How Magnets Are Applied in Different Industries?

Magnets are available in different shapes, sizes, and strength. They are employed across diverse industries including electronics, automobile, mining, construction, shipping, plastics, glass & ceramics, pharmaceuticals and food.

Different kinds of industrial magnets are rubber magnets, magnetic sheeting, electro, samarium, ferrite, neodymium and permanent magnets. In these industries magnet assembly is used to generate energy, implement industry safeguard, and facilitate production.

How magnets are used in different industries?

Automotive sector

Electric motors are applied in nearly every vehicle for windows & doors locking system, windshield wipers, and drives the linear & circular movements within the motor. Basically, ferrite magnets are used but today neodymium is growing popular. Magnetic sheeting is an inexpensive alternative for directly lettering on automobiles. They are also used to make car signage as putting and removing is easy.

Train sector

Maglav train is levitated magnetically. It helps the train to reduce friction and escalate speed. Train and rails both include magnets, which repel one another. The result in train floating above tracks. Because of magnetic application trains can safely travel at speed 200 miles/hr.

Medicine & health sector

Chinese, Hindu, Egyptians, and Romans carry a history of using magnet lodestones as part of their treatment. Today, sports sector like baseball, football, and golf celebrities use Tectonic magnets for pain relief.

  • Magnetic mattress pads relax body and help people suffering from sleep disorder.
  • Magnetic beds calm nervous system and relax mind and body.
  • Magnet shoe insoles offer relief to foot pain and rejuvenates on long walks.
  • X-rays & MRI use magnetic field to diagnose body tissues and details within human body. It is helpful for doctors in performing heart and brain scan.

Electronic sector

  • TV is equipped with electron gun and electro magnets, which helps to see images on the screen.
  • Computer screen uses magnet and storage disk has tiny magnetic field, which stores data.
  • Video tapes also has magnetic field patterns to store.

Industrial sector

  • Magnetic sweepers eliminate flat tires at loading docks, airports, and construction sites
  • In mining sector, magnets help in sorting metals from ores.
  • Food manufacturers can take help to prevent minute iron pieces from blending with food.
  • Magnetic separators, conveyors, plates, grates, and pulleys are used to sort impure and ferrous materials from high volume industrial stuff.