24 Hour First Class Plane Fort Challenge! 📦✈️ Tv, Gaming, Food & More!

we’re heading to catch our plane which
means I think it’s time to make the world’s first plane pillow fort and do
an overnight challenge alright guys so it looks like the plane just started
moving and we are taking off this thing is going fast look at that it’s almost
creepy it’s like mystia guys I don’t know what’s gonna happen at 3 a.m. I
don’t think I’ve ever been on an airplane at 3 a.m. Papa J here from team
epiphany and guys it is really early in the morning ok I don’t know if you can
tell but I am exhausted Logan is exhausted 6:15 now but that’s because I
had to get ready for like an hour we had to get up at 5 a.m. we are currently on
a mission right now guys ok this is not a normal video this is not a normal
intro we are going across the country right now guys we are getting ready to
jump in a car travel to the airport and get on an airplane because we are going
to VidCon at VidCon we’re gonna be confronting carters share that’s right
guys you know he did a diss track on his time calling on you papa you know that
YouTube Olympics is coming the world’s greatest event and you know Papa Jake is
gonna win the gold for all the Papa Jake family and that is exactly what I’m
gonna do so we’re gonna confront them today at VidCon we are gonna be
traveling on a first-class flight all the way to LA why not do an awesome
first-class bill little forth we talked about it before guys when we did the
world’s smallest box port and now we actually get to do it
meals delivered to you in C TV screen I think it would be really cool so we’re
gonna set that up on the plane when we are almost late our cars here all right
we gotta get going guys smash that like button cuz we’re going on an adventure
today alright guys so we just got here we flew all the way here it took took
quite some times we got a badges we’re in LA we are in a really big con we’re
because the first VidCon ever we got these yellow passes and now we’re
heading in for the first time well guys don’t forget where you’re on a mission
alright we are trying to find car to share because we need to confront him
about going on with his diss track and about
the YouTube Olympics because guys we’re gonna win the YouTube Olympics we’re not
going to lose this thing looking how we’re gonna find Carter and all of this
I don’t know okay well I guess especially we can do is head inside and
start looking around see if we can find them guys this place is so crazy there
are so many people alright guys we are heading inside at
VidCon alright guys so we couldn’t find them in there so what we’re gonna go is
we’re gonna go to the YouTube lounge it’s kind of like a behind-the-scenes
thing that we can get into with our passes so maybe he’s in there let’s go
check it out alright guys well we didn’t find him in
the YouTube creator lounge but we did get these cool shirts
check these out right awesome it’s so cool the YouTube Logan says yeah dude
that’s sick all right we gotta get back on track look at me you need to find
Carter share he’s not there and well we haven’t seen him on the show floor there
is a nerf station do you think he’s buy nerf let’s go check it out guys check
this out this is the nerve station it is an entire nerf battlefield this would be
sweet for doing in there for there’s so many nerve guards everywhere but
unfortunately I don’t know I haven’t seen Carter Scherer in there at all
and we looked around this whole place doesn’t look like he’s here Jake look at
that nerve chant hole dude this chair is so cool it is so by nerve drone
I could get one leaves at home oh I get used to sitting in this thing
wait look it’s got a text it’s from Lizzie’s chair what does it say says
Carters backstage in an orange room let’s go
alright let’s go check it out guys alright guys looks like backstage is
just ahead this way there’s like a secret answers we can get through
Nikki’s back there I think so alright we gotta find an orange building
let’s go through here it’s got to be around here somewhere
let’s keep looking this way there’s no one here it just looks like security
dude alright guys so as you know Lizzie gave us a tip that Carter sherry is here
we’re in lis behind-the-scenes area of the entire VidCon check this out website
guys there is tons of open space here and apparently we’re supposed to meet
him by the orange building which I mean that’s orange and it’s a building
Vicki’s in here I mean he must be high let’s go check it out Carter say you we
came all this way to find you I saw your diss track and I do not approve alright
my box sports are not lame my box were it’s the best I make the best box sports
on YouTube and no one no one’s better than me there’s not many people that
tried to make box but but if they did they would not be better than me and I
heard about this YouTube Olympics yeah Papa Jake the box for Olympics is the
only way to prove that you will be the best at building box for so do you
accept this challenge or not box for Olympics you know what I do I accept
your challenge I’m coming to the box board Olympics and I’m gonna win I’m
gonna take home gold and feed everyone who’s there congratulations Papa Jake
for accepting the challenge of the YouTube Olympics a lot of other great
youtubers have also accepted this challenge including Chad wild clay Carl
and ginger and the entire family so you’re gonna have to really work to see
if you can win this thing and bring home the gold okay alright I didn’t know
there’s gonna be that many people there but doesn’t matter I’m gonna win this
YouTube Olympics I’m gonna bring home the gold we’re gonna defeat your channel
Stevens channel but Lizzie are you in the YouTube Olympics yeah she’s the best all right well then
let defeat you – all right then it’s settled
I’ll see you at the YouTube Olympics yeah guys we’re gonna dominate comment
down below who you guys think is gonna win this I think we have this in the bag
but it is gonna be really cool to compete against Steve and Cher Carl and
ginger Chad wild clay Lizzi chair Carter share there’s so many people
there we’re gonna have to use everything we have to win this thing but I think we
can take home gold for the channel so leave a comment down below we need all
of your support comment hashtag YouTube Olympics and you know what go check out
Carter’s channel go to Liz’s channel go to see his channel and tell them Papa
Jake is gonna win the Olympics as we are guys hey Carter did did you see the
awesome nerf all back there oh the nerf oh yeah
oh dude is so cool right yeah do i I love nerf guns – we shoot yeah we should
go back I will see you guys later but but you’re still going down into YouTube
Olympics oh yeah yeah I mean I’ll beat you there Leon but let’s go play some
nerf man let’s go wait we should team up okay let’s go play them a nerf yeah
let’s go let’s go beat them it’s time to pick our nerf guns yeah you for the
battle they got a lot of nerve guns here check this out look at this one this
Woods there’s actually a ton here I’ve never even seen before it ok look at all
of these yeah I think this one’s super rare I’ve never seen this one guys leave
a comment down below which one of these is your favorite because there is a lot
of nerf guns I have never even seen before the car this makes you think
maybe we should have a nerf gun challenge as part of the YouTube
Olympics yeah that’s a pretty cool idea yeah that would be awesome because I’d
like an epic nerf war battle with all the other youtubers guys what do you
think about that leave a comment down below and in fact guys what do you think
should be some other challenges we should do at the YouTube Olympics I mean
we can do box words we could you drop test videos inner core’s
leave a comment yeah trick shots that’d be awesome guys comment down below what
you think the best challenges would be to do it this YouTube Olympics all right
Logan pull the YouTube Olympics looks like it’s the real deal we’re gonna get
home right now and start training this thing is gonna be huge
okay let’s jump on the plane and head back high let’s head to the airport
we’re getting out of here guys but we made it to the airport and we are on our
way home it was a successful mission we saw Carter chair
we stopped this challenge and it looks like we’re gonna be going to the YouTube
Olympics in under a week but as of now we’re heading to catch our plane which
means I think it’s time to make the world’s first plane pillow fort and do
an overnight challenge check it out we are now on board this is basically where
we’re gonna be building a pillow fort for the night so I’ve got all this stuff
here I’ve got our blankets I’ve got a bunch of space down there Logan how cool
is this so the windows themselves they actually don’t have a pulldown feature
you click this button down here and that’s gonna change the transparency on
the window so we can make the window darker or lighter you guys can see that
right now it’s getting it’s getting super dark and so there you go the
window is completely dark and look at this we got some orange juice which is a
nice all right and on top of that guys in terms of like entertainment and space
to actually survive this overnight challenge we have a lot so as you guys
can see under here we’ve got a bunch of space for that stuff then we also have
this space here which check this out how cool is this it’s got a built in
controller with the touchscreen so we can actually play video games watch
movies order food anything like that that we need delivered I mean I was
gonna just say this an overnight challenge in a fort but this is a
billionaire for this does everything leave is we got a bunch of games already
on here and actually I believe it activates let’s try here let’s go to
pool see let’s see if it Oh and looks like it yeah there we go check it out we
got pool on the main screen and we can use the controller to actually control
everything so that’s that’s pretty sweet I went ahead and I got I’ll come
I’m applying get check it out got the blanket my feet all laid out and look
over here so I found this touch screen and it has a bunch of controls like a
look at that I just turned the light off and on
let’s if I can get it – I feel like everyone on this plane is gonna be like
oh well eyes there disco party on over there sky keeps turning the lights on
and off oh there we go awesome so these actually control the lights from the
touch screen which is super cool but on top of that I have a bunch of other
controls here so I’ve got let’s see your headrest lumbar mattress mode which I
guess turns this into a full-on bed which is pretty sweet if we click on
okay so if we click on mattress or like lumbar I can actually what no way we
have a massage option guys this might be the best fort we ever have had in the
history of forts I can actually go ahead and move my seat back if I want it like
you know just relax or I can move it up if I want to be in like gaming mode
alright alright and then on the TV here we have a bunch of options for ordering
food so we got like some green tea we got some coffee which is pretty sweet so
there’s a bunch of stuff to eat we also have let’s see what else we got down
here so it looks like a lot of drinks I know there is gonna be dinner coming
so at least we don’t have to making a mall ready on this flight which is gonna
be nice I guess so it looks like the plane just started moving and we are
taking off this thing is going fast I got up the the screen here you guys can
check out a little bit as to what’s around me there’s Logan what’s up dude
and of course outside were taking off so five VidCon
goodbye LA it was awesome seeing you guys meeting everyone which by the way
guys if you happen to meet me in person at VidCon leave a comment down below I’d
love to some of you guys if I got to meet you
because I met a lot of you guys there there was so many fans there it was
actually insane seeing all of you so that was pretty sweet but we’re taking
off here hey guys check this out so on the actual screen we can turn it to map
mode so we can see where we’re going there we go we just we just looked it up
I can barely even feel it when I’m lying down in a mattress it’s like you’re not
even on an airplane you’re just kind of like chilling in bed and it’s moving
slightly I also just want to point out that this might be the fastest and
probably the highest up fort we have ever been in I mean we’re we’re in an
airplane so we were obviously flying pretty high but we’ve done so it does a
pretty tall box for us before you know we’ve done two stories we’ve done three
stories but I don’t think I’ve ever done a box fort that is traveling at like a
bajillion kilometres an hour and you know high up in the sky I’ve also got my
phone here guys so we’ve got some games on here as well so we can use this in
the Ford if we want play some games a little bit later on check it out guys
look at that well it’s almost creepy it’s like misty out we got to be careful
too because I realize this is an overnight flight which means guys I
don’t know what’s gonna happen at 3:00 a.m. I don’t think I’ve ever been on an
airplane at 3:00 a.m. oh no that does not sound like someone I want to be I’m
I have to go hide in this thing but at least we could go hide under the TV area
down there that’d be a pretty good place to hide but hopefully hopefully nothing
goes bad at 3:00 a.m. because just want to enjoy this nice awesome fort and
check out the amazing view I’ve been chilling here for a little while now I
got some ginger ale I’ve got my laptop out I’ve decided I’m gonna watch Captain
America tonight so I’m pretty excited about that and check this out guys
alright we’ve got a little goodie bag this is like a mystery bag of Awesome
airplane stuff to help us survive on this plane we’re gonna go through it and
see what we got inside it’s gonna be bunch of survival items in
here of course oh oh it sucks what no way you got some comfy socks well it’s
gonna be sweet we got oh I mask okay so when we’re sleeping at night that
actually I could use another box sports that comes in handy
these are Oh earplugs okay all right since I would keep it quiet at night
another thing we should probably you know what I should bring this to our
next box for a survival video and we have toothbrush toothbrush and
toothpaste definitely gonna come in handy tonight definitely fits the
billionaire Fox board vibe of this video you know all of this is like the world’s
smallest billionaire box board this is pretty cool but I guess right now I’m
gonna chill out maybe watch a little bit of a little bit of a movie here we got
our Captain America and then I’ll update you guys when dinner comes all right
guys we just got dinner delivered to two before it and as you guys can see we’ve
got a nice salad here some bread a beautiful brownie which is pretty
sweet and you know what I’m gonna say this is probably the greatest dinner
I’ve ever eaten in a fort in the history of any dinner we’ve eaten in front of me
so I think I’m gonna go ahead and eat this up
eat my brownie eat all this stuff and then get back to this challenge it’s been a little while now I’ve been
on the plane for about two hours it’s kind of really dark I think a lot of
people are sleeping right now but we’re still inside our pod enjoying that
enjoying this so I thought it’d be a pretty good time before we hit the hay
to play some games now I did bring some of my phone but uh why don’t we try out
this really awesome gamepad here which is kind of like an Xbox controller
doesn’t look like we got anything crazy it doesn’t look like we got for now but
we got a rally which is pretty sweet I mean I want to play a car game on a
plane let’s let’s open this up here oh okay all right this this looks a little
old guys all right and here we go we’re up oh okay it’s a little hard to control
ones like and I think I’m gonna put the camera down I gotta set this up all
right and we’re off there we go guys all right guys so I finished up playing my
game and I think it’s time to hit the hay it has been a super long day between
VidCon meeting Carter share like it’s time to turn this thing into a bed so
unlike you know our normal fourths where we just kind of throw out our sleeping
bag this actually check this out turns into a bed so I pulled this button down
here and look at it go like this so it’s just you keep going alright and here you
have it guys I went ahead and made my best we’ve got our super comfy blanket
on top with underneath it a nice little kind of cozy padding area Logan’s
already sleeping so we got to be kind of quiet but let’s open this up here you
got a pillow so let’s let’s jump inside here and get all cozy for the night but
there we go guys we still got a few hours left in this challenge so it looks
like I might hit the hay for now but when I wake up I’ll update you guys and
I’ll see you in the morning it looks like we did it the challenge is
complete that was honestly a bit of a rough sleep you know what I love the bed
I loved I loved how everything was set up in this fort but I was not expecting
that much turbulence there was a lot of turbulence ready to land ready to make
some more awesome videos for you guys so I hope you guys enjoyed this and guys I
did just upload my brand-new music video it went out yesterday or today I’m not
I’m not sure I’m still really tired so of course this has been Pappa Jake from
Team epiphany and I will see all of you guys next time for another awesome video


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  2. I make box forts and I’m not better than Papa Jake but at least I’m better than carter and lizzy


  4. That giant gun that you were talking about papa jake that’s a machine gun what a Nerf machine gun and I have it

  5. I remember the days of Arma 3 streams and original content, but a mans gotta do business I guess. Congratulations on having so much success jake.

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