click on it again There’s a length that I could link this image if I wanted to as well so super cool. Nice functionality there and then again the powerful a Here that does give you the ability to really have a WYSIWYG editor inside of the template So if I wanted to I could you know bold this How are you doing today? By simply going and clicking on that bold and then I could return this to the next line if I wanted to and really dress This up How we want it to now? I do want to talk about snippets because well We’ve talked about those in this video and maybe I want to go ahead and add a snippet So in this case, I’m gonna do the snippets. You can see that I can actually manage snippets from here create a new snippet I can search for Snippets and then I see all the snippets here that I can use now I don’t necessarily have to click on this to get here But if I can’t remember what my shortcut is I can do that But even in this template if I hit the pound sign and I’ll just type s4 speaker bio You can see that it automatically pops up here and I can insert that speaker bio now in this case I don’t need an extra greeting, but you can see quickly now I’ve got my link in there and my image is still in here and I was able to just Rapidly add more information that might be needed for this email that I’m creating the other thing Let’s just continue down the road of that We’re having a conversation and they want to receive a document that I have I can go ahead in this template. Click on my Documents and I can search for a document. So look at this first 100 days 8 phases of a customer lifecycle stage or Needs workshop outline or intro deck whatever you have. This might be PDFs of Proposals or quotes in this case. I’m gonna go ahead and select that and then link to Display I’ll just put something like get your file now I’ll require email to view the document and I’ll include a link in the preview and I’ll hit Insert and you’re gonna see look at this now. There’s a little image there. It’s get your file now They can click on this and get that document and the best part about this and we’ll talk about it a little bit later in this video is That I’ll be able to report on the document being opened and all sorts of cool things We also talked about meeting links. So maybe they want to set a meeting after they read the document again I could come over here to meeting link and I can say hey I could type it in whatever I want I could Preview the booking page and what I’m gonna do in this case is I’m just gonna say let’s chat it automatically pulls in that text So I don’t need to type it and then here’s senders meeting link or your meeting link That’s super interesting, but I’m just gonna hit insert and there we go. Let’s chat. So I’ve quickly used snippets used Documents and used meeting links to build out a template and the idea of these templates is that you can create them to be 80% done and 20% customizable so you can really have Context to the conversation that is about to happen So again just as a recap you can edit and modify your text You can add images and links you can use snippets documents and personalization tokens and meeting links to create amazing Templates that save you a ton of time and the best part and we’re going to talk about this in a little bit this also integrates with your Gmail and outlook and you can use it right in the CRM when you’re communicating with your prospects leads and customers Hey, I hope you see how powerful the HubSpot templates tool and be look in that video you saw Me use snippets. You saw me use documents You saw me use meeting links and it can be the hub to reporting on all things that are working and not working And reporting on those templates is super powerful You saw me also allude to the documents tool and I introduced you to Joey Coleman and the first hundred days Let’s talk about the documents tool how you can get documents how you can report on Documents and everything else that is amazing about the HubSpot documents tool. Let’s dive in And the power keeps going this time. We’re going to go ahead and hit sales and Documents and documents is really really amazing because sometimes you don’t need it to be a lead conversion Opportunity meaning getting them to download a PDF an e-book a guy to checklist a white paper But you do want to report on who is actually looking at the document and how they’re interacting with the document well You can see immediately that HubSpot lets us know that we can report on these documents as well so we can see what documents are doing good what documents are doing poorly and Here’s what we can do we can create new folders You can see folders here application case studies decks and then even per employee I’m going to go ahead and click in here for George and you can see that in the video that we just had about templates This is the first hundred days our buddy Joey Coleman And this is a document that you can view and see what we can also do from here as we can share it We can preview it and then we can download and move. I’m gonna go it download it real quick It’s gonna come to my computer because to create it I’m just gonna create a second version of this but I do want you to see when I say Preview what happens it opens a new tab and it actually takes me to a place that is branded a place where we have This little icons that we can move these decks slides out of the way Where we can download it and then also look at this. Let’s meet and email me so this is literally a link an online link that you can send it to somebody to preview your Document and they can meet with you or email you from it. It’s Absolutely amazing. Now we can click through here and we can see what’s going on in this deck, by the way Joey is amazing. In this case. I’m gonna go ahead and close this out. We can go ahead and share it What happens is it gives you an email address that you can send it? And then there are share options We can require the email address to do that We want to do that because we can then track it once we put the email in there We’re gonna get the link and we’ll be on our way now in this case What I want to do is I want to upload a new document and you’re gonna see that I can do this drop down and This is really cool because we can get a document from our local file from the HubSpot file manager and if you’re integrated with Dropbox Google Drive or box you can grab your Documents from there as well So wherever your sales team or your c-suite has these documents you can get right to them in this case I’m gonna do a local file I’m going to go to downloads and I’m going to re-upload the first 100 days Just so you can see how easy it is you do get this icon or slider or Thing that shows you when it’s uploaded and then obviously you saw that notification That it was uploaded as well Now what’s really cool is I can then go ahead and start to do everything that we’ve talked about I can preview it I can send it I can share it. I can download it. I can move it into a different folder What I want you to see though further and pass that because by the way uploading was super easy is you can see the amount of shares views and Information around that so what I haven’t done yet is actually clicked on the link And once you click on the link, you’re gonna be able to see a couple things one over here on the right You’re gonna see actions So from this document page, you’re gonna be able to preview download or delete you’re gonna be able to re upload a new file So you lose your stats, but let’s say you make an edit to the deck you can Re-upload it again from the different places and you can share it You can also search so depending if there’s a ton of data or you’re searching for an individual person that has looked at this Document you can do that by the way clicking on these will actually take you to the individuals Contact record in HubSpot, and then details will show you the views That they have had on this document and as you hover over Different ones you’re gonna get different information. Let me go ahead and close that out and let me show you on this one If I click on it, look at all the different interactions and I can see the amount of time that they spent on each Individual page as well. This information is priceless You can see if people are looking at your pricing page if they seem to be confused on something you’re saying on a certain page Of your document and again, they didn’t have to fill out a form or it didn’t feel like a lead conversion Opportunity. It just simply was I’m sharing this document Yes You got to enter your email because it’s secure I mean it just feels right and again you can report on what they’re doing You can report on how well the documents are doing you can see the shares visitors and views right here in the page and you can also Enable this for gdpr if you so want I’m not going to cover that in this tutorial Maybe we’ll do a tutorial just based on GDP are and what you can do, but hopefully you can see how powerful The documents tool for HubSpot is to be able to upload documents to be able to organize documents to be able to report on Documents when it isn’t necessarily a needed lead Conversion point but you want to track the heck out of if it’s successful or not Shew-whee. It’s not always about lead conversion But it is always about lead intelligence and the HubSpot documents tool allows you to get that Intelligence no matter what now? we’re gonna round this off with the next thing that is the cousin or the sister or the brother to marketing workflows and that is HubSpot sequences We’re gonna talk about tasks and templates and how to put them all together so that you can have the proper Communication at the proper time with your prospects leads and customers look, you know what time it is. Let’s dive in Alright and let’s go ahead and dive in to another powerful piece of the HubSpot sales Hub in this part, we’re gonna go to automation and we’re gonna talk about the hub spot Sequences tool and what this allows you to do is create automated workflows if you will from the sales side of Things and you’re gonna see great idea did you know you can send sequences directly from Gmail and Outlook. You can learn more here Yes, I did know that once you get into the sequence tool, you’re gonna see manage and Scheduled and we can flip back and forth through those you’re gonna see that we have sequences that we can edit clone move and delete You’re gonna see that we can create folders here This is for conversational marketing customers and it’s just four sprocket talking interviews all sorts of cool things We can search them once we built a bunch of them and we can again create folders And in this case, we’re gonna create this folder as George so we’ve got that in there and We’ll create folder and now you can see that I’ve got a folder but I can start to create my own Sequences. What I’m gonna do is come over to the create sequence button I’m gonna click on that and now I’m gonna be able to see that start from scratch I got a preview over here and there’s zero steps zero days to complete the sequences will end when I contact replies to the email or When they book a meeting so you don’t have to worry about if I meeting is booked with this person or if they replied to An email that the sequence is going to keep going It’s gonna automatically shut off and helps what lets us know to get started by adding an email template or tasks to your new sequence notice start with a premade sequence is also here if they had a conversion tradeshow or conference follow-up product or demo request post call meeting follow-up sequence prospecting left a voicemail Rescheduled meeting attempt re-engagement lost contact my goodness HubSpot gives us a lot of things we can do in this case Let me just show you if we do the left voicemail unable to connect if we click on that What happens is it starts to fill out these things for us? Is that not amazing? It’s amazing. Anyway, we’re gonna go to back to sequences I’m gonna go ahead and create a sequence and I am gonna start it from scratch And so what we can do is come over to this button on the top right once we have start from scratch We can say create sequence says welcome to the new sequence builder. We can start a tour or we can explore on our own I’m gonna explore on our own Got it. Thank you. Now. We’ve got steps and we’ve got settings But the first thing we need to do is name our sequence in this case. You guessed it a test sequence and now what we can do is we can go ahead and click on this button and we can now see that we can use email templates and Tasks we can also see that we can select right here All templates templates created by me or by my team or in a folder So George in this case now what I can also do is search those templates, but in this case I’m just gonna say hey I want to do an interview Connect template and I’m going to go ahead and add that Once I send that to them I want to go ahead and add another action And I’m going to do a task in this case and so I can say Well, let’s go ahead and change the lead status or connect on LinkedIn. In this case. I’m gonna say connect on LinkedIn by the way You can call contact the follow-up call contact and leave a voicemail Change lead status connect on LinkedIn check engagement on emails Contact complete sequence. Send breakup email or Look at this, we can create a custom Task. So in this one what I might do is just say something like research of the software and I can either make This set to do a call an email I’m gonna leave it as a to-do and Then the task queue I can put it in a queue or just leave it as none I’m gonna leave it done and hit done and now When I send somebody a sprocket talk interview email I then get a task to go or research their Software how amazing is that? I’m going to go ahead and hit another plus here I’m gonna go back to email templates and by the way Just like we created a custom task We can create a template from this place right here. If I click on it. It gives me a pop-up. I can create it I never even left sequences and once I’m done it will dump it in here in this case. So I’m gonna do an interview Follow-up and I’m gonna go ahead and add that and I’m gonna go ahead and do one more thing where I come down here and if they’ve gone through both of these Emails they have obviously changed a lead status They’ve gone from maybe somebody who is a lead for sprocket talk sponsorship to maybe somebody who is sales qualified for sprocket tuck sponsorship or they might be actually not interested and Or thinking about it Maybe we send a breakup email or maybe we just go change the lead status and we go ahead and hit add to that Now, let’s go back through here because we can do more we can see these Templates right here and also we can see on each one of these there is an edit and a trash We can move down right? So look at that how nice that was Meaning move it down past that thing. I actually want to move it up So once you have these kind of in here You can manipulate them up and down where you want them to be we can see step two Let’s create a task. If no action within and then we can say hey once a two days three days this is going to continue down send this email if no action in three days and Then we can say hey do this task in two days. So again, this is where you get your timing for How long you want to wait until the next email goes out and when I say email? I mean a template and when I say template, I mean template that might have snippets and images and links in them these can be very powerful and from a sales perspective what I want you to think about when it comes to sequences is How can you nurture these people? So these might be templates that are adding value? with additional videos or links to articles These might be templates that have a link to a survey so we can learn more about them and get more lean Intelligence and understand the problem that they’re facing and therefore prescribe a better solution for that problem Anything that you can think of in this sequence that helps with your thought leadership And helps with you solving their problem. That is what you want to put in here as far as templates and Tasks and then we can’t leave this without looking at the settings section because what we can do is send up send to follow-up emails on weekdays only we can thread follow-up emails as Replies to the first email if you don’t understand that you can click learn more We can also send follow-up emails within a time range So if we want them to be in the morning from 8:00 to 10:00 Instead of all day from 8:00 to 6:00 so we can be more specific with the time in which we want to have the conversation and then send follow-up emails at Recomended send times and you’ll see each follow-up email will be delivered at the time proven to have the highest Open rate for that day I typically click that because that’s pretty awesome and it’s a subtle way to let the Machine make smart decisions For us and then unenroll meant unenroll contact when they reply to the email or booked a meeting You can learn here learn more here, but that’s already checked and you really can’t change it at this point You can hit save and now you’ve got a sequence that you can look at enrolled You can look at the reply rate the meeting rate the unsubscribe Rate and will be able to see all that information down here as we get going once you’re on this sequence page You’ll be able to see all time today so you can change the metrics in which you’re reporting on You’re gonna see that you have a more tab here that you can clone Delete and move you might clone it and change a couple things or modify it to save yourself some time We can edit it if we want to completely fix it and then under enroll we can enroll a single contact or we can enroll Multiple contacts with this so imagine if you had a hot leads list and you had a hot leads Nurturing sequence that you had built out you could say hey these five these two these ten people Let’s enroll them in this sequence This would be the next step you would enroll you would search for that contact so in this case I might search for George Thomas and I might select George at George B Thomas and hit next and Now that gentlemen. Oh wait, that’s me would be enrolled in this sequence You’re gonna see that now we have enroll in sequence We’ve got follow-up options down here these look familiar and we’ve got step one step two steps three steps Four we can say send this immediately or send at a specific time to get this thing started Which we can do date and time and then we’re just gonna hit the buttoned start sequence Successfully enroll, Georgia George B. Thomas calm in sequence Test sequence and folks that is the power of being able to pay attention to adding value gathering more information and Nurturing your prospects with the HubSpot sequence tool Imagine that being able to nurture in the middle of night being able to nurture multiple people without dropping any balls Through the cracks because you want to make more conversations more customers more revenue in sequences HubSpot sequences Help you do that. Now. The last piece of this is really talking about communication and integration Look, you might not always want to head into HubSpot to take care of this You might want to do it right from your inbox and that could be Gmail or Outlook We’re gonna show you exactly what that looks like how you can use all the tools that we’ve talked about Right where you’re used to being let’s go ahead and dive into this let’s talk about communication with our Contacts our prospects our leads in this case. We’re gonna go to contacts and could go to contacts or what we can do is use the search functionality and just search for an individual person that we want to actually Talk to in this case We’re going to go into my contact record Just so we can show some examples here Now what I can do if I want to I can leave a note And if I wanted to leave a note on this person I would hit leave note and you can see some things that I can do in notes now That’s another tutorial for a later date but one of the things that we talked about was snippets and you can see That if I type in a pound and s I could add the speaker BIOS snippet that we created in two Notes that is super cool. I’m gonna go ahead and close that note out. The other thing I can do is email So if I want to email them again I get this Pop-up or slide up section. I can actually make it larger and now what I can do is use templates so I can come into templates and I could select any of the templates and I could look for just created by me and I could say hey use the wayfinding growth podcast intro template I could select that and it’s gonna go ahead and enter that into This email area now. I also can use sequences that we talked about And so if I wanted to add a sequence here I can select that and Then select the sprocket talk or test sequence that I wanted to put them in and this looks very familiar We’re in the CRM, but we’re getting some of the same Pop-up or dialog boxes that we got before. I’m gonna go ahead and cancel this and of course we talked about documents so if I wanted to add a document into this I can simply select that and it’s going to add the document to this email as well Meetings I want to add a meeting link I can select it and go we haven’t talked about quotes, but you see that’s here as well This is really about being able to use templates sequences and documents inside of your communication inside of the HubSpot CRM So again snippets and notes But then all of the stuff that we’ve talked about right here in your email inside the CRM, so this can become communication central for You doesn’t necessarily just have to be inside of HubSpot I’ve been eluding through this entire video that there is a gmail and an outlook integration and so if I wanted to send and use this information I can Simply put an email in here, Georgia, Georgia be Thomas calm I can give it a subject or not because I may want to use one of my templates right in Gmail You’re gonna see that I have the wave on a growth podcast that I can select and use it right in here. I’ve got sequences that I can pick the sequence that I want to fire and look I can’t enroll George into the sequence because He’s already enrolled and he is me and that got weird But I could go and turn off the sequence that I am in or he is in again It keeps getting weirder and I could enroll them in a new sequence But notice the big worry From a sales perspective is how do we make sure that they’re not in multiple sequences that’s already taken care of I can add a document just like before in HubSpot and I can add a meeting link just like before in HubSpot, and so all of these tools templates sequences Snippets by the way are here now. I will say and you can manage snippets I will say one functionality that I wish was here that isn’t is if I did pound and s That the snippet would automatically come up like it does in the CRM but in Gmail, it does not do that, but that’s okay I can make one click and then I can use The snippet that I want to write there and it’ll insert it into my gmail So I can become a communication master in my Gmail or in my HubSpot CRM because of the meetings tool the snippets tool the templates tool the sequence tool and the documents tool these tools that we’ve just covered the meetings the documents the snippets the templates being able to use it in your Gmail or Outlook or Right inside of the CRM make the sales hub Professional and amazing tool and by the way with these tools we’ve only scratched The surface of everything that you can do with the tool if you have questions Make sure you reach out. We love educating people on the HubSpot marketing sales and service tools by the way Did you like this video then make sure you hit the bells the subscribes all the things so that we know that you’re part of The community also need training pass this video then make sure you look in the description Below and check out our one and two day on location HubSpot marketing and sales workshops This has been your boy george thomas from impulse creative Make sure you go out and use the sales hub pro tool and while you’re doing that do some happy hub spotting


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