1635: Is a highly educated, fancy job, big money individual capable of getting onto the SSA program

hi my name is attorney Walter if not the third I'm with disability resolution PA an Orlando Orange County Bates Social Security disability Law Firm let's go ahead and begin the question I received is I heard that it's easier for somebody who's an educated hard-working person you know who just can't work anymore to get on disability is that true what we're gonna be doing we're gonna be doing two videos one explaining the two extremes we're gonna take for example a doctor a specialist okay and then the other extreme we're gonna take a homeless person who does not know English I'm going to use those two examples the first one we're gonna start with is the doctor and then we're gonna do another video with the homeless individual okay so let's say dr. Schmidt okay dr. Schmidt basically really nice guy has a back issue and basically he's 58 years old okay so he's 58 years old and that automatically means he's over 55 which means automatic escalation for an expedited claim next thing you need to know is that when he goes for his administrative law judge hearing for you know vocational review he's gonna have a really really tough time why it's because basically he has tons of skills you know if you go up the skill ladder of jobs you know he's a specialist he's all the way at the top the step down to be a regular doctor the step down from that would be you know doctors you know assistant the step down from that would be you know and it's really a different vein of medical treatment and knowledge and things like that but the next step down would be you know an advanced registered nurse practitioner going down to just a regular nurse going down to an assistant to a nurse going down to you know and it just keeps going down he's all the way at the top so when it comes to step four in step five the five step sequential process for adults because he's over 18 okay you're looking at a lot actually it's over 17 in that case you're looking at a lot of potential jobs that he could do so the analysis will come down to whether or not he can do blight jobs or sedentary based jobs and ultimately his disability has to show that he can't do a job basically eight hours a day over the week and he can't do it where he's sitting for six out of eight hours or standing and walking for six out of eight hours okay so that's gonna be tough for him because he's got all these potential jobs that he could do from learning all those skills and you know a lot of people think medical skills medical skills medical skills let's just not it's everything it's all the skills business leadership skills interacting with customers skills you know and then add on top of that all these medical skills you know knowing how to do this knowing how to do that yada yada yada so there's a lot of potential jobs out there that he could pick up and then remember there's all those unskilled work jobs that they can go ahead and throw onto the pile so that is a little bit tougher for him now here's something that's gonna help him though he was part of the medical community probably knows a lot of doctors and probably has money to go get really great medical care he's not going to you know a local clinic where it's you know they're struggling to get physicians there albeit they might do an amazing job there it's usually you know kind of overrun with tons and tons of people all right so that's just something to kind of consider when it comes down to basically how that stuff works for that individual you know he's probably got amazing medical documentation that shows he meets listing but it might be tough for him to get vocational allowance also he's very unlikely because of his academia background his work history and he I mean I'm sure his ability to speak and you know fluent and you know how good diction and syntax exactly I'm sure it's amazing basically this person is not likely to listing get a listing you know that at that point because of his education his direct ability to be put into the work environment with transferable work okay now we're gonna do another video talking about homeland a homeless individual and the benefits that a homeless individual will face and the negative aspects that a homeless individual face alright so if you have any questions or you want the most update information give me a call shoot me an email we don't do customized videos we do do general tutorial videos so if you want something covered that's fine just go ahead and shoot me an email or give me a call all right you have an absolutely wonderful day and we'll go from there thanks so much bye-bye

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