2nd Degree Black Belt Test – 20 Hours

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  1. respect! I train Sin Moo Hapkido and my black belt test was 5 hours and it was physichally most challengin thing in my life. I got knocked out 3 times and I cried trough the test bc I was so exhausted. But I earned it!

  2. Damn this was awesome man, amazing judo throws and nice transition to side control. I respect that lil homie keep training. You're a bad ass 👊🏻

  3. Testing for my 1st degree blackbelt in taekwondo tomorrow, took me 7 years but it was worth it… wish me luck.

  4. good editing and great video quality for a 2011 youtube video… 95% of the videos on youtube in 2011 and before looked like they were recorded on a flip phone, or a $15 Sony hand cam from Walmart lol

  5. Wasn’t really impressed with sparring tho if its light sparring then i can get it but this is grading they’re dropping their guard too much but very good kata

  6. Major props for earning your second degree! Anyone who has been there knows how much work and dedication it takes to be rewarded such a prestigious belt. Don't let anyone say that your martial arts is fake or useless without letting them test you on it!

  7. Well done young man!! Need to ask why still practice "traditional" punches, which I have never known to be used in any real life situations …

  8. imagine if a student who had went through all his coloured belts at a mcdojo were to go for this test for his dan belt?

  9. I just took my test today I was testing for Ikyu in Kenpo karate (black belt 1st class) even though I was not testing for shodan or nidan I was testing with kids who were testing for both of those ranks my test was 4 1/2 hours this video is so cool on how long these kids can go without giving up 20 hours dear god

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