🔴LIVE: How to speak English confidently even if you STILL make mistakes + Q&A

hey guys what’s up Stefanie the English
coach here live on YouTube the very first time so this is a new experience
for me I am not sure what to expect I hope this works just like Facebook live
because I’m used to Facebook live I’m comfortable with Facebook live this is
like new territory you guys and anytime you’re in new territory it’s so scary
right? but that’s good actually that’s okay because today in this video we are
going to be talking about confidence okay? and speaking English confidently
even if you still make mistakes so let’s just make sure that this video is gonna
work oh I have my first comment awesome hi Mohammed this is great you guys I’m
glad that the comments are showing up unfortunately I’m having this thing
flash at the top of my screen that says very bad connection
so I’m sorry do you guys hear me okay hey Marcos what is up? good to see you
here do you guys hear me okay? hi Sidra oh my gosh look at you guys normally
we’re all on Facebook together now we’re on YouTube let’s see if this works it
still says very bad connection oh well you know what I’m just gonna make this
video we will make the most of it I would love to see your commentary your
comments and everything you know as I’m making the video okay? and then please do
me a favor and tell me in the comments what kinds of videos you’d like me to
make that are live videos because you guys all know that I could talk for days
about fluency and confidence and all kinds of stuff right like the basics but
there’s so many other things we could talk about I mean I could do like I
hadn’t thought of this before I really hadn’t thought of this you guys
told me a year ago like Stefanie you should get on you
it took me so long to come here imagine if I have been doing all of my you know
live videos here I could have organized them into classes and done all kinds of
things and I think I can even share my screen when I use my computer right now
I’m just using my phone but normally I can like share my screen on my computer
so I can make slides I can make it like actual classes I’m so excited so okay so
I guess you guys can hear me well because I have a mic on and you’re
interacting with me nobody said we can’t hear you so I’m assuming you can hear me
okay good because like I said this is the first
video I’m making and I’m like nervous that it’s something’s gonna go wrong but
that’s how life is right something always goes wrong
especially when it’s the first time that you’re doing something cool so I see
some people are in Brazil some people are in Germany where else are you guys
watching from this is so fun okay so let me ask you guys a question
when you’re speaking English do you feel confident? okay do you just open your
mouth and speak you know even if your sentences don’t really come together
well okay so to hear says I’m really struggling in pronunciation and accent
okay so that’s something we could definitely talk about Marcos says culture
news and so on yeah hey we could talk about that you know I’m thinking of you
know really venturing out and talking more about just life things because
those discussions I think are fun and they can really help you guys with you
know learning new vocabulary and just interacting in English so Marcos says I
don’t feel shy okay good so Marco what about when you’re in like a high stress
situation like when you’re giving you know leading a meeting at work or when
you are you know interviewing for a position or something like that you know
not just casual conversation but when there’s something at risk or at stake
you know something you could lose so Murph says I don’t feel confident okay
so the thing is oh and Kat says I don’t have issues with talking to someone in
English but when it comes to specific vocabulary then it gets scary
well that’s called jargon Kat and you know what if you don’t know specific
jargon you know in English for something specific then you don’t know it like
don’t freak out for example if I go into my dad’s garage I don’t know what half
the things in there are called because it has to do with like mechanics and
stuff like that sorry guys I keep looking there and there and there like
there’s comments flying around I apologize so anyways yeah like I don’t
know all kinds of vocabulary about everything either so if I don’t know
what something is called I just say that thing or what’s that or something like
that so you know don’t let that rob your confidence okay cool so speaking
confidently anytime that there you know there’s a few things that go on here
right? some people it’s just like they’re born with confidence you know you they
just don’t struggle with confidence they can just speak say they’re mind or
whatever and then there’s other people who measure their words a lot more they
really think before they speak and maybe they think too much
maybe they overthink things and they don’t you know say something even though
they have a really good point to make okay because they lack confidence
now some people some of you even you’re probably maybe very confident when you
speak your native language but then when you speak in English all of a sudden you
clam up and you’re just like oh my gosh like they’re gonna hear my accent
they’re gonna hear my bad pronunciation they’re gonna hear me make a mistake yes
Nishan over thinking totally kills it so you guys have to understand that
everybody struggles with a lack of confidence in one way or another you
know for you guys maybe it’s with English for other people it could be
with you know public speaking in general or who knows what maybe you know guy is
like they lack confidence when they’re dating
girls and they just are like I don’t know if I’m doing this right or saying
the right thing or girls too if they’re dating guys maybe they’re like oh my
gosh what should I say what should I do what is he expecting you know it can be
really a frustrating thing but what we have to realize about confidence is that
usually it’s all in our head right? so if you don’t speak English
English confidently okay it’s because you probably have some kind of fear
right? and your fear might be rational or irrational you know like if you speak
poorly at a job interview you might not get the job that is a reality so you
have that fear okay but if you’re just worried about you know strangers judging
you 24/7 over your communication skills and that’s a little bit of an irrational
fear because the truth is while you’re worried about what other people think of
you other people are worried about what you think of them right it’s crazy how
this works but you just have to remember that so when you’re sitting there you
know talking to somebody in English and you’re just like is you know am i
messing up what are they thinking of me the person you’re talking to is probably
going oh my gosh do I look fat in these clothes am I too tall am I too short
so yeah Marcos says the only important thing is that who listened to me would
understand what I tell yes and that should be our goal that is the goal of
communication it should be about people understanding you and you making your
point clear I have seen people speak English very badly with absolute
confidence because they’re just like I don’t care I’m learning I’m you know I
just I don’t care you know they don’t care that’s the secret to speaking
confidently you have to not care what other people think about you or about
your English you just have to speak it when we when we lack confidence it’s
because we are overthinking everything we’re thinking too much about what other
people think of us so yeah anyways I’m just like rambling on and on about this
idea it feels different doing a video on YouTube
then on Facebook I don’t really know why because maybe I’m just so much more
comfortable with it on Facebook or maybe because on my Facebook videos there’s
usually a lot more interaction so I just jump in whenever I can with the comments
but um another thing I wanted to say is that improving your your confidence
right like there’s two parts there’s the practice part and then there is the just
psychological component of confidence right? sometimes you just have to tell
yourself that everything is going to be okay and I know that sounds like really
generic advice but again you have to analyze the thoughts that are going
through your head are you having rational fears or irrational fears what
can you do about those fears and then practice when you’re good at something
you feel confident like when you get down to tie your shoes you’re so
confident when you tie your shoes that you don’t even think about tying your
shoes because you’re like yeah I tie my shoes when you know you don’t even think
twice that’s how you want it to be when you speak English but in order to get to
that level of course you have to make sure that you’re consistently practicing
so let me ask you this what are you guys doing to consistently practice your
English with others okay active practice active practice not oh hang on sorry I
was trying to fix something there active practice not passive okay so
someone was asking for my Skype ID no you guys come on there’s so many of you
there’s one of me anyways so yeah what are you guys doing to actively practice
your English with other people now in case you don’t know or don’t realize
right here on this channel there’s James with the Deadpool accent awesome hi
James right here on this channel you know we
have almost 3k people 3,000 people at this point who are actively trying to
improve their English you could easily find a partner here just read the
comments and then find somebody who writes a decent comment you know and
write something really nice and thoughtful and then go hey you know
that was really thoughtful comment and then make a comment in return something
equally as thoughtful and then say maybe we could practice together what do you
think okay because if you just go and say hey want to practice with me you’re
not gonna find a good practice partner mm-hmm
Nishan says if I get to that level my friends won’t understand me and they’ll
treat me like an alien okay Nishan I’m glad you brought that up okay because
we’re gonna talk about that you guys if I miss your comments you can
put it again it’s hard to keep up with all of them so I apologize but anyhow
it’s true friends put a lot of pressure on you and I talked about this in
another video – I’ll have to link it up here later but friends put a lot of
pressure on you sometimes like you can’t win with them you know if you speak
poorly in English they make fun of you but if you sound just like a native
speaker they go oh who do you think you are who you’re trying to sound like a
native speaker you think you’re better than us right and honestly if those are
the kinds of friends that you have maybe you need to consider getting new friends
I mean maybe that’s kind of harsh but I am kind of like an all-or-nothing kind
of girl like I would not appreciate my friends doing that now I know that I
think that tends to happen more in circles of men and guys but I haven’t
seen it happen too much with women and girls but if I had friends that were
putting me down and making fun of a goal that I was trying to reach I wouldn’t
put up with that I’d be like I’d give them the middle finger and I’d say peace
out so ya know but you have to choose your friends wisely you have to surround
yourself with people that are like you know have the same ambition and stuff
that you do anyhow guys I’m gonna like turn this next part into a Q&A because I
decided that it’s too hard to stay on topic you guys are bringing up some
really great points and stuff so if you guys have questions let me just turn
this into a Q&A and we can just talk about some
random random stuff so Elver says I realize that actors speak excellently
fluently because they practice over and over again the same lines yes but in
their real life ah where’s that comment but in their real life they also
struggle sometimes remembering vocabulary and hesitate yes all over a
great point so exactly you guys when you’re trying to learn with like a TV
show or something those actors practice those lines hundreds of times that’s why
they say it the way they do this video if you watch it and compare it to my
other youtube videos it’s gonna be really different I’m gonna say you know
a lot more because that’s a filler word that I use I shouldn’t but I do
and my husband when he edits my videos he always has to say oh my gosh she said
you know like 50 times in this video and he has to edit that and take it out so
regular speech you guys is different I’m speaking spontaneously right now I’m
being repetitive I’m using fillers I’m pausing to think about what I’m gonna
say it’s not you know the same thing as giving a speech that you’ve prepared for
or doing lines and acting and something that you’ve prepared for so you have to
know that and you have to know that you know when you mess up with your English
you have permission to do that Kat yes I have a husband and I mentioned that in
many times in other videos but maybe you’re new here so that’s okay
Merve says the difference between them is easy it depends where you live for
instance one of them is used in the USA one of them is used in British I don’t
know if you’re responding to someone else there Murph because I wasn’t
talking about that and then at least the most like I don’t know I’m confused have
you ever been to India? Nishan no I haven’t but it is on my
list of places to go actually I mean I want to go everywhere you guys but yeah
I have so many places I want to go I have here I’ll tell you where I have
been okay I have been what I was I’m from California born and raised there my
first international trip was to Mexico and it says like very bad connection again
hopefully this is hopefully this is working and all the comments went away
anyways um hopefully hopefully this is working so anyways my first
international trip was to Mexico and then I went to Argentina I lived there
for four years and then I traveled abroad to the UK Ireland Switzerland
Denmark and Italy no I haven’t been to Turkey yet Merve I want to go there
though I want to go there definitely Marcos says I’ve been at home same I
think you meant that you’ve only ever been in your country right? Brazil so in
English we would say I’ve never been out of the country or out of my country do
you speak French? no not at all Oh Marcos they’re speaking talking about the
difference between cookies and biscuits yeah you guys there’s so many different
words when I was in the UK and Ireland I was like I don’t understand what these
people are saying so Elver it says I don’t like to lose
completely my accent because I guess oh hang on because I guess sounds exotic
like when Gringos speak my language Spanish but I want to speak excellent
good yeah uh-huh I think that’s really great because you know some people they
want to sound exactly like a native speaker and I think that’s a good goal
to but a lot of times it’s because they’re trying to hide their own accent
and I say you know why are you trying to hide your accent you should be proud of
where you’re from be proud that you learned English don’t try to cover your
accent let it be let it exist you know but at the same time you know you want
to make sure you’re speaking clearly some people have such strong accents
it’s like you can’t understand what they’re saying okay Yazdan have you
been to Brazil? not yet I really want to go to Brazil it’s been
on my like to do for years and I was in Argentina for
four years so I was so close I could have gone but it just never worked out
so okay I’m gonna reply to Ronnie Ronnie’s in North Korea it’s kind of
hard to find a practice here Ronnie watched the video that I did on how to
practice with native speakers okay I made a video about that you can use the
same strategies there to practice with non-native speakers okay use the
internet it does not matter where you live as long as you have the internet
you can practice and I will link a guide in the description later I made a guide
on how to find practice partners okay it’s on my website EnglishFullTime.com Erin says I saw your interview with that person her name is Hadar and who
was not a native speaker of English but now she speaks like a native and is an
accent coach yeah she’s awesome you guys should definitely subscribe to her
Channel okay my name is Stefanie Stefanie and
here’s something for you guys to keep in mind you Spanish speakers it’s not a
Estefani that’s like Spanish okay but it’s in English you have to take off the
E at the beginning and just say Stefanie okay Kat says people say my
voice change when I speak English Spanish or Portuguese it’s because I
really try to imitate the tone they say the same thing about me Kat when I speak
Spanish people go whoa you sound different in Spanish Rashad says hi
coach I don’t care about how my accent I just want to be sure that I am not
repeating many silly mistakes in the same talk or conversation yes and Rashad
you will improve with practice my friend lots and lots of practice are you
practicing? have you been practicing? Marcos corruption the world is full of
corruption oh my gosh don’t get me started yeah Rashad you are working with a
great coach and you need to schedule some more sessions with me okay
um hi Ronald from Venezuela but living in Brazil Ronald so you speak Spanish
and did you learn Portuguese to speak Spanish with us okay I will but somebody
has to volunteer by asking me a question in Spanish and then I’ll start speaking
Spanish okay so asking me a question in Spanish and then I’ll reply it and you
guys will see the Spanish speakers will see that I still make some mistakes but
it doesn’t matter it’s about confidence it’s about speaking confidently so Ron
okay cool your second language is Portuguese I think that should be “how many years, how many years have you been married? It’s been four years, I’ve been married for four years.
Where are you from? I’m from California” mm-hmm good keep the
keep the questions coming this is it’s a lot funner than funner is such a bad…
you’re not supposed to say fun are you guys I’m an English coach anyways it’s a
lot more fun let me see um “how long have you been teaching English? uh many years, I started in 2014 I believe, but before that I was teaching Spanish and I was also teaching math, so it’s been like almost ten years that I teach, that I’m a teacher. But now I’m not calling myself a teacher, I say I’m a Coach, because a teacher teaches the basics and advanced. I help people use English in their lives, improve their career, do many things like that. No I don’t have children. What do you think about Trump? No comments about him, otherwise a war is going to start here in my channel and…” No, I’m not like for him or against him I’m just like oh
this isn’t happening but it is it’s what? 2017 “Which one is difficult to you, English or Spanish?” wow, we have a lot of Spanish speakers on this
sorry to everybody who’s not a Spanish speaker hopefully you’re enjoying me
watching .. speaking another language “Spanish definitely is more difficult for me because is not my mother tongue I started studying English when I was 14” I know, sorry Sidra she’s like it’s turning into
Spanish class well I keep telling people I owe you guys is a video in Spanish
and I really do. “yes my Spanish is very similar to the Argentine one because I lived four years there. Tu espanol es” flawless Thank You Rafael “really, you even have an Argentine accent” yeah “well, because my husband is Argentine and I lived there and besides, for the record, my family, is Argentine, but they didn’t teach me Spanish, that’s why I had to learn it. I’m 26, but in my mind I’m 27, I don’t know why but I’m my mind it’s like if I already was 27” mm-hmm sorry Nishan he’s
like yeah there’s so many Spanish speakers you guys what do you think
about me starting a channel in Spanish for I don’t know what I’m just kidding I
was thinking about that the other day I was like that would be a really great
way for me to practice my Spanish because I’m lazy you guys my husband
speaks English and Spanish I speak English and Spanish but I get really
lazy and we just end up speaking English all the time so I was thinking if I make
a youtube channel in Spanish that will force me to keep making it better so
that’s a tip for you guys if you want to really really really improve your
English start a project in English I don’t care if it’s an Instagram account
uh I can’t talk Instagram account or a Facebook page or YouTube channel and
don’t make it Oh learn English you know that’s too easy do
something about your passion in … I can’t talk do something about your
passion but do it in English so if you start a YouTube channel in English make
it about diet and nutrition and exercise if that’s what you’re into or who knows
whatever okay so that’s just a quick idea for you guys mm-hmm “It would be good if you made a video with the different accents from the US” I mean yeah but you guys
there are people that have already made those videos like with different accents
from the US and they’re like actors so their accents are gonna be better than
mine life in English I stand up for the rights of lazy people I’m a lazy a proud
lazy dude no not really you’re funny dude
have I traveled overseas to teach English? I’m in Italy right now and I
teach why don’t teach English you guys I’m a coach there’s a difference and
yeah I am I teach online I run online programs so that I but it’s
not like going overseas to teach in the traditional sense because I’m an
entrepreneur and I wanted to start my own business yes Juan you can be a youtuber “which player do you like better, Neymar or Cavani?” you know what I don’t I don’t follow
any soccer the only reason I know those dudes is cuz I’ve heard my husband say
Neymar but I don’t even know what his face looks like so sorry to disappoint
you guys I just know “that I’m a Boca fan” cuz
he is and so I have to be oh my goodness okay English is very hard to learn for
me so here’s why it’s hard for you Ronald
because right now you’ve probably been learning in a traditional sense okay I
should do these videos more often this is fun
right? okay wait you’ve probably been learning English in a traditional sense
and traditional classes are boring very very very boring okay and so if you
really want to improve your English you have to do it in a different way
uh-huh sorry there’s so many comments you guys I’m missing some of them I will
go back and I can reply to some of these later okay after the video but you need
to start using English on a daily basis to do things that you love and enjoy and
talking with people that you love and enjoy okay
wait that sounds where you’re talking with people that you love and enjoyed
that sounds a little strange no talking with people that that you
enjoy talking to how I’m getting tongue-twisted anyways by doing that you’re
gonna have great experiences like if I was in the U.S. studying Italian in a
regular traditional class I would be like huh this is so boring you just
conjugate verbs if you’re a beginner you conjugate verbs if you’re an
intermediate student you conjugate verbs if you’re an advanced student you
conjugate verbs and it’s just like oh when does it end? you know and that’s why
people you know are in these English Institute’s maybe many of you are for
seven years ten years and you still don’t feel fluent okay we’re confident
now on the other hand if you would just you know for example start using English
with English speakers pretty much since day one all of a sudden you’d be like oh
my gosh I get to talk with real people and it’d be so much more exciting okay
so that’s why like with the coaching that I do my job is to surround you guys
and especially my coaching clients and my students surround them with English
get them in touch with native speakers etc so they can you know have a real
reason for using English so an active reason not just you know being passive
and reading stuff but networking with English speakers using English to move
their careers forward etc let’s see in this moment I’m in Italy yeah hey thank you someone’s like press
the like button help her grow her channel yeah help her grow her channel
thanks guys I was actually just thinking that I
might start um you know coming live on here regularly throughout the week and I
can schedule them in advance you guys have always asked me schedule these
things in advance um but now I just might I really do want to grow this
channel this is nice um okay Nishan says where did you get the idea to be an
English coach and then they uh and then Ronald asks how I learned Spanish so
those are great questions the I can talk about all that okay so first I learned
Spanish because my family they are Spanish speakers but they didn’t teach
me Spanish so I felt like I was missing a part of my identity that like lit a
fire under my ass basically to really learn Spanish I started studying in an
immersion program when I was 14 I did that for three years then I studied in
college paid thousands of dollars to get you know my degree as you know majored
in Spanish but I dropped out of college you guys I don’t know if you know this but I
hated the program it was bullshit it was really bad I was like I don’t want a
degree from this university because I’m not gonna be proud normally when you
have a degree you’re like oh yeah and I worked really hard and I got this degree
my classes were easy the teachers like it was just really bad so I was like I
don’t want this I will make my own way in life I will get fluent in Spanish
some other way because all that traditional education was not working
for me and I was like I’ll I’ll either go back to college later or I’ll start
my own business or do something I’ve always kind of been like a little rebel
like that but anyways I went to Argentina I ended up meeting my husband
I lived there for four years and that is how I got fluent but don’t think that
you have to go to an english-speaking country to get fluent okay that was just
my personal limitation because I was not mingling with like Spanish speakers
online or in my hometown or anything like that I
was really shy not in English just in Spanish I was really shy and that was
holding me back so that’s why now I help you guys overcome your issues with
confidence because not having confidence is going to rob you of so many
opportunities it’s crazy okay so anyhow that’s that and then I
came up with this idea to coach people with their English because I understood
the journey of going from not speaking a language to then speaking it fluently
and confidently and using the language to you know work make money I worked in
a sales position for a national US company and I would speak with
spanish-speaking clients and you know I did a whole bunch of you know work and
sales and Spanish and it was difficult because it wasn’t my native language so
then I was like whoa you know English is a global language there are so many
people struggling not just to master this language but to really use it to
advance their life and their career to immigrate to another country etc and I
was like I could really help these people I’ve done a lot of traveling I’ve
learned a language myself you know I’m I know about building business and stuff
like this and getting jobs and marketing yourself to whatever beat the
competition I mean there’s lots of ways we could say it so then I was just like
you know what I’m gonna be an English coach and I basically created this role
for myself the programs that I run the things that I do it’s not like they’ve
been done before I don’t do cookie-cutter English programs where
it’s like oh now we’re gonna work on your pronunciation you kind of have to
work on your pronunciation with other YouTube channels and English teachers I
don’t focus on that because I have something that I feel is more valuable
and that’s what I try to focus on so thank you for asking those lovely
questions okay make videos BBA says please make videos having minimum 30
minutes duration I will try that way you guys can shadow these videos so yeah I’m
going to make this a Q&A like I’ll call it a Q&A video
when I end it and then maybe I’ll make like a series of these Haruna says I
live in Turkey and I am fluent in English when I speak people think I am
NOT Turkish and they asked me where I come from that’s awesome
the same thing happens when I speak Spanish people go where are you from are
you from Costa Rica are you from Argentina are you from Spain it depends
and this is funny I have to tell you guys this when I am in Argentina people
think I’m from Costa Rica or Spain because they know I don’t sound exactly
like someone from Argentina but very close but when I’m talking with like a
Mexican in California they go oh you’re from Argentina and I’m like no I’m not
so it’s just really funny hey Rene what’s up man okay cool so I
caught up with all your questions oh wait hang on life in English says
there’s something about the way English sounds that made me fall in love with
the language and now that I’ve heard you speaking Spanish I think I just found
the next my next thing in life awesome yeah you guys um I talked with one of my
new students um two days ago her name is Sarah and she’s living in Dubai and this
girl’s English is so beautiful shout out to Sarah and listen she learned English
100% online on line can you believe that like she never did a traditional class
she never had a teacher that is some serious dedication I mean the Internet
has so much information I know people that have learned how to code online
just by watching videos they never had a teacher you know so just realize you
guys you have so many amazing resources won’t you probably do realize this but
there are so many amazing resources on the internet Imano says how can I
improve my writing skills in English I just made a video on that
and it was pretty generic because I wanted to make like a video where I
explain where you start and then eventually make I don’t know more
detailed videos about improving writing but that would be a good place for you
to start out because if you literally have no idea how to improve your writing
then all that information is in that video yeah oh cool Kat you should learn
just online – nice well now she is one of my students so now she is in actually
investing money in her English but that’s also because like I said I’m not
like actually teaching English right now I’m doing a program it’s not open you
guys but I’ll reopen it later this year it’s networking with native speakers so
it’s like personal and professional development in English and connecting
everyone to the world or connecting my students to the world of native English
speakers and getting them talking with them so yeah I won’t say too much about
that so I don’t want this to turn into like a commercial oh there be an
interview with Sarah do you want there to be an interview with Sarah John maybe
I could ask her if she would like to be interviewed um I have an interview
coming out soon with Rene who is also one of my students and I think he was
just on here when I was like hi Rene and Rene is really awesome his
English has really improved and you guys are gonna get to see that in the video do you have any Turkish friends yes I
have as of right now one Turkish friend Mike says in my opinion learning this
language in a country where it is spoken is the best option I don’t know about
the best option I think it’s a good option but really you just like we just
talked about Sarah who and Kat who learned English online a lot of it has
to a lot of it depends I think on your own motivation but yeah and wait oh
sorry I missed what you said before that you said I know that it is totally
possible to learn a language being in a country where it is not spoken although
I don’t think this is the best approach usually the methods used in schools are
really really boring yeah but you have to know Mike even if you like I know people who have gone to the U.S. paid thousands of
dollars to study in like a a study abroad International English school and
they use the same methods they use worksheets and textbooks and this and
that and you’re studying with a bunch of other students who are from other
countries it’s not like you’re with native speakers all of a sudden you talk
with native speakers if you go to the park and you mingle with them but that’s
on you you know and some people don’t have the confidence for that just
because you’re in a country with native English speakers a lot of people isolate
themselves so honestly I think the best option I don’t know I think that it’s
different for each person and I’m glad that the internet exists I
don’t know about you guys but I’m so glad we have this option because you
know several years ago I would have if I wanted to teach English I would have had
to choose one place and teach it now I can teach it to people all over the
world and I’m just sitting here at my Airbnb in Italy Rene says do you think
there’s a maximum age for starting to learn a new language I don’t because
I’ve seen people you know learning languages in their 50s and 60s and 70s I
think it keeps your mind sharp so no matter how old you get you can do it but
really you have to have the right motivation and the right learning
structure because motivation with motivation you can learn things twice as
fast ten times as fast without motivation you can you know be trying to
learn English for ten years and never achieve it so motivation is huge and
that’s why if you’re kind of feeling like learning English is boring and like
frustrated it’s probably because you don’t know your why you don’t really
understand why you’re learning English and you don’t understand your motivation
you don’t know what it is and maybe you don’t have a motivation but here’s the
thing if you want to immigrate to an english-speaking country if you want to
get a job at a multinational you know company that’s based in an
english-speaking country if you want to work with english-speaking clients right
there you should recognize that that should be your motivation and so you
should tie your results with English directly to your future you know and
hopefully that wanting a better future will be enough motivation I mean that’s
my motivation for the work that I do I want a better future just like you guys
study English because you want a better future
so since I’m I have my I have a clear understanding of why I do the work that
I do that’s what helps me get up every day work hard you know and put my work
before entertainment sometimes even before my social life
mostly it’s like that so anyways yes Rene your why is the most important
stuff in any goal if you don’t understand your why if you don’t have a
why you don’t have motivation and without motivation you can’t achieve
things Isaac yes I will be adding subtitles to this video it’s a live
video I can’t add subtitles right now cuz I’m live but if you’ll notice all of
my videos have subtitles Merve says I have a newborn cousin is it suitable to
teach him any language sure why not it might be fun do you have master are you
asking if I have a master’s degree no I talked about this earlier I don’t even
have a college degree uh-huh I was this close to getting it I
was six months away and I didn’t want it I didn’t like it I didn’t like the
program so I said screw this I’m gonna do something else and I built the
business so I was the rebel and this doesn’t work for everybody but I really
wanted to prove I think to myself and to other people that there there are many
ways to achieve the things that you want to achieve sometimes you can go the
traditional route and sometimes you don’t have to you know my teaching style
my coaching style is not true but everything I’ve done is pretty
untraditional to I met my husband and I married him five months later
that’s not very traditional I got married in like a black and white
wedding short a short wedding dress that’s not traditional I just like
breaking the norm you guys because if not we all get stuck in traditions and
then we all try to force other people to you know meet certain standards just
because we had to you know like oh I had to go to school for you know four years
to get my degree so everyone else has to do that too and I don’t like that way of
thinking so now we’re getting into philosophy Kat says this is funny I
decided to learn English because I got fed up with waiting for people to
translate my favorite TV shows and when I realized I was in love with the
English language yes that’s a great, that’s funny Ronnie says how can you talk that
long without drinking water I am getting thirsty and I am gonna shut this off in
a second but you guys I like I said I’ve been working in education for a long
time I’ve had to do like seven classes back-to-back talking for an hour in each
class that’s it’s hard I don’t I’m glad I don’t have to do that now but I drink
a lot of water already so John says what if I understand you 100% but have some
speaking problems so what about it yeah you’re I know what you’re asking you’re
asking like what should i do or what does that mean but it helps to be more
specific with your questions it’s just lack of practice Mike says I’ve been
learning English for over seven years I can understand well but I can’t speak in
the same level I can understand and that is a common problem and that’s also lack
of interaction lack of practice it’s funny when you guys tell me in detail
your symptoms of what you’re experiencing I pretty much know why
that’s going on you know and I can you know I can like diagnose it even though
you haven’t really told me why it’s you tell me what’s going on with your
English and I can explain why and obviously saying lack of practice
that’s very general but I could go deeper into it but I can’t right now
because there’s a lot of you guys watching and you know so Ermet at says I
remember you talking about having a hard time letting yourself make mistakes and
not beating yourself up for them you know that really resonated with me we are so in the same boat for that yeah and you know Ermat I just recently really
made a breakthrough there actually here in Italy I’ve been here for like
five weeks but my Spanish you guys saw earlier in the video it’s pretty good
right okay even having that high level I would still freak out and be like oh my
gosh like I’m gonna mess up or whatever and that’s why it’s all in our head and
we need to you know give ourselves credit and just decide there literally
has to be a decision where you decide to not care about making mistakes trust me
you’re gonna feel so free after you decide to do it don’t apologize for your
English ever again so I’m scrolling up to see if there’s yeah cool I’m all
caught up I like this I’m caught up with your
guys’s stuff okay how to pronounce gotta like that
Gotta Gotta do you see how my tongue flops gotta Gotta hopefully that’s helpful we
can do more of those fabulous pronunciation videos you guys if you
want I can go live and I’ll stick my face right in the camera let’s show you
how everything moves Fernando that’s a great question and I love that
expression what does the expression blind leading the blind mean it means
one idiot leading other idiots right do you know what I mean like
somebody who thinks they know about something but they don’t and then
they’re trying to teach other people how to do something that they themselves
don’t even understand this goes on a lot since you guys know I’m an entrepreneur
and I built my own like online business this goes on a lot in the
entrepreneurial world people that have not made any money online or have not
been successful at all try and teach other people how to do it that’s like
the blind leading the blind you can’t teach something unless you’ve
achieved it first which is also kind of interesting when you think in terms of
language learning because how can you help someone improve their fluency if
you’ve never learned another language yourself and improve your fluency and
gone through that journey right kind of makes you think let’s see Elio says I
want to be in your club oh I don’t call it a club but thank you are you talking
about my online English program I’ll let you guys know when it’s ready or when
enrollment opens again but you probably have to sign up at EnglishFullTime.com I email everybody that information okay Red says many people want to talk
to English speakers but they can’t find them because English speakers don’t need
other languages because they know English Red I made a program that helps
people do that you guys just don’t know where to look how did it interact with
the English speakers you don’t know where to find us so I made an entire
program and my students are doing the program right now and they’re having
amazing success Nazarena from Italy just posted in our private group the
other day she was like oh my gosh it’s only day five and I already met this
person who’s coming to Italy to my town you know in October and they want me to
be their tour guide you know and show them around and she’s already making
friends with people online and speaking English with them so it’s possible but
the problem like I said is you guys don’t know where to find English
speakers and even if you knew you wouldn’t you probably don’t have a
very good idea of how to interact with us so that we’ll talk with you because
just like you said it’s like we’re not trying to learn your language so anyhow
the program is called networking with native speakers and it reopens probably
in October okay let’s see let’s see yeah I’m trying not to turn this into a
commercial you guys let me see successful woman says as for me my
obstacles are exactly with the lack of expressing myself properly yes I can
hold a conversation but if you choose random topic to discuss about it I might
find difficulties you might but think about this if somebody wanted to talk to
me about the mysteries of outer space I would probably listen to most of what
they have to say I don’t really think about that topic I don’t discuss that
topic with anybody else I don’t know the right vocabulary sometimes I confuse
astronomy and astrology because I just keep forgetting which ones which and I
have to sit there and think oh no this one’s that one is something okay so that
probably happens to you in your native language you know you struggle to know
what you know have discussions even in your native language about topics you
simply don’t care about right so you guys have to realize that a lot of these
struggles that you have in English you have them in your native language but
you’re just more aware of them in English because you feel more guilty
like Oh communication should be easier but really someone’s trying might be
trying to talk to you about a topic you have no interest in and you don’t care
about why would you want to talk about that okay guys I’m gonna wrap up this
video this has been such an awesome session this was my first live video on
YouTube thank you so much you guys for watching for hanging out for asking
questions feel free to yes share this channel around or subscribe or whatever
I would love to grow an awesome community here so we can have more of
these live sessions so that’s it take care and I’ll see you guys in another
video bye


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