1. Being a Lawyer is a terrible career. Its a career full of scumbags all fighting for a few pointless cases. Our court system is completely flooded with too many lawyers, and too many pointless cases with people trying to make a few bucks.

  2. Garbage law schools not even T14. Lol have fun wasting time. No one hires from outside t14 now hahaha garbage toilet school SMU have fun scrubbing toilets

  3. Not to hate… but this feels like one of those stories where few years from now the truth comes out and these kids have been mentally abused and seriously stressed…

  4. Lol her parents ruined her life with this super accelerated shit. She will be so socially stunted for adulthood. Lawschool at 16? Ridiculous.

  5. I've seen many stories about young people of color who've been accepted to numerous prestigious colleges and universities across America, but the media only wants to focus on the ones who are doing what's wrong. Typical.

  6. As a law student, I don't know if I support this, because law school is tough and very competitive. I feel like she should get a chance to take it slow and enjoy her life before rushing into it because once you're in law school you won't get a break! After that, its all work! Also, I think its important for kids to balance their social needs with their ambitions, so hopefully she is able to have her social needs met even if she was away from the social aspect of school while being home schooled.

  7. you mean her parents did bribe the schools oh thats because your parents believe in her..And they knew she wasn't a partt girl. or a druggy or alcoholic.. And she wasnt going to college just to have sex with the fb team then scream rape the next morning..aka Caucasian Women

  8. I’m a junior in college and I’m studying for the LSAT to take it soon at 20 she’s 16 and already accepted into so many law schools 😭

  9. Why did they gloss over the fact that she stated, "I COULDN'T GET INTO THE GIFTED AND TALENTED PROGRAM," It seems like some school systems use those programs to provide "private" schools in the midst of public schools for "certain" people. 🙄

  10. She’s smart enough to wait it out and get into an actual competitive law school… never heard of the school she will be attending.

  11. She is very mature for her age and I'm so proud of her. My parents didn't allow me to skip middle school because they were afraid I would miss out on being a kid and being around kids my age but she seems to be doing great and so did I.

  12. Thank you GMA for the shine on Haley Mo homeschool students need to be recognized I did have public and the rest home and then straight to high school at fifteen so I understand Haley stration love GMA💞💞💞💞🏅🎉📚

  13. Schoharie homeschool rocks I was home-schooled yay congratulations young lady the world is your oyster make sure that it

  14. Family participation is key to a child success. Great example of what can be accomplished when parents listen to their children.

  15. Congratulations to this 16 year old college senior. What an adorable little girl. Haley has way better parents for this situation than I could have been. Wouldn't a parent have to be fairly well educated-enough to successfully home-school a child. Congrats to her parents, as well.

  16. Homeschooling will surely help a child accelerate in terms of academics. However, it is also good if you let a child experience a regular school especially for high schoolers. High school plays an important part on a child’s life. This is where you make friends that could last a lifetime and experience chatting with friends about crushes or going to prom which is worth the memories.
    Just a thought

  17. meanwhile i am trying to maintain my 3.7 gpa to even be considered by the T14 law schools 😭 she’s awesome

  18. Can I be her because I wanna be a Criminal Defense Lawyer with a Major in Sociology/African American Studies (Double Major?) in Hampton University (HBCU). I want to serve mostly minorities that are financially unstable. I have my whole life planned. I wanted to be online home schooled, but my mom won’t let me. Yet, I have A’s & B’s in Sophomore year so…yay?😂

  19. I can’t even get into one and she got into nine 😭😭 but I’m so proud of her and she’s such a inspiration 👍

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