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A young boy who thought stiffness in his leg was down to playing computer games for too long was eventually diagnosed with a rare brain tumour.

Jack Hansen, nine, fell ill earlier this year when he was sick before school and complained he had pain in his leg.

After arriving at A&E he had a number of scans which revealed the tumour in his brain.

He was rushed to another hospital where further scans revealed more tumours in his spine, Hull Live reported.

They were all removed in a 15 hour operation in April but Jack and his parents have been warned he may have a condition known as NF2 which causes tumours to grow on nerves.

The illness is very rare in children, with only three people his age ever having been recorded to have NF2 that is cancerous.

Family friend Rachel Williams said: “It’s just a waiting game now to see what can be done. “Normally people in their 20s or 30s are the ones who suffer with NF2.

“It’s awful, no one knows if he’ll even survive.

“People can live a long life with NF2, but with it being cancerous nobody is quite sure.”

“The illness plays on (Jack’s mum) Becky’s mind as, to the naked eye, Jack looks like a fit and healthy young boy, but the fear of the unknown is making things that bit harder.”

At the start of the nightmare Rachel launched a Go Fund Me page to help raise funds for the family which has so far raised more than £6,000.

She wrote on the page: “He’s already undergone a 15 hour surgery on his brain stem tumour and they are unsure as to what the next few weeks/months hold for him.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, overnight your world is crushed and you have no choice but to begin your new reality without a thought for anything else.

“Jack’s a very poorly boy and we are, as yet unaware how long he will need to be in hospital. We (their family and friends) are hoping we can raise some money so that Becky and Kris can take the time they need with Jack whilst he’s undergoing his treatment.

“Although money is the least of their worries right now, bills still need to be paid and their other children need looking after too.

“Any money raised will ease the financial pressure for the family and be a huge help and support at this extremely difficult time.”