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So, you are warmly welcome to the exciting world of WordPress! Of course, you are here to learn WordPress, rest assured; you are not going to be disappointed. A lot of choices for help are listed in one-spot WordPress HQ!

A team of experts is always there

Apart from what you are just going to go through on WordPress HQ, a team of experts is always there if you need help along the way. For helping you get started, there’s a step by step guide. If you are just beginner and want to learn WordPress, you will no longer be new to it!

Everything you need to know about WordPress

Well, other pages, unlike about us and contact page, depending on your preferences. So, you need to know everything there is to know about them. Similarly, when it comes to static content, most WordPress sites make use of a mixture.

Frequently asked questions

What’s more, WordPress HQ will also cover a couple of the most frequently asked queries that might come to your mind. So, you are advised to read it from start to finish before starting to ask any question, you might get some answers already given in the same guide.

The domain name of your website

The first thing, one of the most basic things while setting up a website, you need to know is that domain names are part of URLs and they must not be confused with the URLs. For instance, the domain name of WordPress HQ is wordpresshq.com. In more simple words, the domain name of your website identifies your website to visitors, searchers, users, and even potential clients.


Without a doubt, WordPress HQ is a great site to learn WordPress. This is the only site that is all about the exciting world of WordPress.