21 Savage Stops By Atlanta School to Teach Students About Financial Literacy | Billboard

(students rapping) (rap music) – They don’t know that 21 Savage is here. They literally just pulled up with Congressman Hank Johnson. We’re very excited. Students are gonna lose their minds! Alright, they’re coming in. (keys rattling) (clamoring) – We’re K through 12, but the majority of our students are middle and high. Our high school students, it’s a little bit larger population. Because we do service at-risk students, we give them that opportunity that sometimes they don’t get in public school. I wanted those students to be able to see that you could have the best of everything if you work hard. You may not be an entertainer, you may not be an athlete,
but hard work pays off. – I want to thank you for allowing this event to take place at this school. When he hit a wall about
six, seven weeks ago, about his immigration status. At that point, seems like
some people have decided that he is too controversial
to allow into schools to talk with school kids. – Regardless of where you were born, that doesn’t define who
you are or your character. – [21 Savage] Yeah, nah. – And so, who cares, right?
– [21 Savage] Right. – So we’re very glad that you’re here. We know you have a awesome program that you wanna share with our students to teach them about money management, and your partnership with Juma. That is completely amazing. I don’t know of another celebrity who has done this in my lifetime. – [21 Savage] Right. – I’ve gotten basketball
players growing up, coming to the school, athletes, but never someone coming with this angle. So we really do appreciate this learning and enrichment opportunity that we have, that you’re gonna provide today. So we’re really excited
and if you’re up for it, we wanna show you a
little bit of our school and some of the amazing
artwork that they’ve done. And let me tell you, they
don’t even know you’re coming. Alright, you ready to go? – Yeah, I’m ready. – [Ethel] Alright. (upbeat music) – So this is our artwork,
this is the first one. – Oh, he drew that? – Yeah, that’s the first one. – I’m gonna introduce you to that student. (laughing) – So, our 7th grader drew this. He has no idea that you are here and he decided to draw you and
that is his envision of you. (laughing and chatter) – [21 Savage] Wassup, ya’ll? Wassup? – [Ethel] This is 21 Savage.
I know some of you know him. – [21 Savage] Hey, how ya’ll doin? – [Ethel] Awesome
entertainer and his group. – [21 Savage] Wassup? What chya’ll doin? – [Class] Working. (laughing) – Working? That’s good.
That’s good. That’s good. I’m gonna give ya’ll a problem, alright? (students chattering) – [Student] Um, 21? – Yeah. (laughing) (clapping) – [Student] Bank account. – Bank account. Yall know
what a bank account is, right? – [Students in the Class] Yeah. That’s what a bank
accounts for right there. Saving money, investing money,
and making your life easy. (chattering) – [21 Savage] Throwing up
a peace sign. You alright? What’s your name? – Jeavarus. – How you spell it? (student begins spelling name) – Grow up and hit this cruel world. – Yeah, yeah. – [Ethel] The girls are
freaking out already. (students emotionally crying) – What up? – Why ya’ll emotional? What’s up? – It’s okay. Don’t cry. – What’s up? What you crying
for, buddy? You alright? (crying) – You alright? (students crying) – Everybody smile. – You killed it, bro. – Ya’ll stay in school. Stay
away from bad people and guns and stuff. Alright? As long as ya’ll do that,
I’m gonna come back and see ya’ll all the time. Okay? – [Ethel] Alright, we got his word. We’re gonna hold you to it. Alright. – He’s cool. He’s chillin. (laughing) – [Congressman] Yo, give
it up for 21 Savage. (applauding) He had 3 years from being
in his bed room, with his pencil and pad, to the
time he was supposed to be at the Grammy’s. I mean, so that tells
you, you can do anything in this country if you
put your mind to it. Ya’ll give it up for 21 Savage again. (clapping) – How’s everybody doing? – [Audience] Good. How many of ya’ll got bank accounts? I got a program called the Bank Account Financial Literacy Program. And you can do it online,
or we’re having workshops. And I partnered up with
Get Schooled and Juma, and we’re gonna be giving away 150 jobs. And every week, we’re gonna
be releasing a new badge. And this week, we’re releasing
the Stack Yo Money Badge. How many of ya’ll wanna stack ya’ll money? Everybody hands supposed
to be raised for that. – [Jewell] We have a surprise for you all. Just before you leave, we want you to take a
seat on the front row. – [Jewell] And they wrote everything themselves. – [21 Savage] Black History
rap. I wanna hear this. (students rapping) (Clapping) – Man, that’s hard!
That shit’s hard! (upbeat music)


  1. Why don't rappers give money to black schools instead of buying blood diamonds and mansions around whites who hate them????

  2. See the U.S tryna remove him bc he was born in United Kindom “Country full of freedom. Shii my mans from UK and we tryna get him out. What a improvement 21 savage has made and put us in a position to believe anything is possible.

  3. 21 savage was that kid in school who had a special helper to help him read. How the fuck is he going to teach anyone anything lol

  4. Did the person who Invented college, go to college? College is to get everyone thinking the same, be yourself.. Dare to think different

  5. Bro imagine being sick in school.
    Friend:”go to the nurse”
    Me: “yeah I gotta get dismissed”
    21: “what’s good”
    Me: “ what’s good 21-“
    Imma head back to class.

  6. Most people think that rappers are bad or even monsters. But there just helping people who are struggling because they know how it’s like to struggle.

  7. Black lives matter because there was no white kids in that picture, diversity is sad nowadays.

    There was 1 white person in that picture, but i am talking kids wise

  8. I love how they made it so ironic that he was going to teach kids on how to manage a bank account😂, nigga app you gotta do is put 12345678 m’s in it

  9. When a random rapper who almost got arrested for illegally being in the US teaches more than your average private school-

  10. its cool doing that but 21 savage is a rapper that raps about rapper things so they gotta be careful about who they bring and the politician's gotta be careful too with the way he talks about 21 savaggge

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