10 LIES You Were Taught in School

Here are 10 LIES that You Learned At School 10. Thanksgiving
Everything you have ever done for Thanksgiving from the art and songs to the stories are
all one giant lie. The natives were facing a plague brought on by the settlers and had
been dying for three years. The Pilgrims chose Plymouth Rock because they knew disease had
wiped out a majority of indigenous tribes in the region. They figured the corn was still
there, their tools, and if there were any “Indians” around, they were too weak and
dying to do anything about it. 9. The Jamestown Colony
We all know they faced a harsh winter. But few mention the following government document
as proof of the Jamestown settlers’ survival techniques: “Driven thru insufferable hunger
to eat those things which nature most abhorred, the flesh and excrements of man as well of
our own nation as of an Indian, digged by some out of his grave after he had lain buried
three days and wholly devoured him” That’s right, the famously depicted cannibal Indian
of American culture was in fact a victim of cannibalism by none other than European settlers.
8. Evolution Religious folks who are against evolution
are right on something. Humans actually did not evolve from apes. Those are not your ancestors
prancing around at the zoo. Evolution is all about the survival of the fittest, and if
humans had come from apes, wouldn’t we have outcompeted them? It is more accurate to say
that we may share a common ancestor, from which each forked out into their own lineage
of species. 7. Van Gogh’s Ear
He did not cut it off in a fit of hysteria after a bout with his girlfriend, nor did
he send his ear in the mail. Rather Van Gogh was having some drama with his friend Paul
Gauguin and threw a glass of wine at him. Gauguin took out his nifty sword and sliced
Van Gogh’s ear off, then probably made up the story about the cut off ear to avoid being
arrested 6. Founding fathers were Christian
Beginning with the tale of persecuted Puritans to the guided and God fearing fathers of the
United States, they are often depicted as heavily Christian. George Washington was most
likely a pantheist, John Adams a Unitarian, and Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson
were deists, with Alexander Hamilton becoming what we perceive as a religious Christian
only later in life when his son was killed 5. Einstein failed Math
No, he was so advanced he had to get advanced textbooks from universities while he was still
just in school. This myth probably comes from a Ripley’s Believe it or Not column. Our
advice when it comes to Ripley, you probably should not believe it. But that’s just our
opinion 4. Abraham Lincoln was against slavery
Abraham Lincoln may not have really been interested in racial equality, he may have just wanted
to do whatever it took to save the Union. He stated, “If I could save the Union without
freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I
would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also
do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps
to save the Union.” 3. Glass is a slowly moving liquid
Once upon a time, some guy noticed a really old window and saw that the bottom was thicker.
He said it was due to glass being a liquid slowly moving down by gravity, but actually
when a researcher put the theory to the test, it would take 10 times the age of the universe
for glass to even move 2. Newton and the Apple
There is always some historian that writes about something that happened before he was
even born or just a child. John Conduitt, described Newton 60 years later and talked
about an apple falling from a tree. No one really knows if this was metaphorical or not.
1. Columbus thought the Earth was Flat Nobody thought the Earth was flat and people
were aware that everything was in orbit at least 2000 years before Columbus even existed.
The reason why the monarchy did not want to fund his adventure was not because of the
flatness of the Earth, but because he severely underestimated the distance to Asia. The whole
“Earth is flat” tidbit came from a 19th century fictional story of Columbus by Washington


  1. Im not trying to hate but all your videos are already made on bigger TOP10 lists out there so why are you copying them? For instance if i search 10 LIES You Were Taught in School your video isnt anywhere to be seen, only people that made this video first.

  2. weird my art teacher told us that he was living with a friend and they always were fighting that Vincent van Gogh cut his ear

  3. Thanks for mentioning how the Founding Fathers weren't all traditionally Christian – the whole reason that the First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion is because they themselves were diverse in their beliefs.

  4. This lies are only told in Murica 'cause here I have never heard any of these lies. (not saying anything about American history as I never had it)

  5. Number 10 is bullshit. The settlers landed in Plymouth by accident; they were trying to land in Virginia.

  6. when I was in 5 th grade my teacher said that calambes did not find the new would it was this guy I don't rember his name

  7. Oh please, Evolution explains something and is highy researched and religion for example christianity is based on a fucking ancient book

  8. I don't know why people don't wanna accept that evelution is false… I dunno about you but coming from a rock sounds pathetic

  9. I learned about Van Gogh is that he was hearing voices in his head and he got really psycho so he cut off his ear

  10. Though the founders of the Constitution were not all Christians, they all lived in a Christian culture. They also were all knowledgeable about the Bible. Thomas Jefferson was so knowledgeable that he actually wrote his own version of the Bible.

    Some of the Christian teachings were very supportive for the ideas in the Constitution. Ideas that Leaders and Popes should not be deified and that rule of law should measure people's actions. (if you can't find this in the New Testament then you must not of read it) Then there's also major support for freedom of speech in the teachings of Jesus; read the sermon on the mount about loving your enemies. Because of the culture of Christianity the Constitution had the traction to be upheld by Americans. Some nations have Western laws but the people have no spirit to follow the law and so the document has no power.

  11. What was said about the founders being Christian was right and wrong.  They were not all "Christians" as the word Christians was defined back then, however, as the word is defined today many who were not called Christians then would be called so today. Many say, and arguably so, that Thomas Jeffeson was not a Christian. The truth of the matter is that was he not only a Christian he stated it himself. Mr. Jefferson did not put much faith in the recorded miricles of Christ but was a firm believer in the moral teachings of Christ as being the best the world has ever known. His belief in the moral teachings of Christ is clearly seen in his works with Indians and the removal of hideous forms of torture practiced thoughout the world at that time.

  12. I went to school in Britain & was told I live in a free country. BULLSHIT. I'm white, grew up heterosexual & smoke. FREE COUNTRY MY SHINY FUCKING ARSE

  13. This is us school stuff. We don't learn all this stuff in Canada. I didn't even know about any founding fathers until I heard it mentioned in a YouTube video.

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