2019 Mercedes Maybach S Class Sedan S650 V12 – INTERIOR

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  1. Like the Interior Car design ? 2019 Mercedes Maybach S Class Sedan S650 V12 | INTERIOR and DESIGN

  2. 조잡하기는.
    아무거나 비싸 보이는거 마구 갖다 붙여 만들어 놓고서 신형 차 라고??

    누굴 삐꾸로 보나??!!

    중고차들은 올리지 마쇼!!

  3. have you seen a tesla, why would you pay that much for a car you still have to drive. my prius has better onboard computer

  4. 我的国家小小的,没有人民,只有工作人员,不用选举,没有人会推翻我。

  5. A car of this caliber with this price tag, all that diamond tufted upholstery looks tacky, like 70's mexican gone awry. I'd expect to see exotic woods throughout. Even just an everyday Cadillac looks more inviting than that.

  6. ان صناعت المان شيء لا يصدق النهم من صنع جود السيارات العالميه

  7. regone mesti larang, wis larang pelit pisan, mung iso nggowo wong papat…mendg tuku avanza iso gowo wong 8 ,wkwkwk

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